Raiding Guidelines

These guidelines are required for everyone seeking a spot on a Grim raid team.  Anyone who fails to maintain all of these guidelines may be replaced.

Each raider must have the following for every raid:

  • Suitable spec, talents, and other class related abilities which afford maximum damage, mitigation, or healing output
  • All sockets filled with current gems (at least blue quality)
  • All gear items enchanted with level and class appropriate enchants, including any profession-based enchants.


  • Item levels should be no more than one tier behind current content.  For Normal Ny’alotha, the Waking City, the minimum average item level is 435.  This can be easily obtained by Warfronts, weekly Mythic+ dungeon chests, some World Bosses, some Emissaries, Faction Assaults, PVP, N’Zoth Assaults, Horrific Visions and LFR once that opens.  For more information on gearing up, see this Wowhead article.
  • Progress should be made on your Azerite necklace.  At levels 71, 75 and 80 there are bonuses for it, so all raiders should be working on that.


  • Members’ professions should be at sufficient level to make use of their highest bonuses.


  • Each raid member is to bring sufficient consumables to last a raid day. This includes, but is not limited to; food, flasks, potions, Augment Runes, Tomes of the Clear Mind, and any class/profession consumables.  For Heroic nights, also have at least one Vantus Rune with you each night, but do not use it until it’s called for.
  • The Grim use Mumble for voice communication. Each raid member is required to be in Mumble for the duration of raids.
  • Each raid member is required to utilize the addon Deadly Boss Mods (or similar) for raid warnings.
  • Each raid member is required to familiarize himself with boss mechanics and tactics. Fatboss and Wowhead guides are both excellent resources. Videos and guides are usually up in the raiding forum as well.
  • Each raid member must have a strong knowledge of his class mechanics, along with dedication to continually improving his performance by reading sites such as  Icy Veins or other class specific sites. Repeated failure to perform at an acceptable level as determined by the team lead may cause a raider to be removed from the team.
  • With the advent of Flex raiding, we have a bit more ability to rotate in members as they are available.  If you will be late, or unavailable, please post accordingly in the absence thread on the forum.
  • Strategies and notes for our encounters will be posted on the forums and each raider is required to keep himself informed of our discussions. Continued failure to do so may be grounds for replacement.


  • The Grim raid nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30-8:30pm WrA server time. (8:30 Eastern, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 Pacific)
  • Invites will begin fifteen minutes prior to the start of raids, with the first pull happening AT start time. Each raid member must be physically present, prepared, and ready to begin at that time.
  • Members with unavoidable issues that cause absence or tardiness must notify a raid leader or other officer on the raid team as soon as possible.


  • All raiders should be prepared for changes to spec and/or talents, depending on the encounter.
  • Hybrid classes should be prepared to change their roles based on the needs of the raid or encounter.

Loot Rules

  • All loot is Personal Loot.  The person who won the loot always has first priority on keeping it, whether for main spec, off spec, or transmog.   If that person does not need the loot, they will offer it up to the rest of the raid to roll on.
  • Players rolling for their main spec will have priority over players who are rolling for off spec. For our purposes, “main spec” is defined as the role a raider fulfills the majority of the time during our raids.
  • Players may roll on items for transmog appearances.  They must just let the raid know it’s a transmog roll.  Main spec and off spec rolls have priority over transmog.
  • Bind-on-Equip items will be handed the same as Bind-on-Pickup items. Any BoE item not taken will be placed in the guild bank, to be distributed by an Officer upon request.


  • Raids are considered in-character.  Raid chat is IC.  There is a separate chat channel for OOC raid chat.
  • Voice chat is OOC.  During boss fights, only the raid leaders or other designated people will speak to call things out.  Everyone else should remain quiet so we can all hear instructions.
  • Unnecessary jumping and pacing is not considered IC behavior and therefore should not happen during raids, which are IC.
  • Our combat logs are posted during or after each raid night.  Each player should review their performance and look for ways to improve.  Anyone who feels they need help with this should ask a raid leader or other officer on the raid team.