Progress in the Palace

Queen Azshara defeated

On August 8, The Grim defeated Queen Azshara in her Eternal Palace. Those present, led by Commander Awatu Stormspire, were Jorlkal, Feyde, Narokha, Sparkscatter, Jurrani, Syreenna, Duskheron, Kharzaak, Canaie, Dyianah, Shiny, and Haneman.


Since that night, The Grim has returned to the Palace to battle heroic foes and have so far defeated:

  • Abyssal Commander Sivara (Aug 8)
  • Blackwater Behemoth (Aug 15)
  • Radiance of Azshara (Aug 15)

Any adventurers interested in joining our ventures, speak to Awatu or Syreenna. They are easy to find, but any other Grim can point them out if one has trouble locating them. We are in particular need of a warrior and a warlock, but any interested parties would be welcome to join our battles, with or without officially joining The Grim.

Peace through annihilation. Walk among us.

Glory of the Dazar’alor Raider

Confident in their ability to defeat the enemy invaders of Dazar’alor, The Grim took on special challenges during combat for bragging rights, earning themselves a new Dazar’alor Windreaver mount in a single night of fighting.

Heroes of the Battle of Dazar’alor

After a long, bloody battle in the great pyramid of Dazar’alor, The Grim, assisting other Horde forces, have helped defeat the remaining major threats within the city.

The annoying gnome, Mekkatorque, proved to be the most difficult with all his mechanical minions and weapons. But The Grim are not quitters, and the High Tinker and all his engineering gadgets eventually fell.

After the annoying gnome’s fall, The Grim went on to board the ships of the blockade. They had little trouble eliminating the threats on the ships and made short work of the elemental guarding the docks.

With the docks in control of the Horde again, The Grim moved on to attack Jaina. With the aid of Nathanos, it did not take long to defeat the mage. Unfortunately, she fled before anyone could strike the killing blow, but the pyramid seems to be cleared of major Alliance threats, at least for now.

Crucible of Storms

On Tuesday, April 16, The Grim answered the call of the void and traveled to the Crucible of Storms. There, they defeated the Restless Cabal and Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void.

If You Can’t Beat ’em…..

…join ’em!

After much deliberation and discussion (and the promise of weekly good loot for 25 wPVP kills), The Grim has decided to faction change to the blue side, and change its name to <The Cheerful>.

“After seeing ourselves as Alliance in the Battle for Dazar’alor raid, we decided we liked how we looked,” said Awatu, The Grim’s The Cheerful’s leader.

“Yeah, I really like doing flippy elf jumps!” That was from Syreenna, whose raid troll gets changed to a night elf in the raid.

The Ice Witch Gets Away

 From the desk of Riplie Battre

It seems the Alliance have grown bold. A full assault against Dazar’alor is the last that would have been expected. Yet here we are, I’m stuck behind a desk, and the rest of the Grim bathe in glory flushing the filth out. Loa’rohk has served the Mandate well. Now we press onward to more heroic adventures.

The Dark Iron sent forth Frida Ironbellows and her cronies to protect the Alliance assault from a reward attack. They should have chosen better.

It seems the Alliance fancy the Grim, and take pictures posing as our fighters.

Every King must die. Queen Talanji will be easier to continue to earn favor with.

Jaina escapes with  her life, not for lack of effort on the part of Loa’rohk.

The members of Loa’rohk demand answers from Blightcaller, as he stood by and let Jaina escape.

A Very Grim Winter Veil

The Grim held a festive Winter Veil party at their old garrison.  Gifts were exchanged, food was eaten, booze was drunk, and a good time was had by all!

Khorvis Bloodstar won the holiday pet battle, featuring untrained holiday themed battle pets.  Many snowballs were thrown in these battles, as snowmen, reindeer, and holiday helpers battled it out among a few less common pets.

On another night, The Grim decided to bring holiday cheer to Stormwind and Ironforge!  Dressed again in festive clothes, and riding reindeer, the Grim departed Orgrimmar for Grom’gol on the zeppelin much to the confusion of other passengers.  A few members of the Swords of Sylvanas accompanied us, and we picked up a few more individuals along the way.

From Grom’gol, they rode their flying reindeer to Stormwind where they met little Alliance resistance as they defeated the Boy King and several of his guards.  After that, The Grim set off through the city.  Qabian wanted to visit the orphanage, and then the group made their way to the tram.  There they encountered a few more Alliance heroes brave enough to fight them, but it did not slow them down much.  A short tram ride later, and The Grim set themselves loose to bring holiday tidings to Ironforge.

First, a visit to Greatfather Winter was in order!  Grim and friends stood patiently in line to tell the old dwarf their holiday wishes.  While waiting, they decided the Winter Veil tree could be a brighter shade of green.

