Date Auction

In February, during Love is in the Air, The Grim hosted a date auction. We originally had an even dozen dates lined up to sell, but more people wanted to throw themselves on the auction block. In total, we sold 21 dates for a total of 1,584,500 gold. The dates got half the money, so the Grim bank saw a hefty deposit of 852,250.

The Grim thanks Thrurdol for security, Elinel and Ayidda for running the show, and all the members of the Horde who participated.

Fishing Expedition

Recently, The Grim went on a fishing tour of the Shadowlands to collect fish to feed the ranks. They started in Bastion and went from there. Even the unhealthy waters of Maldraxxus did not keep them away. By the end of the expedition, the guild’s food stores were well stocked with fish.

Thank you to Grotuk for the Potions of Inky Blackness, allowing the Grim fishermen to enjoy the starry skies over Ardenweald.

Raiding Update

The Maw Walkers threw open the gates of Castle Nathria to discover that Sire Denathrius rebuilt his forces and they were stronger and better organized than before. Determined to win at any cost, they pressed on and carved their way through his minions again. Soon, the Sire himself will be within their reach.

((Progression: 10/10 Normal, 8/10 Heroic))

The Fight Against the Alliance

The elite Grim battleground team could use about three more regulars. They’ve earned themselves a rating of nearly 1500 and climbing. A few more regular attendees on the team would make all the difference in raising that rating.

The Grim Population

Peace through annihilation!

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