Malkaris Darkfire, a relic from the past

Full Name: Malkaris Darkfire
Date of Birth: Too long ago for him to really remember. Sometime In the fall perhaps.
Age: Around 12,000 years, give or take. “Shortly” before the Great Sundering of Kalimdor.
Race: Kaldorei (Undead)
Gender: male
Hair: Full, shoulder length hair, black. No bugs.
Skin: Very pale, not cracked or rotted but somewhat hard. A by product of many years of warfare before his current dabblings into warlockery.
Eyes: Much like the Death Knights, his eyes glow a winter like blue.
Height: Average for a Kaldorei perhaps, somewhere around 7’3″
Weight: 220

(For a visual Reference (mind you, I don’t have photoshop. Just picture the guy as described above): )

Place of residence: Zin-Azshari in his mind. Nowadays it’s anywhere he lays his head.
Place of Birth: Zin-Azshari
Known Relatives: Wife, Myrilease Darkfire, who is a Priestess of Elune, and a daughter, Saeris Darkfire, who’s whereabouts are unknown.
Religion/Philosophy: Elunite (sort of) / pragmatist (sort of). Mostly he’s just apathetic. Or optimistic when bored.
Occupation:  Royal Loyalist

Enemies:  The shining hammer. Or burning Twilight. Or was it the Shadowy Ogre? …. Anyone who would stand in his way of bringing the Kaldorei back to their…”roots”, and the reestablishment of the Highborne as the ruling class. He doesn’t hate the Alliance. He hates that the Kaldorei are now something like it’s pets (in his mind).  He also has a, “bigger picture” mentality, so essentially, his enemies are the Old Gods, and anyone else who threatens Azeroth while he’s trying to go about his main goal.

Likes:  Hoarding treasure, making fun of Greebo. Stealing Greebo’s shinies.  Plotting to bring the Kaldorei back to power under Azshara if possible.
Favorite Foods: Burritos.
Favorite Drinks: Vodka, or anything that is equivalent. Anything Strong.
Favorite Colors: Black, Red, Blue
Weapons of Choice: Scythe (modified for combat), dual longswords. Curses and Shadowbolts if he’s lazy.
Dislikes: Being called Forsaken. Being mistaken for human (he would think that his long ears would be apparent!). How vain the inheritors of the legacy of the Highborne have become (looking at you Sindorei!).
Hobbies: Drinking. Women. Drinking. Plotting on finding a way to convince Bloodscream to take him on one of his interdimentional space orc adventures.
Physical Features: Incredibly handsome.  He is swathed in shadows which often make it seem as if he’s wearing black  robes. Mostly when he’s not holding it back intentionally. Goatee.
Special Abilities: virtual immortality. Doesn’t like sharp objects however.  His shadowbolts have an electrical element added in.  Not too shabby when it comes to necromancy.
Positive Personality Traits: Tenacious.  Women love him. Calm. Level-headed.
Negative Personality Traits: generally apathetic. He loves women (Only one woman is important to him. Anyone else, isn’t her).  Likes to talk about the old days.

To make a long story slightly shorter, Malkaris was a member of the Highborne. He had originally been a guard for the Elunite priestesses at the Temple and was exceptionally good with a blade and various edged weapons. His family however was known for it’s magic users so he was a bit of a black sheep. His father was a known necromancer who was allowed to go about his research for the defense of the Royal Court but had no actual title to speak of, his authority coming simply from being Highborne alone and his skill as a practitioner of the magical arts.

Needless to say after some fallings out and such, he eventually found his wife, had a child and was only lacking the picketted fence. The Queen however had begun her shinanigans at the advice of Lord Xavius, and after a while, for the sake of his family he had begun to allow his father to teach him the ways of his family and he was quite adept at it which afforded him some prestige.

So! Malkaris now follows two paths, of blade and fel magic (for research of course). During the Sundering, so that the Highborne would be completely obedient, he was tasked with killing the priestesses in all sorts of horrible ways, and he did. He had forced his family to flee (his daughter and wife) before hand when he was feeling the effects of corruption from the Satyr that was beginning to drive much of them mad with power, so as to make their terrible mistake all the easier to rationalize, to be taken advantage of by Sargaras.

After the Sundering, for his actions, Elune, by way of vision and messenger, cursed him as punishment, charging him with making amends but leaving him in a wretched state, an abomination to his people until his punishment was complete.

His actions between most major events are varied and vary in importance, his place in history forgotten and banished for his family’s dabbling in necromancy, fel magic studies ontop of every other heinous crime they committed in the Queen’s name. His name is whispered, not out of fear though perhaps that is a reason for some, but mostly his fate is one most wish to avoid.

Malkaris has long since given up the blade to completely devote himself to the path of a warlock but is still a bit of a rogue in  his mannerisms, and has the mentality of a warrior when it comes to combat though he prefers to fight smartly instead of the new Warchief’s patented, “ARGH SMASH” approach. Infiltrate, corrupt, and assure victory before the battle is even faught.

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