The Grim, Restructured

The Grim has been restructured. It is divided into four groups with the ranks of each group as defined below. Regardless of rank or Path, all Grim members are encouraged to participate in any guild activities, provided they meet the requirements for that specific activity.

Path leaders may accept and promote any Grim not in a Path and those Grim already within their Path. If any of their members disappears, stops attending the activity of that Path, or no longer meets the criteria for their Path, the leader may move the Grim back to the Operative rank. This should not be seen as a demotion, but rather as simply a change in that member’s interests.

If a member wishes to change Paths, they should notify their current Path leader and then make their request to the leader of the Path they want to join. Supplicants and Operatives may simply notify their desired new Path leader. The member will need to meet the requirements for the new Path before being accepted.

The big difference with this new structure, other than the Path leaders having more power over their part of the guild, is that acceptance and promotion in the Paths are based on that Path’s activities. No longer do all new members have to do multiple Trials to get promoted. The requirements for each rank are described below.

Anyone interested in joining can find an application here on the forums, or join our Discord at

The Path of Lore (RP)

We are those who live in the World. We are the spies, merchants, adept explorers and socialites of the guild, scouring through the worlds for intel and adventure. We drive the purpose and represent The Grim on and off the battlefield. We are the ones who keep things running smoothly at our garrison, and plan morale boosting events for the entire guild. The Irredeemables of this Path will guide you through your adventures and sharpen your character to be the best for The Grim and for yourselves.

Irredeemables: Malhavik & Sidad

Requirements: Agents are full Grim members who have completed additional Trials of Lore focused on spreading the influence of The Grim. Agents have been a part of The Grim for at least two weeks and have offered a Character Biography (for identification purposes) in The Grim Forums.
Perks: Daily repair allowance (500g), limited guild bank access (2 stacks per day)

Requirements: Ambassadors are full Grim members who have completed three additional Trials of Lore focused on spreading the influence of The Grim. Ambassadors have been a part of The Grim for at least one month, are an active participant in Grim and community events, and help plan such events.
Perks: Daily repair allowance (800g), greater guild bank access (5 stacks per day)

Recommended Addons:  TRP 3 Extended, Listener

The Path of Ruin (PVE)

The Path of Ruin joins in the Horde efforts to fight against any threats that rise up to endanger the Grim, the Horde, or Azeroth herself. They bravely enter caves, castles, and any other dominion to defeat such enemies and plunder their treasures.

Irredeemables: Canaie & Riplie

Requirements: Member of the guild for at least two weeks, have completed all training ((level 60)), and have suitable armor and weapons ((avg ilvl at least 210, appropriate gems and enchants)).
Perks: Daily repair allowance of 500g, limited guild bank access (2 stacks per day)

Requirements: Soldier for at least one month, maintain 80% attendance to raids for any five week period, demonstrate use of appropriate consumables, and work to improve armor, weapons, and training outside of regular assault times ((avg ilvl equivalent to the raid’s avg ilvl, high level legendary, gear, renown, conduits, etc.)).
Perks: Daily repair allowance of 800g, greater guild bank access (5 stacks per day)

Recommended Addons:  Deadly Boss Mods, anything else needed for raid performance

The Path of Vengeance (PVP)

The Path of Vengeance is the group of Grim that follows our motto of “Peace through annihilation” to the extreme. They work tirelessly to rid the lands of the pestilence known as the Alliance. They hone their skills in arenas and slaughter humans and their allies on the battlefields.

Irredeemables: Lupinum

Requirements: Member of the guild for at least two weeks, have completed all training ((level 60)), and have suitable armor and weapons ((avg ilvl at least 210 made up mostly of rank 5 Honor gear, appropriate gems and enchants, PVP trinkets)).
Perks: Daily repair allowance of 500g, limited guild bank access (2 stacks per day)

Requirements: Warbringer for at least one month, maintain 80% attendance to battleground nights for any five week period, work to improve armor, weapons, and training outside of regular assault times ((avg ilvl 230 made up mostly of Conquest gear, rating 1400+, high level legendary, gear, renown, conduits, etc.)).
Perks: Daily repair allowance of 800g, greater guild bank access (5 stacks per day)

Path of the Mandate (Recruiting/General)

Irredeemables: Syreenna

Operatives are full Grim members who are not committed to a Path for whatever reason. They have, however, proven themselves capable in battle and worthy of wearing the Grim tabard. ((Also, if we get any members without an authenticator, therefore, this rank has no bank access.))

