Inquisition Meeting Minutes Jan 4 (by Elinel)

Khorvis began the inquisition by calling on Zarilix, Supplicant of Zalanjo. Zarilix completed his Trial of Combat in Maldraxxus in which he produced his trophies from the House of Constructs. Zarilix’s Trial of Sacrifice involved relinquishing his identity as a Forsaken under Sylvanas and surrendering the tabard he linked to his identity. In a ritual befitting of Brother Lupinum, the tabard was destroyed with his vomit. Upon completion, Zarilix was given the title Adherent and a new tabard of The Grim to wear.

Mariette reported on her Trial of Combat by presenting and sharing what she calls “Finger Cakes” that she made with the fingers from her victims from the Battle Front (it’s a good thing).

Zarilix and Meriette reported on the Yeti that attacked the new guild hall, recounting the battle and aftermath. Zarilix, Sergeant Grimjaw, Mira, and Mariette fought to protect our headquarters and succeeded. Zarilix now carries the blight he harvested from the experimental yeti to power a contraption of his.

Supplicant Trentril was next to report on his Trial of Resolve. He recounted his interviews with various Grim veterans where he was tasked to discover what it means to uphold the Mandate and why they do.

Khorvis then called upon Lirsha to complete her Trial of Combat, in which she procured the journal of Syreena Shadowblade. Khorvis gave the journal to Riana to keep safe. Riana resisted reading it for a while, but eventually gave in. She discovered that the journal was not what they expected. It was not incriminating, but merely entertaining. And suspicious.

Elinel reported on her Trial of Sacrifice in which she sacrificed her previous life and body and presented her own head to Khorvis. With the help of Addikus and the Felmancer Greebo, her severed soul was placed into a new body. As her inquisitor was not present to report on her satisfaction of the sacrifice, Elinel was tasked with gaining that approval before she can receive her tabard.

Finally Raiix reported on his Trial of Combat in which he was tasked to uphold the Mandate by disposing of 20 Alliance in the Battle Fronts. With help from Riana, they created blackpowder traps that saw to the painful destruction of more than 20 Alliance soldiers. He presented a bag of hands to Khorvis. Upon seeing the bags of hands, Khorvis mentioned Addikus, former Hand of the Mandate. He stripped the title of Inquisitor from Mharren and reassigned Raiix to Addikus to continue his trials.

Please congratulate Zarilix on completing his trials and becoming an Adherent of The Grim. May he uphold the Mandate with pride.

Peace through Annihilation!

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