Inquisition Meeting Minutes 1/11 (by Elinel)

The inquisition was held at the Wild Shore in rainy Stranglethorn Vale. Zalanjo lead the inquisition.

Ristikus presented his Trial of Sacrifice – a sin stone infused with his own anima and inscribed with a lifetime of his sins. Whoever is in possession of it will retain ownership of his anima as well as his fate should he perish. Zalanjo will bring this sacrifice to Khorvis, who “be likin’ an elf pet”.

Next, Lirsha presented her Trial of Sacrifice, indicating her Warsong tabard. As she has seen others renounce their past as their Sacrifice, she asked if this was an acceptable sacrifice for her. Zalanjo hesitantly accepted this as part of her sacrifice. Lirsha then offered to allow Zalanjo to remove the Warsong tattoo from her arm. Zalanjo did this, sloppily, and then carved a crude Grim symbol onto her arm. Zalanjo fully accepted the sacrifice after this and declared her trials complete. Lirsha poses the question: who will tell the Shadowblade that she no longer works for her? Zalanjo will be letting Khorvis handle that.

Zitrom reports on his Trial of Combat in the Theater of Pain, and presents Zalanjo with the head of Mordretha, the Endless Empress. Ristikus declares his approval of Zitrom’s Trial of Combat and Zalanjo agrees that his first trial is complete.

Trentril proposes his Trial of Sacrifice involve his beloved direhorn Dala, who is his final and most cherished link to his past. At the thought of killing an innocent animal, many of the attendees were up in arms suggesting that killing a loyal beast is a waste, while others considered this a worthy sacrifice. Zalanjo instead suggests Dala be released into the wild and not killed.

Inquisition Meeting Minutes Jan 4 (by Elinel)

Khorvis began the inquisition by calling on Zarilix, Supplicant of Zalanjo. Zarilix completed his Trial of Combat in Maldraxxus in which he produced his trophies from the House of Constructs. Zarilix’s Trial of Sacrifice involved relinquishing his identity as a Forsaken under Sylvanas and surrendering the tabard he linked to his identity. In a ritual befitting of Brother Lupinum, the tabard was destroyed with his vomit. Upon completion, Zarilix was given the title Adherent and a new tabard of The Grim to wear.

Mariette reported on her Trial of Combat by presenting and sharing what she calls “Finger Cakes” that she made with the fingers from her victims from the Battle Front (it’s a good thing).

Zarilix and Meriette reported on the Yeti that attacked the new guild hall, recounting the battle and aftermath. Zarilix, Sergeant Grimjaw, Mira, and Mariette fought to protect our headquarters and succeeded. Zarilix now carries the blight he harvested from the experimental yeti to power a contraption of his.

Supplicant Trentril was next to report on his Trial of Resolve. He recounted his interviews with various Grim veterans where he was tasked to discover what it means to uphold the Mandate and why they do.

Khorvis then called upon Lirsha to complete her Trial of Combat, in which she procured the journal of Syreena Shadowblade. Khorvis gave the journal to Riana to keep safe. Riana resisted reading it for a while, but eventually gave in. She discovered that the journal was not what they expected. It was not incriminating, but merely entertaining. And suspicious.

Elinel reported on her Trial of Sacrifice in which she sacrificed her previous life and body and presented her own head to Khorvis. With the help of Addikus and the Felmancer Greebo, her severed soul was placed into a new body. As her inquisitor was not present to report on her satisfaction of the sacrifice, Elinel was tasked with gaining that approval before she can receive her tabard.

Finally Raiix reported on his Trial of Combat in which he was tasked to uphold the Mandate by disposing of 20 Alliance in the Battle Fronts. With help from Riana, they created blackpowder traps that saw to the painful destruction of more than 20 Alliance soldiers. He presented a bag of hands to Khorvis. Upon seeing the bags of hands, Khorvis mentioned Addikus, former Hand of the Mandate. He stripped the title of Inquisitor from Mharren and reassigned Raiix to Addikus to continue his trials.

Please congratulate Zarilix on completing his trials and becoming an Adherent of The Grim. May he uphold the Mandate with pride.

Peace through Annihilation!

A Very Grim Winter Veil

The Grim celebrated Winter Veil in their new guild base, recently built in Alterac. Many of them wore holiday attire and exchanged gifts. A holiday pet battle tournament was held, which was won by Riana, with Mharren coming in second.

After the party, many Grim went to visit Great Father Winter in Ironforge, and went caroling to the council of leaders there.

Grim Winter Veil party
Winter Veil Pet Battle Tournament
Grim lined up to see Great Father Winter
Caroling in the Iron Forge council chambers

Grim News – October 2020

Grim Changes

On Friday, October 2, Bor’ghul arrived at the guild meeting to announce that Awatu Stonespire, Commander of The Grim, was dead. While Bor’ghul didn’t admit to killing him, himself, he did sound rather suspicious about it all.

