Inquisition Meeting Minutes (Jan 25)

Inquisition was held at the Grim Hunt Shop in Origrimmar, lead by Syreena.

In attendance was Elinel, Addikus, Ristikus, Syreena, Trentril, Lupinum, Si’Dad, Riana, and Mellinoe.

As Ristikus had completed his trials at the last Inquisition, Syreena promoted him to Warbringer. May his sword forever collide with his enemies in the name of the Mandate. 

Si’Dad was welcomed to the Grim and assigned her Inquisitor, Elinel.

Inquisition will be moved to Friday from now on. Monday will be a night for organized Grim gatherings. This particular Inquisition was handled quickly as to allow for Scalp Hunting.

Please congratulate Warbringer Ristikus on his promotion! Peace through Annihilation! 

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