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Jul 08 2014

The Grim Have Been Busy Acting The Hero

The Ten Storms have been busy in their assault on Garrosh’s forces, moving now against the elite troops he has sent against our Heroes.  Nothing will stop the Grim’s Heroic actions, and one by one his minions fall before our might.

Immerseus, The Fallen Protectors, and Norushen’s challenges have all been met with success, and soon The Sha of Pride will be overcome as well.

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The Grim have also occupied themselves with defeating past foes.  Their deeds have convinced the Quartermaster to release the Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent to its members.  All throughout Pandaria and the other realms shall know the Glory of the Grim’s front line forces thanks to this beautiful specimen.


Mar 21 2014

Spring Kosh’harg

On Thursday night, members of The Grim attended the Spring Kosh’harg event in Nagrand, hosted by the Thundering Hammer Clan.  The event, held on the spring equinox, is to honor the Orcish clans and ancestors, though all Horde were invited.  Grims in attendance included Commander Awatu, Syreena, Canai, Ruuki, Sunderpalm, Ishiki, Kogrona, Lunataure and Lilliana.

The evening started with a procession of guilds out of Garadar to Halaa.  Each guild marched together on matching mounts, and called their words as they emerged from the gates of Garadar along the road lined with spectators.  The Grim members rode wolves.



In Halaa, we enjoyed a feast of several dishes, including the bodies of the fallen Alliance who foolishly attacked us.  As we ate, we listened to storytellers tell us tales of the Horde.



Next, we went to the Ring of Trials where we watched a Blademaster Contest where various members of the Horde fought each other for glory.  After a few skirmishes in the stands, the fighting in the ring began.  This included an exhibition round of a healing druid and warrior against a healing paladin and death knight.  This round took so long, but finally, the warrior fell and then the druid, leaving the paladin and death knight the victors.  A warlock won the tournament, and was awarded with a jeweled panther mount.



Finally, we traveled to Oshu’gun.  We all gathered outside the mountain.  The shaman among us were called forward, and went into the mountain, while the rest of us waiting outside in the rain.  Finally, they came back out to cheers of (mostly) “For the Horde!”   Shortly after, everyone went their separate ways.


((This was a cross-server Horde RP event hosted by the Thundering Hammer Clan and Riders of Eternity on the Feathermoon server.  Sounds like it’s every year in the spring and in the fall.  It was a lot of fun!))

Feb 06 2014

Ahead of the Curve

The Grim defeated Garrosh in a timely manner, and were rewarded their choice of the finest Kor’Kron warwolves from the stables.


Feb 06 2014

Liberators of Orgrimmar

Garrosh, son of Grommash Hellscream, first learned of his father’s heroism when Thrall encountered the young orc in Outland. The seeds of pride were planted. Garrosh spearheaded Horde victories in Northrend and, as Warchief, consolidated Horde power amidst the chaos of the Cataclysm. But his visions of orc supremacy by any means have brought the armies of the world crashing down upon Orgrimmar . . . a final reckoning that Garrosh himself awaits with brutal relish.

While tainted, Garrosh was a worthy foe.  A pity he did not learn from his father’s mistakes and lost himself in his power.  Typical of most consumed with their own cult of personality, once his minions were no more, he could not stand against The Grim.  The Heart of Y’shaarj powered him, but the Grim persevered, and he was brought to his knees.

The Horde is reborn, stronger, and ready as ever.



Feb 02 2014

Upon the Fields of Battle

The Grim forces have gained prestige upon the fields of battle against the Alliance. Led by Irredeemable Fanyare and aided by comrades who were once consumed by the Madness, The Grim fought hard battles against many foes. Many victories and many losses lay behind them. However, though all of this, we have endured and earned a strong foothold for the Horde in these turbulent times. The future before us shows signs of glorious conquest in the name of The Mandate. Peace Through Annihilation.


Pictured: Fulkag, Tuskinar, Leyujin, Yemana, Fanyare, Borghul, Swifthoof, Bobwhite, Croraw, and Canai.

Jan 18 2014


After disposing of the Klaxxi Paragons, The Grim finally confronted the traitor Garrosh Hellscream within his fortress. Sitting upon his throne, surrounded by his followers and mechanical creations, he looked down on those that dared challenge his authority. Hatred, anger, and fear were his tools to conquer all of Azeroth and destroy the lives of anyone not part of his Horde. The world would be molded by his power.

But, The Mandate was stronger, and so were its bearers. For as long as a threat stands against our people, we will mete out destruction upon them. The Horde and its people will survive, even if its leaders fall to madness and corruption. Though the traitor Warchief still lives, his days are numbered. The Alliance will meddle in our affairs no longer.

Peace Through Annihilation.


Dec 13 2013

The Call of the Creator

The Klaxxi have proven to be useful allies in the battles against their mad Empress but they were never Horde. The remaining Klaxxi’va Paragons stayed true to their creator, and followed Garrosh into the depths where the pulsing heart of Y’Shaarj beats on, calling its spawn home. The Grim specialize in extermination, unlucky for the Paragons, and we crushed them under our boots like so many of their bug cousins before them.

The nine surviving Klaxxi’va Paragons are ancient champions of the mantid who fought alongside the Wakener against the madness of Empress Shek’zeer. But the paragons, as do all mantid, hold a far deeper loyalty. When Garrosh unearthed the heart of Y’Shaarj, the paragons followed the whispers of their ancient creator to the iron halls beneath Orgrimmar.


Dec 05 2013

Greed Leads to Blackfuse’s Demise

Goblins may not be very deadly when alone, or even in numbers if they are not provided tools to craft. That said, the craftiest of goblins can become a match for any foe with the right equipment. Siegecrafter Blackfuse was one of the best, but his lust for gold paid by Garrosh is his doom. Be it flesh and blood, or metal and oil, the Grim will put it down.

Helix Blackfuse was the only goblin with the combination of engineering prowess, professionalism and ruthlessness to satisfy Garrosh in his search for the engineer of the True Horde. . A mercenary at heart, Blackfuse’s love for his creations (and the gold they fetch) has forever linked his fate with that of his patron and Warchief.


Nov 21 2013

Thok’s Thirst Is Quenched…

Thok the Bloodthirsty.  Our foes could not tame this beast, and the Grim were certainly not equipped to do such a thing either.   So we shall do what we do best, and give it a taste of our blades and magic.

When the Isle of Giants was discovered off the coast of Pandaria, teeming with primal devilsaurs, Garrosh sent men to capture some of the most fearsome specimens, hoping to subjugate them and use them as beasts of war. Countless orcish beastmasters have fallen to Thok’s jaws as they struggle to trap and cage him, yet the creature’s thirst for blood remains unslaked.


Thok the Bloodthirsty was not a willing servant of Garrosh’s forces, but the beast stood in the way of the Grim and had to be put down.


Nov 19 2013

Gamon, the True Hero

I may be bruised and beaten, but the hatred boils inside me.
Many times have I fallen at the hands of an orc and many times have I risen again. But never again!
For every orc that struck me, I will cleave a thousand of their skulls!
This. Ends. HERE.
Taste my axe!  - Gamon

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