Fortunately, the Commander himself showed up not too long after. He was in bad shape though. After roughing up Bor’ghul a bit, he fell to his knees, and tore off his tabard. It was then that the Grim noticed his armor writhing like a living, parasitic thing. Khorvis and a few others cut and pried away the corrupted armor, but not without taking a good bit of Awatu’s hide with it.

The Commander informed the Grim that he was affected by the corruption since way back when they fought G’huun, and it’s been growing worse ever since. He also informed them that he would no longer lead The Grim. After mentioning a Council of leadership, much like the Horde has recently formed, he passed the mantle of leadership to Syreena Shadowblade. Then he left for Thunder Bluff for what he expected will be a long recovery.

A few days later, the Shadowblade called a meeting of the officers. It was decided they would become the council, named by Khorvis as the Dread Coven. Feyde was added to the Coven, and Syreena announced they would all be Irredeemables and rule The Grim as equals. The meeting was sealed with a blood oath at its conclusion.

Grim Leadership

The Dread Coven is made up of the following Irredeemables:

  • Syreena Shadowblade and Feyde will lead the fight against the Alliance.
  • Riplie Battre and the Shade, Canaie will lead the fight against other enemies.
  • Khorvis Bloodstar and Zalanjo will handle Applicants and Supplicants, and also act as our representatives to the War Council.

Peace through annihilation!

Grim News – April 19, 2020

The Grim News is looking for reports, writers, and photographers to make these editions more diverse! Anyone willing to help should contact Syreenna Shadowblade.

From the Desk of Riplie Battre

After the tactful retreat to steady their minds, The Grim once again stood against N’Zoth the Corrupter. As they fought against the Old God, despite Wrathian’s aid their minds still shifted, but with the power of The Heart of Azeroth, N’Zoth was vanquished. Depending which Grim you ask, each claim to have been the conduit which caused the Old God to fall.

The Grim witnessed the Waking City fall, but once again heard it calling them back to it, causing them to question if what they saw fighting N’Zoth was even real. The denizens of Ny’alotha stood again once when they reentered, only stronger. Using what they knew they have dispatched all but N’Zoth himself once again. Their efforts to defeat the Old God are proving fruitful and soon they will destroy the city again.

Report from the Shade

As was customary for Wednesday nights, the Grim gathered outside the Great Seal to discuss where our efforts should be focused for the evening. Among those present that night were Canaie, Zalanjo, and Lupinum and we decided to let the battle masters send us where we’re needed. A trip to the Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch proved fruitful but we had to end the night early when Brother Lupinum had to retire for the evening.

The Grim Roster Statistics

Peace through annihilation!

Grim News – February 17, 2020


The Grim took a trip to Moonglade during the Lunar Festival last month. They celebrated the holiday by shooting off fireworks and then they summoned and defeated Omen.

To top the night off, the Grim in attendance killed a few Alliance members in the small town there, barely escaping the guards that noticed.


The Grim have been battling their way through Ny’Alotha for the past four weeks, and they are nearing the end. So far, they have defeated: Wrathion, Maut, The Prophet Skitra, the Dark Inquisitor, The Hivemend, Shad’har, Drest’agath, Vexiona, Ra-den, and Il’gynoth. They’ve also broken through the Carapace of N’Zoth to face the Old God himself.

At the end of last week, after several Grim have lost their mind to the insanity of the place, the Commander called for a retreat to regroup. When they return, The Grim will battle N’Zoth.


Although The Grim are eager to fight Alliance any time, there is now a day and time set aside specifically for that purpose. For the past few weeks, a few Grim and Friends have been gathering to fight in battlegrounds and to hunt down Alliance out in the world.

If more people start joining in, there may be a more serious team forming up for glory and rewards. The numbers involved right now though, are suited toward more casual killing.


That’s it for this edition of Grim News! If you would like to help the News by writing stories, taking pictures, or conducting interviews, contact Ayidda or Syreenna.

Peace through annihilation!

Grim News – December 29, 2019


Dressed up in their holiday best, and riding festive reindeer mounts, several members of The Grim, along with a couple guests, brought holiday cheer to the Alliance. At Ironforge, they visited Father Winterveil after showing off their old fel spreader toys, and they played in the snowglobe. Then they stopped by the Brawler’s Pub and had a couple fights before heading to Stormwind. There, they killed some humans before the Alliance rallied a defensive force and pinned down The Grim at the stockades.

The Grim visiting Father Winterveil in Ironforge


On December 19, after doing many silly things like running in circles, saving baby Zoatroids, collecting sea life, and finding cows, The Grim have earned themselves some Azshari Bloatray mounts.