Requirements: At the discretion of the Irredeemables of the Path. Examples: veteran member grandfathered in when the rank was created, former member of a Path now inactive or retired, former Minions of veteran members.
Perks: Daily repair allowance of 500g

Note: Operatives will be removed from the roster if they are inactive for 6 months or more.  They are welcome to return when they can be more active, and will be placed at Operative rank again.

This is our entry-level rank given to new members. New Grim will spend a minimum of two weeks as a Supplicant while they get to know the guild and prepare to meet the requirements of their chosen Path. At the end of two weeks, or any time after, they may make a request to a Path leader to join that Path or speak to the leader of the Path of the Mandate to seek requirements for promotion to Operative.

Requirements: All Grim aspirants must interview with a Path of the Mandate leader. That person may then join the guild at the discretion of the interviewer.
Perks: May attend all guild events and activities if they meet the specific requirements for that activity.

Note: Supplicants will be removed from the roster if they are inactive for 3 months or more.  They are welcome to return when they can be more active.


Glory of the Nathria Raider

In the month of June, The Grim completed strange tasks in Castle Nathria.  About twelve Grim have earned the Glory of the Nathria Raider and were awarded Rampart Screecher bats for their efforts.


We recently learned that Mortica, who is a member of our guild going back to our time on the Twisting Nether server, has passed away.  She was a fixture in the RP scene since vanilla, and she had a large part in making the Twisting Nether group of roleplayers into the strong community it still is today.  She created and ran the popular Twisting Nether Gazzete website, which was once featured in WoW’s community column, for many years.  In The Grim, she was known as Mortica, Sangjai, and Duskheron.  She will be missed very much.

Inquisitor Opening

Zalanjo (Dustfingur) has stepped down from his position as an Inquisitor of The Grim.  He is not leaving us though!  He’s just taking a bit of a break from WoW for a little while.

That leaves an opening for a new Inquisitor.  Inquisitor tasks include:

  • Interviewing & inviting applicants
  • Guiding new members through their Trials
  • Being a friendly resource for new members, and helping to get them involved in the guild
  • Keeping status and progress records updated on Supplicants
  • Running bi-weekly Inquisition meetings
  • Participating in RP events
  • Participating in officer discussions

If you are interested in this position, send Syreenna a PM on forums or Discord, with why you want to be an Inquisitor and any other details you’d like to include.

The Grim Roster

Our roster is currently a bit bloated.  I haven’t removed any inactive members for a while, in case some people will return with the release of the 9.1 patch.


Date Auction

In February, during Love is in the Air, The Grim hosted a date auction. We originally had an even dozen dates lined up to sell, but more people wanted to throw themselves on the auction block. In total, we sold 21 dates for a total of 1,584,500 gold. The dates got half the money, so the Grim bank saw a hefty deposit of 852,250.

The Grim thanks Thrurdol for security, Elinel and Ayidda for running the show, and all the members of the Horde who participated.

Fishing Expedition

Recently, The Grim went on a fishing tour of the Shadowlands to collect fish to feed the ranks. They started in Bastion and went from there. Even the unhealthy waters of Maldraxxus did not keep them away. By the end of the expedition, the guild’s food stores were well stocked with fish.

Thank you to Grotuk for the Potions of Inky Blackness, allowing the Grim fishermen to enjoy the starry skies over Ardenweald.

Raiding Update

The Maw Walkers threw open the gates of Castle Nathria to discover that Sire Denathrius rebuilt his forces and they were stronger and better organized than before. Determined to win at any cost, they pressed on and carved their way through his minions again. Soon, the Sire himself will be within their reach.

