Grim News – October 2020

Grim Changes

On Friday, October 2, Bor’ghul arrived at the guild meeting to announce that Awatu Stonespire, Commander of The Grim, was dead. While Bor’ghul didn’t admit to killing him, himself, he did sound rather suspicious about it all.

Fortunately, the Commander himself showed up not too long after. He was in bad shape though. After roughing up Bor’ghul a bit, he fell to his knees, and tore off his tabard. It was then that the Grim noticed his armor writhing like a living, parasitic thing. Khorvis and a few others cut and pried away the corrupted armor, but not without taking a good bit of Awatu’s hide with it.

The Commander informed the Grim that he was affected by the corruption since way back when they fought G’huun, and it’s been growing worse ever since. He also informed them that he would no longer lead The Grim. After mentioning a Council of leadership, much like the Horde has recently formed, he passed the mantle of leadership to Syreena Shadowblade. Then he left for Thunder Bluff for what he expected will be a long recovery.

A few days later, the Shadowblade called a meeting of the officers. It was decided they would become the council, named by Khorvis as the Dread Coven. Feyde was added to the Coven, and Syreena announced they would all be Irredeemables and rule The Grim as equals. The meeting was sealed with a blood oath at its conclusion.

Grim Leadership

The Dread Coven is made up of the following Irredeemables:

  • Syreena Shadowblade and Feyde will lead the fight against the Alliance.
  • Riplie Battre and the Shade, Canaie will lead the fight against other enemies.
  • Khorvis Bloodstar and Zalanjo will handle Applicants and Supplicants, and also act as our representatives to the War Council.

Peace through annihilation!

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