Sep 18 2016

A New Challenge Arises

The Emerald Nightmare


The Emerald Dream was created by the titans as a blueprint for Azeroth itself – a verdant and perfect mirror that reflects the state of nature had it remained unspoiled by so-called civilization. For many years, the druids and keepers who are closest to nature have noticed signs of an unsettling presence stirring within the Dream. Spurred on by the Legion and Nightmare Lord Xavius, that creeping corruption has now burst forth, and will engulf all of Azeroth if it is not rooted out at its source.

With the coming of the Legion, many threats have reared their ugly head. The Grim must choose where to strike and when to strike.  The first target has been determined, The Emerald Nightmare.  The Shade of Xavius has been defeated, and Malfurion Stormrage freed, but Xavius himself still lives inside the Nightmare.

The Grim will make first contact immediately.  The brave Grim that will be the first to enter the Nightmare are listed here, let their bravery and determination to save Azeroth be known to all:

Awatu, Esrythalon, Duskheron, Kurg, Swifthoof, Valindria, Akorharil, Cayli, Jorlkal, Kharzak, Kiannis, Malebrignon, Mizue, Rumbuggery, Ruuki, Tuskinar.

We have gathered the following information about the Nightmare.

  • Clutch of Corruption: At the base of Shaladrassil, the withered husk of the once proud green dragon Nythendra remains guarding access to the Nightmare-corrupted Dream.
  • Core of the Nightmare: The Nightmare bleeds out into Azeroth, warping reality. Heroes will need to enter the Nightmare portals and cleanse the corruption sealing off access to the deeper depths.
  • Nightmare Un’goro Crater: A darkness grows in the middle of the jungles of this titan-shaped crater, the heart of corruption known as Il’gynoth beats from within a Nightmare-twisted world tree.
  • Nightmare Mulgore: Under the shadows of a broken mesa, the tormented soul of Elerethe Renferal lurks, spreading her webs of destruction as she finishes preparations to destroy those she feels betrayed her.
  • Emerald Dreamway: This once pristine glade has been completely consumed by the Nightmare thanks to the corrupting influence of Ysondre and the spirits of her companions, the Dragons of Nightmare. The way must be cleared if there is any hope of stopping the Nightmare’s spread into Azeroth.
  • Nightmare Moonglade: The most sacred place in the Dream warps and collapses under the veil of the Nightmare, further harmed by the active corrupting influence of the demi-god Cenarius.
  • Rift of Aln: An endless abyss. Half formed, infinite darkness. This is the true soul of the Nightmare. This is the ultimate fate of Azeroth should her heroes fail to stop the Nightmare Lord.
  • Emerald Dream: A pristine, untouched source of pure life. Can the veils of Nightmare be parted enough to find the path to this serene paradise?

Jul 06 2016

June Updates

<Arises and clears his throat>

Ahem, hear me, O Grim! Ul-Rezaj speaks:

Concerning de month o’ June, our guild meeting reconciled certain factors which had beckoned fo’ attention.

First and foremost, ah received my due reward fo’ de good deeds ah have done. To-day, ahm a Harbinger o’ de Grim: a tried and true veteran, a symbol o’ orthodoxy.

Secondly, our good friends wit’in de ranks o’ de Ironbreakers – de ones who assualted Hellfire Citadel – rest wit’in de walls. Having a year to do so, de siege has resulted in a cozy home fo’ dem, a new garrison if you will, so dat we may prosper on dis world. Every now and den, Iron Horde assassins commissioned to kill de Grim rear der ugly heads, but de Ironbreakes break dem. Anyway, it’s not clear how long dey plan to remain. Our vaults have sent dem plenty o’ supplies, which has caused them to reside wit’in de halls and polish the felsteel. De guy who told us, Rumbuggery, passed out in an alcoholic blur right in front o’ de Commander so it’s clear Draenor ain’t in a state o’ emergency anymore.

Thirdly, Lupinum showed up to speak on behalf o’ de Earthshakers. He goes and says dat nothing new has come up, except we continue wit’ our progress in decimating enemy ranks. A fair assessment, but ah think we must sharpen ourselves if we truly wish to fight de good fight.

Fourth, we were interrupted. What would have been a gathering o’ Supplicants promptly turned into a nightmare. De unman Inzema waltzed into de room, eyes wild and crazed. He was carrying a hefty lookin’ satchel, and taunted Commander Awatu Stonespire himself. Struck by shock, Awatu stared in awe as de dead man protested matters which hadn’t a thing to do wit’ de Commander in de first place. Inzema pulled out de head o’ Karthok, de Supplicant who has been tried fo’ murder, claimin’ dat he killed Shaelie. Needless to say, he threw a tantrum, whining and groaning ’bout how undead be simply merely humans twisted into dead men’s bodies. He was particularly upset wit’ de fact dat Shaelie had been accused o’ bein’ a human somehow. Now den, Khorvis cracked his knuckles and pulled de Supplicant’s head from Inzema, smashing it to bits. Inzema hates Khorvis, so he exerted nasty words against our hierarchy, claiming it be fo’ nothing.