((Progression: 10/10 Normal, 8/10 Heroic))

The Fight Against the Alliance

The elite Grim battleground team could use about three more regulars. They’ve earned themselves a rating of nearly 1500 and climbing. A few more regular attendees on the team would make all the difference in raising that rating.

The Grim Population

Peace through annihilation!


February 2021

Monthly Meeting Minutes – by Elinel

The monthly guild meeting took place in the Grim garrison hall, lead by Syreena. Riplie provided an update to the Grim’s progress in Castle Nathria. While the Grim have managed to defeat Sire Denathrius, he and his forces have been coming back each week, stronger than ever now. In addition to an Anima drought, treasures also appear to be in the middle of a drought. This has been posing a challenge to the entire team. Riplie also reminded everybody that fish, meat, and flowers are continuously needed.

Riana gave a report on our fight against the Alliance. As the Grim’s notoriety rises, stronger and stronger Alliance have been meeting them in battle. As the fight continues, Riana stressed that the need for committed fighters to uphold the Mandate is at an all time high.

Riana also reported on the success of the scalp hunt. An total of 5,461 scalps were collected! 2nd place was a tie between Lupinum (537) and Elinel (535). 1st place was awarded to Ristikus with a haul of 1561 scalps. In addition to gold, he was also given the rank of Executioner of the Grim. May his sword continue to serve the Mandate with every Alliance soldier it slaughters.

Because of his continued assistance with Riana in the fight against the Alliance, and his commitment to upholding the Mandate, Lupinum was promoted to Irredeemable and joins Riana in leading Grim in the battlefield. May their coordinated leadership drive fear into the Alliance until not a single Alliance can stand against us.

Zalanjo reported on recent inquisitions and asked Supplicants if they have trials to report.

Yorathel’s efforts in Castle Nathria against the horrors of Revendreth and Sire Denathrius has proved his commitment to fight with The Grim. This fulfills his Trial of Combat.

Einang has completed lumber duty as requested and has provided the garrison with a plentiful supply of wood for the winter. His next task is to hunt with Syreena to prove his skills in combat.

Meriette’s Trial of Combat was approved, in which she aided the Scalp Hunt bringing in 465 scalps. She also offered up her Trial of Sacrifice, in which she bid a public final farewell to her daughter, Abigail, whom she had been clinging to since the day she found her after her awakening. This sacrifice was overwhelmingly accepted.

Elinel was promoted to the rank of Dreadweaver, with the responsibilities of assisting with Inquisition, event planning, and any other tasks the Irredeemables ask of her.

A great deal of conversation among Grim lately has been surrounding the sudden and now extended absence of Khorivs. Many have speculated on his whereabouts and motives, with many assuming his disappearance is the responsibility of Syreena in retaliation for her (now admittedly fake) journal being stolen. Zalanjo, having turned up nothing from his personal searches for Khorvis, publicly accused Syreena for Khorvis’s absence. After a lengthy debate, Addikus and Elinel volunteered to continue the search for him, and many others volunteered as well.

The Grim meeting ended with a search party gathering to start the search in Moonglade, and Addikus and Elinel starting their search in Khorvis’s office.

Raiders Update – by Canaie

The Grim answered the call of Prince Renathal and put together a team to storm the Castle Nathria. The Maw Walkers, as they called themselves, fought through an army of venthyr and their minions still loyal to Sire Denathrius until they faced the Lord of Revendreth himself. After a prolonged battle the Grim managed to bring him down, only to have him escape at the last moment. There have been reports that the Lord has since returned to his Castle and so the Maw Walkers have as well.

((Progression: 10/10 Normal, 3/10 Heroic))

The Grim Population

Peace Through Annihilation

Inquisition Report 1/29

Inquisition was held at the Grim Hunt Shop in Origrimmar, lead by Syreena.

In attendance were Syreena, Elinel, Qabian, Zalanjo, Meriette, Riana, Sparkskatter, Mharren, Lilliana, Zitrom, Ristikus, Einang, and Si’dad.

