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Oct 02 2015

The Grim’s 10th Anniversary

































































Death be upon you, Alliance! The Grim have come rolling through, like a thief in the night, to bring the sweet kiss of Horde justice and the Grim Reaper to your lips. The King decrowned, scalp, head and all, and the Mongrel put out to the eternal kennel in the sky. May the end of your Monarch see some Evolution in your degraded Civilization! In our Wake, we left the screaming gift of dead and decapitated Stormwind citizens, like a bloody tide washing out to your pitiful Harbor. There, on the Sea that is ours, not yours, did we turn to appreciate the fine results of our handiwork, to return to our Higher Culture and bask in our sublime Metropolises.

Our night began with the attendance of our membership, new and old to nigh ancient, amid the ruins of Lordaeron. Such a sight, even a few of our close associates came to celebrate. The Commander, Awatu Stonespire, gave his address to the assembled, reminding us from whence we came, how far we’ve come, and the immensity of the task that lies before us! Of the original ten founders of the Mandate, did one appear to recall the times of old, from where Maledictus and Snowfeather did wrought from the Horde’s finest and most murderous, the fighting force which would forevermore safeguard the future of the Horde. This speaker, the Lord Pincus Dorian, reminded us to not leave the night unbaptized by blood, of which the Commander agreed with. And now the annals of your sad and sorry state have now been written. The tale, of The Grim’s path carved through Stormwind, has just been told.

Happy Tenth Anniversary, Grim!


The Mandate

The Mandate

Jul 03 2015

Horde Forces Steamroll Lion’s Watch, Fel Orc Brigade joins the Fray

Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 1Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 2Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 3








Da Horde ‘as bin makin’ strange bedfellows late-like, in our quest ta fulfill da Mandate. Dis pas’ Sunday, Vol’mah scouts reported a contingent o’ Fel Orcs makin’ der way ta Lion’s Watch. Dese hulkin’ brutes made short work o’ da guards, an’ laid waste ta da Alliance adventurers an’ career soldjahs wit’in.


Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 4

The Fel Orc Brigade, finally satiated in its bloodlust, sedately makes its retreat from the puny hooman outpost.

Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 5

The Fel Orc Brigade lumbers into the Coldstar Tavern in Bilgewater Harbor for a well-deserved barrel, or two, of booze.










Aftah dis, da Grim embarked on forays inta da battlegrounds, in ordah ta equip demselves fo’ da new season’s offensive. Upon der return, it wuz found dat Alliance were conductin’ a reprisal raid on Vol’mah. Horde forces poured in from all ovah Azeroth ta drive out da intrudahs, includin’ elements o’ Borrowed Time, Sanctuary, an’ da Sunsworn. Howevah, da Grim made up da majority o’ da defense response. Aftah repellin’ da invadahs, da Horde war group conducted a reprisal o’ der own, overrunnin’ Lion’s Watch, cleanin’ da fortification o’ pinkskins, demon goats, an’ otha foul denizens, an’ saltin’ da earth wit blood an’ bonemeal. Da Fel Orc Brigade made a reappearance, apparent-like approvin’ o’ da bloodlust o’ da Horde troops, an’ fought side ba side in eliminatin’ da Alliance presence.

The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 1The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 2The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 3






The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 4The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 5The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 6









Howevah, a concerted effort ba Alliance relief forces pushed da Horde war group out o’ Lion’s Watch. Da two sides engaged in a bittah confrontation. Da Alliance troops caught da Horde ba surprise, wipin’ dem out in da road in between da two outposts. Followin’ up on der success, da Blue Lions did organize a counterattack dat carried all da way ta da gates o’ Vol’mah, where a desperate battle did ensue. Regroupin’, da Grim an’ der allies set up an offensive line an’ forced der hated foes away from da outpost, breakin’ da Alliance an’ pushin’ da filt’ back ta der hovels. As da enemy prepared fo’ a renewed assault, da leadahship o’ da Horde called fo’ a wit’drawal, ta prevent da Alliance from inflictin’ furthah damage on der forces. Tho’ da Alliance aftahwahds did unleash der rage aginst da beleaguered guards at Vol’mah, da Horde achieved a great victory dis day.


The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 6

Alliance at the Gates!

The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 7



Darethy Taunt Guldrazul Condemns














<special thanks to Kyoukimaru of the Grim for the Fel Orc costumes>

<these events occurred Sunday, June 28. No Fel Orcs were hurt in the making of this scene, but plenty of Alliance were>

Jun 09 2015

The Grim Raise New War Group, Plans Renewed Offensive Against Alliance

Grim And Fellow Horde Living Together

Under the leadership of Drinn the Tactician, Dreadweaver of The Grim, a new war group is forming. Composed of veterans, new recruits, and Horde allies and mercenaries, this force will increase the amount of warriors available who are trained in Anti-Alliance fighting techniques, and put greater pressure on the frontlines. With two teams under their banner, The Grim and their fellow Horde will bring their might to bear against the pinkskins, demon goats, mongrels, midgets and degenerate mutants, making one step forward towards fulfilling the Mandate. Those interested in joining its ranks, please contact Drinn Sel’quar immediately. Space is limited, and assaults occur once a week on Tuesdays, at 7 PM Goblin Standard Time.


