Hallow’s End Costume Contest

The Grim held their annual Hallow’s End Party & Costume Contest in the Tarren Mill Cemetery.

Five contestants’ costumes were judged by the hostess, Syreenna Shadowblade, and her assistant Canaie.

First, we have the Commander of The Grim, Awatu Stonespire, or in this case, Lady Liadrin.

“Ahem. Behold the power of the Sunwell! The blessed Sunwell, so very important to my people. So important that it was stolen and recreated, because we were jealous of the Kal’dorei’s well. Why should they get a well? It’s all dark and gloomy. At least ours is warm and relaxing,” Awatu explained to the audience.

“The Order of Blood Knights is my accomplishment!” he continued. “We began as a ruthless and questionable elite squadron, but now we are good and allied with the Argents. All because my people were forgiven because of an old Draenei who also refilled our Sunwell. Because…we couldn’t find more holy water for it. Blessed is the Light and the Blood Knight Order!”

Awatu Stonespire as Lady Liadrin

Next, we saw Riplie Battre, otherwise known on this night as Aggramar.

“Mortals! I wasted millennia fighting to spare you from corruption. Until at least, my eyes were opened to the truth. YOU ARE THE CORRUPTION. We will save the universe by wiping all memory of you from existence! Soon comes the awakening of my brother, Argus. Together our new Pantheon will join the master in breaking your fetid world, but you will not live to see it!” he warned. “You may have withstood the flames, but you will not withstand my fury!”

Ripplie Battre as Aggramar

After that, we had Tweezle Sparkscatter as the Ghost of Winter Veils Yet To Come.

“I am the ghost of Winter Veils Yet To Come! Alternately…I’m twins…but my twin seems to have …got stage fright.” Tweezle muttered under her breath, “Or the mind control slipped and he ran back to his parents? That shouldn’t have happened.”

Tweezle ahem’d. “Ghost of Winter Veils Yet To Come it is!” she announced with a big thumbs up. Then a small yeti climbed up on the stage. “OH! There he is. He’s the evil twin. IDENTICAL TWINS!”

Tweezle Sparkscatter as a yeti twin

The runner up was Feyde, the Crab Queen!

“FEAR NOT FOR I AM A MAGNIFICENT QUEEN! With the fall of Azshara, I have taken up the mantle! All the sea creatures will learn to love and fear my mighty pinch!” Feyde raised her claws and clicked them. Some ooze dripped out of them from being taken off a beast only an hour ago. With her claws still raised, she walked sideways off the stage.

Feyde as the Crab Queen

Finally, we have the Costume Contest winner, Zulric, a Metalhead.

“I’m a METALHEAD, ya’ see.I despise de very concept of authority and ya’ lapdogs all followin’ orders from each other DISGUST me. And I believe that de one’s self-worth derives exclusively from de metal that they carry atop their head! Heh. I be ya’ vile squares find me to be shocking and controversial, and I REVEL in ya judgemental gazes.”

Zulric lifted his motorbike up and attempted to hurl it to the side in a little gesture of anarchy, but it sort’ve just fell over.

Zulric, the Metalhead

Congratulations, Zulric, and Happy Hallow’s End, everyone!

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