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The Grim’s 10th Anniversary

The Mandate

                                                                                              Death be upon you, Alliance! The Grim have …

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Horde Forces Steamroll Lion’s Watch, Fel Orc Brigade joins the Fray

              Da Horde ‘as bin makin’ strange bedfellows late-like, in our quest ta fulfill da Mandate. Dis pas’ Sunday, Vol’mah scouts reported a contingent o’ Fel Orcs makin’ der way ta Lion’s Watch. Dese hulkin’ brutes made short work o’ da guards, an’ laid waste ta da Alliance adventurers …

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The Grim Raise New War Group, Plans Renewed Offensive Against Alliance

Under the leadership of Drinn the Tactician, Dreadweaver of The Grim, a new war group is forming. Composed of veterans, new recruits, and Horde allies and mercenaries, this force will increase the amount of warriors available who are trained in Anti-Alliance fighting techniques, and put greater pressure on the frontlines. With two teams under their …

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Stormwind’s Garrison Tested, Darkshire Ravaged

                          Da Grim sent a crack squad o’ killahs ta test Stormwind’s defenses. Aftah infiltratin’ da hooman city’s premier Cheese Shoppe, da Horde forces languidly fought der way out da city gates, havin’ claimed sum du fromage ta put on der omelettes. Finally …

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An Assault Gone Awry

In an effort to break the ceasefire forced upon the Horde by the fool, Varian Wrynn, The Grim concocted a scheme to assassinate all the heads of each major Alliance nation. A rapidly assembled war group, with Horde allies, was sent to Ironforge to begin the slaughter. Unfortunately, due to the arrival of the Iron …

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Nine Years of Peace Through Annihilation

Grim Ninth Anniversary.

  The Grim have been through countless battles over the years, struggles and conflicts, and each time we have emerged victorious in the end. Nine years. Nine years of Peace Through Annihilation. Within our hallowed halls we harbor the full might and diversity of the Horde: Orc, Troll, Forsaken, Tauren, Blood Elf, and Goblin alike, …

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Grim Onslaught Report, 7/29


War Readiness, Joint Dragonhawk Brigade Event, 7/22


Grim Onslaught Report, 7/15


Grim Onslaught Report, 7/8