He hadn’t done anything anyhow. Elven ranger Nanori got suspicious o’ de whole thing and inspected de head herself, demonstrating how no brain matter was in it. Somehow, Inzema plastered together a replica face made to look as Karthok. He lives. De leaders o’ de Grim saw de sight as foul play, dismissing it entirely and declaring Shaelie’s permittance to live in spite o’ her fleeing our caste in terror. As it was, de Grim had not kicked her out, rather, she exhaled fierce emotions and stormed out. Inzema had been misinformed on de matter; his point being annuled by such erroneous judgment.

-Written by Ul-Rezaj

Jul 01 2016

Another Victory Achieved

The mission sounded simple – little did they recognize the vastness of the tasks assigned to them. Together they scoured the strongholds of Draenor, the conquered domains of Mar’gok, Blackhand, and Archimonde. They solved the cryptic messages and worked to accomplish what few others had done. For their deeds, they were rewarded.

The Ironbreakers upon their Infernal Direwolves

The Ironbreakers upon their Gorestrider Gronnlings

May 27 2016

Victory For The Ironbreakers


Anaie –

It is done. At long last, we believe Archimonde to be eliminated.

From the very body of Archimonde we rent a fragment of chaos – an object both horrific and alluring. We marveled over it, pondered its nature, its purpose… our purpose in dividing it from the Defiler.

It was Canai’s suggestion that we seek out Malfurion; and I, for one, never discount the words of a druid. Our three druids aided our journey to Moonglade – Canai, Darkhide and Swifthoof. I thank them for this, as I had yet to marvel over this serene valley. I hope the druids remain so welcoming, as I would like to visit Moonglade more often. Just as I learned to wield a shield, maybe I can learn from them.

I could sense that under the welcoming façade, they were in fact highly concerned about this nebulous chaos we brought with us. A slender female troll gasped and immediately motioned for us to follow her. She took us directly to Malfurion and presented us by name. I should be more accustomed to our infamy by now. The Archdruid led us to the water, silent as he regarded the chaos fragment we ushered with us. After many wordless minutes, he broke his silence.

Malfurion told us that the power within that fragment was one he had previously encountered within the Emerald Dream. I found it puzzling that a place of Dream would bear the brunt of such true evil, but the Archdruid was insistent. He had believed that they had sealed it away – but he gave no details on whom the “we” in question was. Now he is concerned that the Legion have their hands upon this power.

Too little, too late.

At that point Malfurion parted ways with us, saying that he needed to hurry to Val’sharah. I find myself wondering if this Val’sharah is as lovely a place as the Moonglade?

Before we could leave, Keeper Remulos flagged us down. He apologized for Malfurion’s abrupt departure and thanked us for bringing the fragment to them. His voice was heavy with concern as he spoke of the fragment being a portent of what is to come. He called us heroes; I corrected him by saying we were working under the banner of the Mandate. Some might view us as heroes, but we’re simply doing what we do best: Peace Through Annihilation.

After we departed back to Draenor, we received word that the druids had gifts awaiting us at the garrison. There we found a herd of Grove Warden, each tagged with the name of members of the Ironbreakers.

I have included an engineered rendering of us all. Rumbuggery may be tied to his saddle to sit upright.

– Bladedancer Alakhai Snowflower


May 08 2016

A Grim Update (May 2016)


On Friday, May 6th, The Grim gathered before Awatu Stonespire to discuss the accomplishments of the past month. “Once more, another season is upon us. The chill of winter is finally past us and life blooms in this season of growth,” Awatu told them. “We have seen a resurgence among our numbers. More Supplicants flock to our call, seeking the true end of our conflict. We welcome this new season. We grow stronger. We march ever onwards.”

Anaie spoke of the Ironbreakers progress within the Citadel. With the increase in numbers, between Supplicants and returning members, little stands between The Grim and victory. “Only the demon lord o’Hellfiah Citadel remains before us, guardin da Black Gate,” Anaie reported. Anyone interested in assisting the Ironbreakers within Hellfire Citadel should speak to Anaie or Alakhai.

There is also a need for extra provisions to supply the Ironbreakers efforts.  “If you be ‘avin any extra materials dat can be of use in da fight, please be providin dem to da Guild vault. It’s been a long battle and supplies get stretched,” said Anaie. “Food an alchemical assistance are always of use.”

