PVP Guidelines

These guidelines are for any Grim wanting to participate with the PVP team.


Gear & Honor Requirements

  • Gear should be the equivalent of the current season Gladiator gear.
  • Honor Level should be at least at 10 (first column unlocked).
  • Artifact weapon should be progressed to at least one rank of Concordance.


  • The Grim use Mumble for voice communication. Each Grim member is required to be in Mumble for the duration of the PVP night.  Please have Mumble downloaded and configured before the PVP start time.
  • Each PVP member is required to utilize the addons Healers Have to Die and Battleground Targets.  The map addon REPorter is also recommended.
  • Each PVP member must have a strong knowledge of his class mechanics, along with dedication to continually improving his performance by reading class Discords and other class specific sites.


  • The Grim PVP nights are Sunday and Wednesday at 8:00pm TN/RH server time. (9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain, 6:00 Pacific)
  • Invites will begin ten – fifteen minutes prior to the start of PVP nights, and the team will queue up AT start time. Each PVP member must be physically present, prepared, and ready to begin at that time.
  • Members with unavoidable issues that cause absence or tardiness must notify Lupinum, as soon as they are made aware of the issue or post in the RBG Absence thread on the forum.