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Biographies of the members of The Grim

Grim News – December 29, 2019

VISIT TO THE ALLIANCE Dressed up in their holiday best, and riding festive reindeer mounts, several members of The Grim, along with a couple guests, brought holiday cheer to the Alliance. At Ironforge, they visited Father Winterveil after showing off their old fel spreader toys, and they played in the snowglobe. Then they stopped by …

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The Grim celebrate our 11th Anniversary!

    On the 16th of September, the Grim assembled in Orgrimmar on top of the southern gate. One by one each member entered and settled in accordingly. Once the Commander, Awatu saw fit, he began the ceremony. The following dialogue was recorded verbatim by the Keeper of Lore, Bishoph Steele:    Daxxum salutes Awatu …

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Full Name: Tinkitz Twizzlesection Titles or Nicknames: Tink Race: Goblin Gender: Female Hair: Bright blue, often worn in pigtails Eyes: Purple Height: Average for goblins Weight: Again, average Notable Physical Features: She has several piercings, including her nose (through which she keeps a bone as ornamentation) Place of residence: The Goblin Slums. It’s where the …

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Qarosimae Sh’naha

SI:7 Criminal Profile Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Kill on Sight. Name: Qarosimae Sh’naha Known Aliases: Q, Qaro Age: Young. Speculated to be in late fifties to early seventies. Sex: Female Description: Affiliated with the terrorist faction of the Horde known as the Grim. Associates: “Inzema”: Forsaken Rogue. Grim.  Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Refer to File. …

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SI:7 Criminal Profile Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Kill on Sight. Name: Unknown Known Aliases: Inzema Age: Unknown Sex:Male Description: Affiliated with the terrorist faction of the Horde known as the Grim. Associates: Qarosimae Sh’naha: Former Kirin Tor Blood Elf Mage. Grim. Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Refer to file. Hokuto Darksnow: Death Knight. Grim. Armed and …

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Malstrom – “While I stand, no Grim will fall”

Full Name: Malstrom Titles or Nicknames: Mal, Laughs-at-Death Age: 27 years of age Race: Troll Gender: Male Hair: Red in a glorious mohawk that he keeps to perfection Eyes: Brown Height: 7’7″ Weight: 220 lbs Notable Physical Features: Tall and lean, with no scars visible anywhere. Place of residence: Orgrimmar, Jintha’Alor (where he has been …

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Malkaris Darkfire, a relic from the past

Full Name: Malkaris Darkfire Date of Birth: Too long ago for him to really remember. Sometime In the fall perhaps. Age: Around 12,000 years, give or take. “Shortly” before the Great Sundering of Kalimdor. Race: Kaldorei (Undead) Gender: male Hair: Full, shoulder length hair, black. No bugs. Skin: Very pale, not cracked or rotted but …

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Leyu’jin Zeysoga

Leyu’jin Zeysoga left his tribe, the Skymane, as a young Troll, running away from his home and relatives to join the Horde…

Greebo, or, A Bedtime Story

Full Name: Greebo Date of Birth: n/a Age: late twenties when he died, full season now, but his memories fade and are corrupted so age is impossible to judge Race: forsaken Gender: male Hair: clean, brittle Skin: clean, brittle, cracking Eyes: black. oily black. an occasional yellow sheen Height: tall, but heavily stooped. a shade …

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Frygyd Bio

Frya known better as Frygyd. Originally a Frost mage. Currently a contributing member of many difficult raids, battleground ventures with only a few steps into the more chaotic arena battles.