Greebo, or, A Bedtime Story

Full Name: Greebo
Date of Birth: n/a
Age: late twenties when he died, full season now, but his memories fade and are corrupted so age is impossible to judge
Race: forsaken
Gender: male
Hair: clean, brittle
Skin: clean, brittle, cracking
Eyes: black. oily black. an occasional yellow sheen
Height: tall, but heavily stooped. a shade under 6′ when bent, he would be 6’4″ alive
Weight: 135-145 lbs, dry weight.
Place of residence: a cage of dark energy, unlocked.
Place of Birth: n/a
Known Relatives: None.
Religion/Philosophy: Peace through Annihilation
Occupation: Back seat driver
Enemies: The Alliance. The Burning Legion. Acherontia.
Likes: Teasing her. Learning. Gaining power over himself. Gathering power to himself.
Favorite Foods: Chocolate.
Favorite Drinks: Bourbon for want of anything stronger. Frozen berry juice.
Favorite Colors: Purple
Weapons of Choice: Corruption, Death Coil
Dislikes: Lack of clarity and focus and order. Continual and inappropriate use of the phrase “do you remember when … ” and “when you were alive, did you …”
Hobbies: Crafting ephemera
Physical Features: Lean, lanky, stringy, strong, clawed
Special Abilities: A delicate hand with needle and thread
Positive Personality Traits: Refuses to give up, try, try, try again. Always ready to learn, always ready to accept advice, no excessive pride.
Negative Personality Traits: Flighty. Easily distracted.
History: Greebo has no past. His memory of his life is non-existent, his memory of his unlife fractured. An experiment by the Dark Lady Sylvanas in the creation of minds, he came into being as a puppet of her will, forged from the body of a human warlock captured in one of her occasional raids on Valgarde and a sentient but unself-conscious being of energy plucked from the Twisting Nether. The mind of the original inhabitant of the body is still in there, digested inside a nephandic spirit, trapped in a cage woven of dark energy and spirit agony – the original spirit pacemaker crafted by Sylvanas as a link between the incorporeal energy and the dead body. As the experiment progressed, Sylvanas decided to dispatch him to be an agent within The Grim to allow her a fuller knowledge of their activities whilst still maintaining deniability with her allies concerning their transgressions – his primary motivations were rewoven with The Mandate as the warp. No story of the creation of a spirit is complete without the threat of turning against the creator but Greebo has not come to that, yet. As his mind grows more complex however, the strictures and controls that she placed there have been drowned out by experience. He spent time, thanks to a failed attempt to keep the Mandate pure, in the body of a Stormwind human but returned when that vessel was broken. From time to time, a tendril of black oil flickers across his dull yellow eyes.

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