Apr 16 2015

Blackhand’s Fall and Foundry Heroism

A power-mad and tactically brilliant weaponmaster, Blackhand has both the ambition to rule and the cruelty to maintain his hold on the conquered. Under his leadership, the bold orcs of the Blackrock clan arm an entire world with the strength of steel. Blackrock slaves labor whip-crack to whip-crack on frightful siege engines—weapons that will inevitably be turned against the slaves’ families, neighbors, and homes.


Thought dead after the destruction of one of his command ships during the siege of Shattrath, the chieftain of the Blackrock Clan has proven resilient time and time again.  After nearly being killed by cannon fire, Blackhand has since remained inside Blackrock Foundry to continue to churn out war machines and soldiers for the Iron Horde.  Not showing any signs of injury, Blackhand put forth a fury expected of a leader of a fierce orc clan as the Grim entered the Blackrock Forge.  His smoldering slag hammer proving just as effective in battle as in forging weaponry.  The battle ranged from the forge, to a storage warehouse of siege equipment, and then to the very Iron Crucible itself, which had hardened after the destruction of the Black Furnace.

Grim Blackrock


Let the record-books show our Heroic battles thus far: Gruul 3/24/15, Oregorger 5/5/15, Blast Furnace 6/18/15, Hans’gar & Franzok 3/24/15, Flamebender Ka’graz 5/5/15, Kromog 5/5/15, Beastlord Darmac 3/24/15, Operator Thogar 5/7/15, Iron Maidens 6/4/15.

As well as noted achievements gained in glorious combat: The Steel Has Been Brought 5/28/15, Would You Give Me A Hand? 6/9/15.


Apr 07 2015

The Secret Of The Blackrock Clan

The Blackrock clan’s unique ability to smelt the black ore, a substance so dense that ordinary flame does not even soften it, has always been their most closely-guarded secret. Deep within the Foundry, their furnace contains a primal force as old as Draenor itself, raging within the confines of its prison as it emanates a preternatural heat.


The Orc known as Foreman Feldspar is the harsh taskmaster that keeps the Blackrock Clan’s slave labor smelting the black ore all covet.  Even though he was unprepared for an assault on his foundry, the Orc presented a strong defense to the Grim assault.  Many orc soldiers and engineers attempted to prevent our destruction of the furnace, and even the enslaved Ogron threw their hands in with the Blackrock Clan.  In the end, all fell, including Feldspar, and the Orc Elementalists could not keep the secret of the Foundry trapped.  The Heart of the Mountain was unleashed, much to all combatants dismay.


The flames pounded Blackrock and Grim alike, and when the smoke cleared, only the Grim were left standing.

Blast Furnace Kill



Mar 19 2015

The Evil That Orcs Do

With little opportunity to exercise her tactical brilliance under the ancient social structure of the orc clans, Gar’an was thrilled to be one of the first warriors to volunteer for naval duty under the Iron Horde. Instantly successful in battle, she was named Admiral of the Iron Horde fleet and selected Marak and Sorka as her lieutenants. Together, they are called the Iron Maidens, and have crushed any who have dared face them in battle.



The Iron Horde is quite organized in its military structure.  These are not rag tag bands of clans that assault all with a mindless fury, but cold and calculated soldiers on a mission.  It is something to be respected and feared by most beings.  The leaders of the Iron Hordes naval forces are equally deadly on both land and sea, and some of the fiercest foes we have yet seen in battle. To catch them ashore all in one place was a tremendous victory for The Grim, and we made sure the Iron Fleet would be crippled from the Maidens defeat.

Maidens Kill

Mar 08 2015

Stormwind’s Garrison Tested, Darkshire Ravaged

Into the Cheese Hut.

Into the Cheese Hut.

I'd like ta place a bid fo' 1000g on ALLIANCE GUARDS

I’d like ta place a bid fo’ 1000g on ALLIANCE GUARDS

These guards seem to be low on Vitamin Shadow. See how they can barely stand upright?

These guards seem to be low on Vitamin Shadow. See how they can barely stand upright?