The Grim on their new Azshari Bloatray mounts


Awatu Stonespire
has been Commander of The Grim for several years, longer than any Grim leader before him. We asked him for his thoughts about the challenges and rewards of leading such a guild.

“The difficulty has always been unifying a… rather diverse group of individuals. While we all follow the same ideals, it can be challenging when there are personal differences. The best part, however, is that despite these differences we are able to accomplish our goals. Or, at least, make progress with our goals. I would add that any enjoyment comes from witnessing the fruits of our labors borne into reality and driving the Horde towards a… peaceful future.”

Awatu Stonespire (artwork by Zulric)


Welcome to two new members this month: Zolanjo, a troll rogue and
Pomkin, a goblin warlock.

That is all for this edition of Grim News. If you would like to help with the next edition of Grim News by writing stories, taking pictures, or conducting interviews, contact Ayidda or Syreenna.

Happy New Year!

Ahead of the Curve – Queen Azshara

On November 14, The Grim, along with some help from a couple very nice people from Mal’Ganis, defeated Heroic Queen Azshara, earning the AotC achievement!

Hallow’s End Costume Contest

The Grim held their annual Hallow’s End Party & Costume Contest in the Tarren Mill Cemetery.

Five contestants’ costumes were judged by the hostess, Syreenna Shadowblade, and her assistant Canaie.

First, we have the Commander of The Grim, Awatu Stonespire, or in this case, Lady Liadrin.

“Ahem. Behold the power of the Sunwell! The blessed Sunwell, so very important to my people. So important that it was stolen and recreated, because we were jealous of the Kal’dorei’s well. Why should they get a well? It’s all dark and gloomy. At least ours is warm and relaxing,” Awatu explained to the audience.

“The Order of Blood Knights is my accomplishment!” he continued. “We began as a ruthless and questionable elite squadron, but now we are good and allied with the Argents. All because my people were forgiven because of an old Draenei who also refilled our Sunwell. Because…we couldn’t find more holy water for it. Blessed is the Light and the Blood Knight Order!”

Awatu Stonespire as Lady Liadrin

Next, we saw Riplie Battre, otherwise known on this night as Aggramar.

“Mortals! I wasted millennia fighting to spare you from corruption. Until at least, my eyes were opened to the truth. YOU ARE THE CORRUPTION. We will save the universe by wiping all memory of you from existence! Soon comes the awakening of my brother, Argus. Together our new Pantheon will join the master in breaking your fetid world, but you will not live to see it!” he warned. “You may have withstood the flames, but you will not withstand my fury!”

Ripplie Battre as Aggramar

After that, we had Tweezle Sparkscatter as the Ghost of Winter Veils Yet To Come.

“I am the ghost of Winter Veils Yet To Come! Alternately…I’m twins…but my twin seems to have …got stage fright.” Tweezle muttered under her breath, “Or the mind control slipped and he ran back to his parents? That shouldn’t have happened.”

Tweezle ahem’d. “Ghost of Winter Veils Yet To Come it is!” she announced with a big thumbs up. Then a small yeti climbed up on the stage. “OH! There he is. He’s the evil twin. IDENTICAL TWINS!”

Tweezle Sparkscatter as a yeti twin

The runner up was Feyde, the Crab Queen!

“FEAR NOT FOR I AM A MAGNIFICENT QUEEN! With the fall of Azshara, I have taken up the mantle! All the sea creatures will learn to love and fear my mighty pinch!” Feyde raised her claws and clicked them. Some ooze dripped out of them from being taken off a beast only an hour ago. With her claws still raised, she walked sideways off the stage.

Feyde as the Crab Queen

Finally, we have the Costume Contest winner, Zulric, a Metalhead.

“I’m a METALHEAD, ya’ see.I despise de very concept of authority and ya’ lapdogs all followin’ orders from each other DISGUST me. And I believe that de one’s self-worth derives exclusively from de metal that they carry atop their head! Heh. I be ya’ vile squares find me to be shocking and controversial, and I REVEL in ya judgemental gazes.”

Zulric lifted his motorbike up and attempted to hurl it to the side in a little gesture of anarchy, but it sort’ve just fell over.

Zulric, the Metalhead

Congratulations, Zulric, and Happy Hallow’s End, everyone!

Progress in the Palace – Update

Lady Ashvane defeated

The Grim pushed into the Eternal Palace as heroes, and defeated the early opponents there with little difficulty until Lady Ashvane. After a very challenging struggle, they finally managed to defeat her.

That same week, they also defeated Orgozoa and the Queen’s Court.

The Queen’s Court – cleared out!

They now must face Za’qul, and after that, the Queen herself.