Inquisition Report 1/29

Inquisition was held at the Grim Hunt Shop in Origrimmar, lead by Syreena.

In attendance were Syreena, Elinel, Qabian, Zalanjo, Meriette, Riana, Sparkskatter, Mharren, Lilliana, Zitrom, Ristikus, Einang, and Si’dad.

Syreena asked about the scalp hunt, and those who have been involved gave updates on their hunting parties and trophies.

Si’dad presented her Trial of Combat. Accompanied by a group of Grim, she collected 35 scalps and earned the right to be referred to by the Horde as Alliance Slayer. The trial was approved. Elinel presented Si’dad with a shadow box containing one of the scalps she collected as a keepsake of the achievement.

Zitrom and the group discussed his upcoming Trial of Sacrifice. There was much disagreement about his planned sacrifice, from both sides of the issue. It was agreed that he should perform his sacrifice as he sees fit then bring it to the Inquisition to be approved. It’s possible that it will not be accepted, but it is also possible that it will.

Elinel introduced Einang as a potential hire to fill the position of Guard Captain. Understandably he is is not trusted yet. He was tasked with working in the lumberyard for the time being while he gets to know the other employees and we get to know him. Elinel explained The Mandate and the Trials to Einang.

It was decided that The Grim is definitely not a cult. Probably not.

The Inquisition concluded with multiple Grim forming a hunting party to collect more scalps.

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