Horde Forces Steamroll Lion’s Watch, Fel Orc Brigade joins the Fray

Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 1Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 2Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 3








Da Horde ‘as bin makin’ strange bedfellows late-like, in our quest ta fulfill da Mandate. Dis pas’ Sunday, Vol’mah scouts reported a contingent o’ Fel Orcs makin’ der way ta Lion’s Watch. Dese hulkin’ brutes made short work o’ da guards, an’ laid waste ta da Alliance adventurers an’ career soldjahs wit’in.


Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 4

The Fel Orc Brigade, finally satiated in its bloodlust, sedately makes its retreat from the puny hooman outpost.

Fel Orc Brigade 6/28 5

The Fel Orc Brigade lumbers into the Coldstar Tavern in Bilgewater Harbor for a well-deserved barrel, or two, of booze.










Aftah dis, da Grim embarked on forays inta da battlegrounds, in ordah ta equip demselves fo’ da new season’s offensive. Upon der return, it wuz found dat Alliance were conductin’ a reprisal raid on Vol’mah. Horde forces poured in from all ovah Azeroth ta drive out da intrudahs, includin’ elements o’ Borrowed Time, Sanctuary, an’ da Sunsworn. Howevah, da Grim made up da majority o’ da defense response. Aftah repellin’ da invadahs, da Horde war group conducted a reprisal o’ der own, overrunnin’ Lion’s Watch, cleanin’ da fortification o’ pinkskins, demon goats, an’ otha foul denizens, an’ saltin’ da earth wit blood an’ bonemeal. Da Fel Orc Brigade made a reappearance, apparent-like approvin’ o’ da bloodlust o’ da Horde troops, an’ fought side ba side in eliminatin’ da Alliance presence.

The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 1The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 2The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 3






The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 4The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 5The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 6









Howevah, a concerted effort ba Alliance relief forces pushed da Horde war group out o’ Lion’s Watch. Da two sides engaged in a bittah confrontation. Da Alliance troops caught da Horde ba surprise, wipin’ dem out in da road in between da two outposts. Followin’ up on der success, da Blue Lions did organize a counterattack dat carried all da way ta da gates o’ Vol’mah, where a desperate battle did ensue. Regroupin’, da Grim an’ der allies set up an offensive line an’ forced der hated foes away from da outpost, breakin’ da Alliance an’ pushin’ da filt’ back ta der hovels. As da enemy prepared fo’ a renewed assault, da leadahship o’ da Horde called fo’ a wit’drawal, ta prevent da Alliance from inflictin’ furthah damage on der forces. Tho’ da Alliance aftahwahds did unleash der rage aginst da beleaguered guards at Vol’mah, da Horde achieved a great victory dis day.


The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 6

Alliance at the Gates!

The Battle of The Lion and The Tiger 7



Darethy Taunt Guldrazul Condemns














<special thanks to Kyoukimaru of the Grim for the Fel Orc costumes>

<these events occurred Sunday, June 28. No Fel Orcs were hurt in the making of this scene, but plenty of Alliance were>


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