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Hallow’s End Party & Contests

Monday evening, The Grim had their annual Hallow’s End party and costume contest.   The costume contest was won by Alakhai, who dressed up as an ethereal, and attended the party with her ethereal friend, Frank. The contest was judged by Syreena, Atticus, and Pahr. Alakhai won a Sapphire Panther mount, donated by Pahr.   …

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New heights within Ranked battles.

Our rated assault team has continued to reach new honor with the battle masters of the Horde. Recently, the fist of The Grim which focuses on 10 man assaults have been awarded prestigious titles. Despite the upcoming agreed peace agreement, The Grim continue to fight fiercely in protest. Champion Drinn Centurion Canai Centurion Cobrak Centurion …

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A Horde Gathering

As news of Alliance reinforcements spread, The Grim called for a gathering of Horde guilds to introduce each other and then hunt the Alliance threat.  The gathering took place on the evening of July 31, and many of the Horde joined in the event. Guild representatives who spoke included: Awatu Stonespire, the Commander of The …

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Spring Kosh’harg

On Thursday night, members of The Grim attended the Spring Kosh’harg event in Nagrand, hosted by the Thundering Hammer Clan.  The event, held on the spring equinox, is to honor the Orcish clans and ancestors, though all Horde were invited.  Grims in attendance included Commander Awatu, Syreena, Canai, Ruuki, Sunderpalm, Ishiki, Kogrona, Lunataure and Lilliana. …

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The Grim Rise As Heroes

When the call goes out for warriors of unbreakable spirit and strength, the Grim answer with pride.  The first heroic mission into the Throne of Thunder has been completed – we stand victorious once more.  The storm still rages within the Thunder King’s citadel, and the Grim march on.

Victory Over the Storm

With the total defeat of the Thunder King’s forces, the Grim will soon challenge themselves against even greater foes – both abroad and close to home.  Enemies will rise and fall, but the Mandate marches on.  

The Storm Is Broken

“Pandaria, her hills of gold, in dark and mournful times of old, did once a hopeless horror hold. When from her sacred vale did spring, with storm and flash, a monstrous thing, his name, Lei Shen, the Thunder King.” — Lorewalker Cho


The Iron Qon is defeated once more.  

The Animus Falls Once More

All great foes rise and rise again. The Grim’s work is never done, as we ensure any enemy who rises to meet us is struck down in swift retribution – no matter how many times the wheel turns.  

And Stay Down!

Perhaps Durumu the Forgotten and Primordius will learn their lesson this time.