After setting a few fires under the tree and Greatfather Winter, and slaughtering any guards who objected, the group had some fun in the dwarves’ snow globe.

Finally, they decided to bring holiday cheer to the dwarf council.  In the middle of the fight though, a group of Alliance, who call themselves The Seventy Third, showed up and interrupted the battle.  The Grim and friends successfully countered the first wave, but they were pushed back to the depths of Old Ironforge.  That didn’t stop them from trying to finish the job on the council though!   Unfortunately, The Seventy Third regrouped with even greater numbers, and eventually forced the festive invaders to break ranks and retreat.

Happy Holidays from The Grim!

Glory of the Uldir Raider

On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, The Grim completed all the achievements of Glory of the Uldir Raider, earning Bloodgorged Crawg mounts!   Congratulations, Grim!


Ahead of the Curve: G’huun

Heroic G’huun downed by The Grim on November 20, 2018


The Grim has defeated Heroic G’huun and earned the achievement Ahead of the Curve: G’huun!

Next goal:   Glory of the Uldir Raider achievements!


Hallow’s End Contest

On Monday night, The Grim held its annual Hallow’s End Costume Contest.

The hostess was Captain Shadowblade (aka Syreenna).  Vashni and Duskheron helped judge the contest.

Argh, me mateys!

The winner of the contest was an agent of the Firelord (aka Mirathendia).  The prize was 10,000 gold pieces.

Agent of the Firelord

Mirathendia rode up onto the stage on a fiery corehound.

“Don’t burn the stage down!” Qharim advised.

“Or do,” Qabian said mildly.  “It’ll add to the ambience.”

“I am,” Mirathendia announced,  “as the human pointed out earlier, an agent of the Firelord.”


Second place, and the winner of 5,000 gold pieces, was Malygos (aka Qabian).


“My name is Malygos, Lord of Magic,” Qabian said. “I tried to destroy you all for the crime of being absolutely miserable failures and using magic to be the greatest failures you could possibly be.  But I proved to be the greater failure still, as all my sister had to do was find a ragtag group of nobodies to take me down once and for all.”  He paused to yank on the whelpling’s chain.

“This is my equally worthless son, Kalecgos. He’s an absolute moron and he’s somehow not dead yet, but there’s hope. All of you should get to work on that.

” Though I can’t exactly show you my true power, anymore, being dead and all, I can at least show you…” At this point, Qabian turned into a blue dragon.  “The face of my daughter.”

He shimmered back into his normal form.  “I’m sure there’s a lesson in all that about family,” he concluded with a smirk.


Other contestants, in order of appearance…….

Farmer Farmyare

Fanyare walked up unannounced onto the stage.

Qharim whispered, “She has a turnip?!”

Fanyare. in a drawl voice, like a dwarf that’s been hit on the head, said “I’m Farmer Farmyare, and I grow turnips and Humans in the sludge fields” She bowed down graciously, and then she walked back off just as silently as she walked up.


High Exarch Turalyon

“Behold the power of the Light!” Awatu called out.  “I am High Exarch Turalyon!  I have lived inexplicably long for a Human!  Forsooth, I have acquired an elven maiden as my bride, despite their general distaste for my kind!  I am a Champion of the Draenei, despite them living much longer than I or even my people have existed for!  Yes, the Naaru have chosen ME, a HUMAN, because of the LIGHT.  Which is amazing, you should all try it.  The LIGHT!”

Awatu threw around a golden light colored magic, and then he continued on.  “Despite being a heretical blasphemy in nothing more than an elemental power…it is MORE POWERFUL THAN WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO!   For I am….HIGH EXARCH TURALYON!”


Blades of Light!

“Ahem…” Umbral started. “What lttle I remember of my life before uh… a few months ago… I recall spending time in Tirisfal Glades. Occasionally I’d hear a fanatical devotion to a particular fighting style emenating from that Scarlet Cathedral… The sound of screaming that came after it was amazing!

“It went something like… Blades…” Umbral spun around, spinning blades around in a circle.  “OF LIGHT!”


“An attempt was made.” ~Awatu

“I have glowing peppers, and am hastily undressed,” Qharim said as he stood on the stage.  “A cage for a hat.  Terror for a pet.”

“He knows we aren’t all blind, right?” Umbral asked.

“Bah!  I am bad at this!” Qharim flailed off the stage.

“What are you?” Umbral asked.

“A hot caged elf,” Qharim answered.

But Qabian had another idea. “A nightmare,” he suggested.


“Guess who?”

Jorlkal arrived then.  She walked directly to Umbralheart and said “Guess whoo?”

Then she “moo’d” at Awatu.  “Part of my costume, Commander!” Jorlkal added quickly.

“A freebie for the holiday,” Awatu acknowledged with a nod.


Happy Hallow’s End!