Leyu’jin Zeysoga

Full Name: Leyu’jin Zeysoga
Titles or Nicknames: Ley, Leyu.
Age: 25.
Race: Mountain Troll.
Gender: Male.
Hair: White.
Eyes: Light Blue. Bears dark grey tattoos.
Height: 7’9″.
Weight: 220 lbs.
Notable Physical Features: Regenerating scars, large tusks, white and grey facepaint.

Place of residence: The Valley of Honor.
Place of Birth: Arathi Mountains.
Known Relatives: Extended family in Arathi Mountains.

Religion/Philosophy: Skymane Vodun/Prgmatist

Occupation: Horde enlisted soldier.
Guild Rank: Irredeemable
Known Associates: Fhenrir, Yichimet, Syreena, Cristok, Gnubs, Anaie, Gex, Grainger, Xondor, Gurthoira, Lythande, Malebrignon, Mohan, Kaliera, Greebo, and more.
Known Antagonist: Illisade.

Special Skills: Regeneration.
Positive Personality Traits: Observant, stubborn, intensely protective of those he believes are worthy, genial to friends.
Negative Personality Traits: Repressed temper, stubborn, loudmouth.
Dislikes: Nerubians, or “spidahs”.

7 Weekly Onslaught Quest Achievement
3 Main Onslaught Quest Achievement
2 Guild Onslaught Quest Achievement
Step Into The Breach Achievement
Call of Battle Achievement
Bring Down the Moon Achievement
Didn’t See That Coming Achievement
Cut Down In Their Prime Achievement

History Before The Grim: Leyu’jin Zeysoga left his tribe, the Skymane, as a young Troll, running away from his home and relatives to join the Horde. After several years he began his training in the Valley of Trials, rapidly achieving the sixtieth circle. He founded a small group named the Voodoo Hooligans to provide a place for non-Darkspear Trolls who had joined the horde to congregate. During these years Leyu would form associations with several Horde organizations, including The Grim. Leyu’jin left the Horde over a year ago to return to his homeland, after his disillusionment for the cold war between the Alliance and the Horde and his place in it. While staying with his tribe in the Arathi Mountains, a Scourge strike force decimated the Trolls. Only with his extensive experience fighting alongside the Horde enabled Leyu’jin and a handful of other experienced warriors to marshal the Skymane enough to drive back the invaders. After securing his tribe’s holdings, Leyu’jin decided to return to the Horde to assist in the battles against the Scourge that he could clearly see coming on the horizon.

History In The Grim: Leyu’jin joined The Grim around mid-April two years ago. While initially uncertain of his place within The Grim, Leyu has firmly adopted the Mandate and his comrades. Gradually seeking ways to assist The Grim in their struggle, he joined a small team which defeated numerous threats to the Horde and Azeroth, began to establish ties between various Horde organizations and The Grim, and endeavored to find ways to reinvolve himself with the war against the Alliance, which he felt was just brewing on the horizon.

Fate would prove him right. Deathwing’s cataclysmic emergence threw the world into disorder, a place of chaos where the war between the Alliance and the Horde turned in a flash from cold to hot. Now planning the Grim’s final fulfillment of the Mandate, Leyu’jin has dedicated himself towards dealing with the pinkskins once and for all, while leaving the minions of the Black Dragon to the capable hands of his fellow Grim.

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