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The Call of the Scarab

On the anniversary of the ringing of the Scarab Gong to unlock the gates of Ahn’Qiraj, the Horde and Alliance fought for dominance upon the barren dunes of Silithus. Though a minor skirmish in the grand scheme of the war, the Horde was victorious and the banners hang from the walls of Ahn’Qiraj.

The Mandate Rises

The complete destruction of the Alliance is the goal towards which we strive. Though we are loyal to the Horde, we believe the Horde leaders are not always able to take the necessary steps to ensure its survival. Many who are allied under the banner of the Horde do not agree with our methods. But …

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Horde Forces Steamroll Lion’s Watch, Fel Orc Brigade joins the Fray

              Da Horde ‘as bin makin’ strange bedfellows late-like, in our quest ta fulfill da Mandate. Dis pas’ Sunday, Vol’mah scouts reported a contingent o’ Fel Orcs makin’ der way ta Lion’s Watch. Dese hulkin’ brutes made short work o’ da guards, an’ laid waste ta da Alliance adventurers …

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The Grim Raise New War Group, Plans Renewed Offensive Against Alliance

Under the leadership of Drinn the Tactician, Dreadweaver of The Grim, a new war group is forming. Composed of veterans, new recruits, and Horde allies and mercenaries, this force will increase the amount of warriors available who are trained in Anti-Alliance fighting techniques, and put greater pressure on the frontlines. With two teams under their …

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New heights within Ranked battles.

Our rated assault team has continued to reach new honor with the battle masters of the Horde. Recently, the fist of The Grim which focuses on 10 man assaults have been awarded prestigious titles. Despite the upcoming agreed peace agreement, The Grim continue to fight fiercely in protest. Champion Drinn Centurion Canai Centurion Cobrak Centurion …

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Upon the Fields of Battle

The Grim forces have gained prestige upon the fields of battle against the Alliance. Led by Irredeemable Fanyare and aided by comrades who were once consumed by the Madness, The Grim fought hard battles against many foes. Many victories and many losses lay behind them. However, though all of this, we have endured and earned …

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The Scalp Hunt

The Onslaught called by Irredeemable Bloodstar continues its corpse-laden path through the Alliance ranks. Crates filled with severed scalps creak and totter in massive stacks within the Grim halls and the fetid stench of drying skin lifts the spirits of the true defenders of the Horde. Dreadweaver Addikus Grace led a fist of the Blight …

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Twin Peaks and Nagrand

The Wildhammer dwarves of the Twin Peaks could not slow the Blight Serpents as Bartalomu rode the druid Canai to glory. Many Alliance faces were smashed by their hooves as the blue flag was carried to victory!       On the 12th day of December, The Grim gathered in Nagrand at the Ring of …

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Black Market Brawl

The Veiled Stair became a battlefield as The Grim secured the Black Market for Adherent Bartalomu to close an expensive deal with Madam Goya. All Alliance and their filthy ilk were denied access to its halls by a stout few Blight Serpents deep into the night, until the monk finally exited with a Blood-Soaked Invitation. …

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Khorvis Bloodstar, Battle Master of The Grim

I have returned from the frozen depths of Northrend to lead the host of the Mandate against the vile Alliance. The war has shifted to the new land of Pandaria, and it is our sworn duty to break the so-called “Operation Shieldwall” or whatever else the pink skins may hide behind. Any of honor in …

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