February 2021

Monthly Meeting Minutes – by Elinel

The monthly guild meeting took place in the Grim garrison hall, lead by Syreena. Riplie provided an update to the Grim’s progress in Castle Nathria. While the Grim have managed to defeat Sire Denathrius, he and his forces have been coming back each week, stronger than ever now. In addition to an Anima drought, treasures also appear to be in the middle of a drought. This has been posing a challenge to the entire team. Riplie also reminded everybody that fish, meat, and flowers are continuously needed.

Riana gave a report on our fight against the Alliance. As the Grim’s notoriety rises, stronger and stronger Alliance have been meeting them in battle. As the fight continues, Riana stressed that the need for committed fighters to uphold the Mandate is at an all time high.

Riana also reported on the success of the scalp hunt. An total of 5,461 scalps were collected! 2nd place was a tie between Lupinum (537) and Elinel (535). 1st place was awarded to Ristikus with a haul of 1561 scalps. In addition to gold, he was also given the rank of Executioner of the Grim. May his sword continue to serve the Mandate with every Alliance soldier it slaughters.

Because of his continued assistance with Riana in the fight against the Alliance, and his commitment to upholding the Mandate, Lupinum was promoted to Irredeemable and joins Riana in leading Grim in the battlefield. May their coordinated leadership drive fear into the Alliance until not a single Alliance can stand against us.

Zalanjo reported on recent inquisitions and asked Supplicants if they have trials to report.

Yorathel’s efforts in Castle Nathria against the horrors of Revendreth and Sire Denathrius has proved his commitment to fight with The Grim. This fulfills his Trial of Combat.

Einang has completed lumber duty as requested and has provided the garrison with a plentiful supply of wood for the winter. His next task is to hunt with Syreena to prove his skills in combat.

Meriette’s Trial of Combat was approved, in which she aided the Scalp Hunt bringing in 465 scalps. She also offered up her Trial of Sacrifice, in which she bid a public final farewell to her daughter, Abigail, whom she had been clinging to since the day she found her after her awakening. This sacrifice was overwhelmingly accepted.

Elinel was promoted to the rank of Dreadweaver, with the responsibilities of assisting with Inquisition, event planning, and any other tasks the Irredeemables ask of her.

A great deal of conversation among Grim lately has been surrounding the sudden and now extended absence of Khorivs. Many have speculated on his whereabouts and motives, with many assuming his disappearance is the responsibility of Syreena in retaliation for her (now admittedly fake) journal being stolen. Zalanjo, having turned up nothing from his personal searches for Khorvis, publicly accused Syreena for Khorvis’s absence. After a lengthy debate, Addikus and Elinel volunteered to continue the search for him, and many others volunteered as well.

The Grim meeting ended with a search party gathering to start the search in Moonglade, and Addikus and Elinel starting their search in Khorvis’s office.

Raiders Update – by Canaie

The Grim answered the call of Prince Renathal and put together a team to storm the Castle Nathria. The Maw Walkers, as they called themselves, fought through an army of venthyr and their minions still loyal to Sire Denathrius until they faced the Lord of Revendreth himself. After a prolonged battle the Grim managed to bring him down, only to have him escape at the last moment. There have been reports that the Lord has since returned to his Castle and so the Maw Walkers have as well.

((Progression: 10/10 Normal, 3/10 Heroic))

The Grim Population

Peace Through Annihilation

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