The Mandate Rises

The complete destruction of the Alliance is the goal towards which we strive. Though we are loyal to the Horde, we believe the Horde leaders are not always able to take the necessary steps to ensure its survival. Many who are allied under the banner of the Horde do not agree with our methods. But talk and half-measures are for the weak. It is through our hands that the Horde will become the dominant force on Azeroth and the world beyond.

-The Grim Inquisition

As the early frosts of winter fell across Azeroth, plans had been made to bring justice upon the great enemy. Reaching out to other factions within the Horde, The Grim sought to create a force with enough strength to show the leaders of the Alliance that transgressions had not been forgotten.

The great halls of Ironforge were flooded with troops, and the Council of Three Hammers were reminded of the true power of the Horde.

Regrouping quickly, assaults were made against Darnassus and The Exodar. The High Priestess felt just how weak her “goddess” was, while the Prophet was blind to our approach.

The assault regrouped and, utilizing the weak Stormwind defenses, stormed directly into the throne room where the Child King lorded over his domain. He was given a taste of what his father had created. That peace could only be achieved through annihilation.

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