Syreena asked about the scalp hunt, and those who have been involved gave updates on their hunting parties and trophies.

Si’dad presented her Trial of Combat. Accompanied by a group of Grim, she collected 35 scalps and earned the right to be referred to by the Horde as Alliance Slayer. The trial was approved. Elinel presented Si’dad with a shadow box containing one of the scalps she collected as a keepsake of the achievement.

Zitrom and the group discussed his upcoming Trial of Sacrifice. There was much disagreement about his planned sacrifice, from both sides of the issue. It was agreed that he should perform his sacrifice as he sees fit then bring it to the Inquisition to be approved. It’s possible that it will not be accepted, but it is also possible that it will.

Elinel introduced Einang as a potential hire to fill the position of Guard Captain. Understandably he is is not trusted yet. He was tasked with working in the lumberyard for the time being while he gets to know the other employees and we get to know him. Elinel explained The Mandate and the Trials to Einang.

It was decided that The Grim is definitely not a cult. Probably not.

The Inquisition concluded with multiple Grim forming a hunting party to collect more scalps.

Inquisition Meeting Minutes (Jan 25)

Inquisition was held at the Grim Hunt Shop in Origrimmar, lead by Syreena.

In attendance was Elinel, Addikus, Ristikus, Syreena, Trentril, Lupinum, Si’Dad, Riana, and Mellinoe.

As Ristikus had completed his trials at the last Inquisition, Syreena promoted him to Warbringer. May his sword forever collide with his enemies in the name of the Mandate. 

Si’Dad was welcomed to the Grim and assigned her Inquisitor, Elinel.

Inquisition will be moved to Friday from now on. Monday will be a night for organized Grim gatherings. This particular Inquisition was handled quickly as to allow for Scalp Hunting.

Please congratulate Warbringer Ristikus on his promotion! Peace through Annihilation! 

Inquisition Meeting Minutes 1/11 (by Elinel)

The inquisition was held at the Wild Shore in rainy Stranglethorn Vale. Zalanjo lead the inquisition.

Ristikus presented his Trial of Sacrifice – a sin stone infused with his own anima and inscribed with a lifetime of his sins. Whoever is in possession of it will retain ownership of his anima as well as his fate should he perish. Zalanjo will bring this sacrifice to Khorvis, who “be likin’ an elf pet”.

Next, Lirsha presented her Trial of Sacrifice, indicating her Warsong tabard. As she has seen others renounce their past as their Sacrifice, she asked if this was an acceptable sacrifice for her. Zalanjo hesitantly accepted this as part of her sacrifice. Lirsha then offered to allow Zalanjo to remove the Warsong tattoo from her arm. Zalanjo did this, sloppily, and then carved a crude Grim symbol onto her arm. Zalanjo fully accepted the sacrifice after this and declared her trials complete. Lirsha poses the question: who will tell the Shadowblade that she no longer works for her? Zalanjo will be letting Khorvis handle that.

Zitrom reports on his Trial of Combat in the Theater of Pain, and presents Zalanjo with the head of Mordretha, the Endless Empress. Ristikus declares his approval of Zitrom’s Trial of Combat and Zalanjo agrees that his first trial is complete.

Trentril proposes his Trial of Sacrifice involve his beloved direhorn Dala, who is his final and most cherished link to his past. At the thought of killing an innocent animal, many of the attendees were up in arms suggesting that killing a loyal beast is a waste, while others considered this a worthy sacrifice. Zalanjo instead suggests Dala be released into the wild and not killed.

Inquisition Meeting Minutes Jan 4 (by Elinel)

Khorvis began the inquisition by calling on Zarilix, Supplicant of Zalanjo. Zarilix completed his Trial of Combat in Maldraxxus in which he produced his trophies from the House of Constructs. Zarilix’s Trial of Sacrifice involved relinquishing his identity as a Forsaken under Sylvanas and surrendering the tabard he linked to his identity. In a ritual befitting of Brother Lupinum, the tabard was destroyed with his vomit. Upon completion, Zarilix was given the title Adherent and a new tabard of The Grim to wear.

