Inquisition Meeting Minutes 1/11 (by Elinel)

The inquisition was held at the Wild Shore in rainy Stranglethorn Vale. Zalanjo lead the inquisition.

Ristikus presented his Trial of Sacrifice – a sin stone infused with his own anima and inscribed with a lifetime of his sins. Whoever is in possession of it will retain ownership of his anima as well as his fate should he perish. Zalanjo will bring this sacrifice to Khorvis, who “be likin’ an elf pet”.

Next, Lirsha presented her Trial of Sacrifice, indicating her Warsong tabard. As she has seen others renounce their past as their Sacrifice, she asked if this was an acceptable sacrifice for her. Zalanjo hesitantly accepted this as part of her sacrifice. Lirsha then offered to allow Zalanjo to remove the Warsong tattoo from her arm. Zalanjo did this, sloppily, and then carved a crude Grim symbol onto her arm. Zalanjo fully accepted the sacrifice after this and declared her trials complete. Lirsha poses the question: who will tell the Shadowblade that she no longer works for her? Zalanjo will be letting Khorvis handle that.

Zitrom reports on his Trial of Combat in the Theater of Pain, and presents Zalanjo with the head of Mordretha, the Endless Empress. Ristikus declares his approval of Zitrom’s Trial of Combat and Zalanjo agrees that his first trial is complete.

Trentril proposes his Trial of Sacrifice involve his beloved direhorn Dala, who is his final and most cherished link to his past. At the thought of killing an innocent animal, many of the attendees were up in arms suggesting that killing a loyal beast is a waste, while others considered this a worthy sacrifice. Zalanjo instead suggests Dala be released into the wild and not killed.

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