Da Grim sent a crack squad o’ killahs ta test Stormwind’s defenses. Aftah infiltratin’ da hooman city’s premier Cheese Shoppe, da Horde forces languidly fought der way out da city gates, havin’ claimed sum du fromage ta put on der omelettes. Finally we be gettin’ sum acshun; Alliance adventurers begin respondin’ ta da klaxon call. Outside da Stormwind Gates, da Grim defeated each incursion ba skirmishin’ Alliance, until an assault team undah da command o’ da hooman priest Teed caught da Horde troops inside Goldshiyah.


I know, let's go for a lovely stroll in the park... BY THE LIGHT THERE GOES GEOFFREY!!

I know, let’s go for a lovely stroll in the park… BY THE LIGHT THERE GOES GEOFFREY!!

Alright, finally da cavalry arrive. Took ya long enuff.

Alright, finally da cavalry arrive. Took ya long enuff.

Ocean's Twelve: The Round Up ((Not the best movie, but damn a catchy song))

Ocean’s Twelve: The Round Up
((Not the best movie, but damn a catchy song))


Driven back from Elwynn Forest, da Grim slayahs hopped ovah da rivah ta strike Darkshiyah. An adorable gatherin’ o’ lil’ goslings wuz dispersed wit’ axe, sword an’ spell. Howevah, da Grim presence ‘ad not gone unreported. Teed’s forces arrived from Stormwind an’ engaged in a rooftop battle wit’ da Grim, vanquishin’ dem an’ drivin’ dem outta da town.

Caught between da city’s guards, a po’ tactical position an’ unrelentin’ pressure from da Alliance troops, da Grim peformed anotha strategic withdrawal in ordah ta summon Darrethy o’ da Blackguard, an ally whose mastery ovah da Fel be well-recognized.


The Round Up - Reprise

The Round Up – Reprise

Sumtimes joo jus' got ta pahtay.

Sumtimes joo jus’ got ta pahtay.

Let's keep dis partay bouncin'! UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ

Let’s keep dis partay bouncin’! UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ


Repositionin’ demselves ta da west o’ da town, da Grim an’ der allied forces formed up battle lines an’ began anotha push inta Darkshiyah. Teed’s forces, as troo’out da night, responded rapidly an’ tried ta stop da advance. Howevah, da Grim ‘ad bin learnin’ from der enemies all night, an’ da Mandate kept dem strong while der foes faltered. Da Commandah Teed wuz slain, deprivin’ ‘er forces o’ mendin’ spells. Wit’ a savagery befit a wild beast, da Grim an’ Darrethy tore apaht da Alliance defense squad, drivin’ dem firs’ back ta town, den ta retreat from Darkshiyah entirely, leavin’ it… ta da Horde.


Yeah, we'd walk away slowly from explosions, too.

Yeah, we’d walk away slowly from explosions, too.


Mar 06 2015

First Fire And Then Earth

The magnaron are mysterious in their ways, ancient and inscrutable. Miners excavating an expansion to the Foundry, in support of the Iron Horde’s massive production needs, were horrified to unearth a chamber containing a living magnaron. To their astonishment, Kromog began to assist in their endeavors, and now uses his massive stone fists to hammer out the gigantic plates needed for the Iron Horde’s dreadnaughts and siege machinery.


Another beast of Draenor has chosen to join forces with the Iron Horde. An unwise choice for an ancient species.  The magnaron known as Kromog fought hard, using its command of the very earth itself to attempt to best the Grim, but in the end, it was for naught.  The Grim press onward through the Blackrock Clan’s stronghold.

Kromog kill


Feb 26 2015

The Trains Do Not Run On Time

Known more for his cruelty and cleverness than for brute strength, Thogar oversees the operation of the Grimrail. From the Foundry’s depot, he coordinates the ongoing ground battle against the draenei in Talador, with entire battalions of troops and artillery at his beck and call.


While some may consider Thogar a quill pushing desk jockey, he is a capable enough warrior to hold off our initial assault until his Grimrail system was able to unload dozens of orcs and artillery upon us.  Swarmed by orcs and explosives, the Grim battled hard, and in the end were triumphant.  The loss of the Operator should slow down the Iron Horde war efforts around Draenor for a good time to come.  A tremendous victory in the grand picture.

Operator Kill

Feb 26 2015

Bring The Steel

Under the banner of the Iron Horde, Blackhand has enlisted Flamebender Ka’graz of te Burning Blade to imbue the Blackrock-forged armaments with the essence of flame.  Along with her assistan, Aknor Steelbringer, Ka’graz toils before an everburning forge in support of the Iron Horde’s conquest of Draenor.


The Burning Blade champion, Flamebender Ka’graz has thrown in her lot with the Iron Horde, and no mercy was shown to her.  Her companion Aknor Steelbringer, on the other hand, was more than willing to give up his loyalty to the Iron Horde and join the Grim garrison.

Flamebender kill



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