Mariette reported on her Trial of Combat by presenting and sharing what she calls “Finger Cakes” that she made with the fingers from her victims from the Battle Front (it’s a good thing).

Zarilix and Meriette reported on the Yeti that attacked the new guild hall, recounting the battle and aftermath. Zarilix, Sergeant Grimjaw, Mira, and Mariette fought to protect our headquarters and succeeded. Zarilix now carries the blight he harvested from the experimental yeti to power a contraption of his.

Supplicant Trentril was next to report on his Trial of Resolve. He recounted his interviews with various Grim veterans where he was tasked to discover what it means to uphold the Mandate and why they do.

Khorvis then called upon Lirsha to complete her Trial of Combat, in which she procured the journal of Syreena Shadowblade. Khorvis gave the journal to Riana to keep safe. Riana resisted reading it for a while, but eventually gave in. She discovered that the journal was not what they expected. It was not incriminating, but merely entertaining. And suspicious.

Elinel reported on her Trial of Sacrifice in which she sacrificed her previous life and body and presented her own head to Khorvis. With the help of Addikus and the Felmancer Greebo, her severed soul was placed into a new body. As her inquisitor was not present to report on her satisfaction of the sacrifice, Elinel was tasked with gaining that approval before she can receive her tabard.

Finally Raiix reported on his Trial of Combat in which he was tasked to uphold the Mandate by disposing of 20 Alliance in the Battle Fronts. With help from Riana, they created blackpowder traps that saw to the painful destruction of more than 20 Alliance soldiers. He presented a bag of hands to Khorvis. Upon seeing the bags of hands, Khorvis mentioned Addikus, former Hand of the Mandate. He stripped the title of Inquisitor from Mharren and reassigned Raiix to Addikus to continue his trials.

Please congratulate Zarilix on completing his trials and becoming an Adherent of The Grim. May he uphold the Mandate with pride.

Peace through Annihilation!

A Very Grim Winter Veil

The Grim celebrated Winter Veil in their new guild base, recently built in Alterac. Many of them wore holiday attire and exchanged gifts. A holiday pet battle tournament was held, which was won by Riana, with Mharren coming in second.

After the party, many Grim went to visit Great Father Winter in Ironforge, and went caroling to the council of leaders there.

Grim Winter Veil party
Winter Veil Pet Battle Tournament
Grim lined up to see Great Father Winter
Caroling in the Iron Forge council chambers

Grim News – October 2020

Grim Changes

On Friday, October 2, Bor’ghul arrived at the guild meeting to announce that Awatu Stonespire, Commander of The Grim, was dead. While Bor’ghul didn’t admit to killing him, himself, he did sound rather suspicious about it all.

Fortunately, the Commander himself showed up not too long after. He was in bad shape though. After roughing up Bor’ghul a bit, he fell to his knees, and tore off his tabard. It was then that the Grim noticed his armor writhing like a living, parasitic thing. Khorvis and a few others cut and pried away the corrupted armor, but not without taking a good bit of Awatu’s hide with it.

The Commander informed the Grim that he was affected by the corruption since way back when they fought G’huun, and it’s been growing worse ever since. He also informed them that he would no longer lead The Grim. After mentioning a Council of leadership, much like the Horde has recently formed, he passed the mantle of leadership to Syreena Shadowblade. Then he left for Thunder Bluff for what he expected will be a long recovery.

A few days later, the Shadowblade called a meeting of the officers. It was decided they would become the council, named by Khorvis as the Dread Coven. Feyde was added to the Coven, and Syreena announced they would all be Irredeemables and rule The Grim as equals. The meeting was sealed with a blood oath at its conclusion.

Grim Leadership

The Dread Coven is made up of the following Irredeemables:

  • Syreena Shadowblade and Feyde will lead the fight against the Alliance.
  • Riplie Battre and the Shade, Canaie will lead the fight against other enemies.
  • Khorvis Bloodstar and Zalanjo will handle Applicants and Supplicants, and also act as our representatives to the War Council.

Peace through annihilation!