Khorvis was next to speak, telling of the recent advancements of the Inquisition. There have been quite a few supplicants recently, keeping the inquisitors busy. This month, the Mandate honors past ancestors. “This dark month of May, the Mandate travels to the different graves of past times. The Inquisition will come to know what Death means to our ranks and our ancestors.” He announced. “All Grim do be invited to spread the word with us.”

This month, Khorvis and his Inquisitors will be holding office hours in places such as Ghost Walker Post in Desolace, Galakrond’s Rest in Dragonblight and Brill Cemetary in Tirisfal Glades.

Leyu’jin brought news from the frontlines of the battlefields against the Alliance. “In da battlegrounds, we continue ta gain ground.” He announced, before turning his focus to the newer members. “Ah know der be not a few supplicants who hav’ joined our ranks, dat wish ta battle wit’ us. Currently, we hav aboot 8 regulah soldjahs who fight in our Battlegrounds war group. We also hav’ a rotatin’ pool o’ aboot 4-5 reserves. Luckily fo’ joo youngbloods, der al’ays be a nite where we short despite everyting, an’ dat’s where JOO git yo’ chance ta prove yo’ worth ta da Mandate! Check da guild halls, we got lotsa infohmation hidin’ out der, plus a place ta sign up yo’ interest.”

Leyu’jin also revealed that there will be a Fite Nite coming up, where those interested can join the fields of battle for a night of drunken bloodshed. Lupinum will be providing details and posting a date soon, so watch the guild hall for more.

In other news, there have been reports that several Alliance guilds were searching for a cure for Wreave. The Grim, led by Leyu’jin, attempted to thwart their efforts but were driven back in Darkshire. Perhaps on a related note, word has come that many in Rutilus Luna have fallen to demonic possession. They will be watched closely.. Aderlee and Gnitch have been instructed to investigate.



Apr 01 2016

Fight Against The Alliance (April 2016)

An aborted invasion by the Alliance brought a period of intense conflict to Tirisfal Glades and the Plaguelands. Several companies of Alliance hit Horde settlements and strongholds in order to drive the Forsaken from Lordaeron, led by the Honor Guard. Horde warriors responded quickly, including among their ranks Infection, Sanctuary, Borrowed Time, and of course the Grim.

A back and forth ensued for several days, with Alliance and Horde trading ground in equal measure. On Wednesday the 16th of March, The Grim led a counterstrike against Chillwind Camp, the base of operations of the Honor Guard. After dealing severe damage to the settlement, the Grim pulled back. An unsanctioned followup attack by the Elves of the North was conducted without the approval of the Grim and other Horde factions, and this apparently severely damaged the morale of the Alliance troops. They would withdraw from Lordaeron shortly after. Battle footage of the Grim’s strike on Chillwind was recorded by Shaelie Brightwing’s engineering gadgets, seen below.

Attack on Chillwind Camp

Leyu’jin Zeysoga of the Grim held the Grand Melee, to herald the end of the Blooding and the coming of the Great Hunt. This contest of skill, ruthlessness, and adapting to the chaos of the battlefield occurred in the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. Some twelve to fifteen Grim participated in the Melee. Victory in the Trial of Strength, where teams of two or three went up against each other in multiple rounds, went to the Fist led by Khorvis the Lasher, accompanied by Graysong and Gunragna, both supplicants to the Grim. The winners of Grand Finale, a contest of endurance where the last men and women standing gain recognition and glory, went to the Fist composed of Shaelie, Executioner of the Grim, Gnarrdog, and Lilliana Bloodshine.

The Earthshakers, the Grim’s main war group in carrying out the will of the Mandate, have seen continued success against hardened Alliance platoons on the frontlines. The members of the Earthshakers recently gained the title of Blood Guard, which while commemorating nothing more than the duty of the Grim, was well-earned. There has been some murmurings of the war group changing its name. The word in the air has it that it’s something to do about rats.

The Scalp Hunt reached it’s conclusion on March 9th, with over 16,000 scalps being collected during the two week event. Gnarrdog declared the winner of the hunt to be Shaelie Brightwing, who now holds the title of Executioner.

Mar 06 2016

Grim News (March 2016)


Commander Awatu Stonespire speaks with Naring of Rutilus Luna

Commander Awatu Stonespire speaks with Naring of Rutilus Luna at the guild meeting Friday night.



The monthly Grim meeting took place Friday evening in Thunder Bluff. The big announcement of the evening was that The Grim has agreed to enter into an alliance with Rutilus Luna and the Thunderhoof Clan.

“This gathering is a special one, as we mark an accord with the ones Rutilus Luna in the great conquest and expansion of Horde territories,” Commander Awatu Stonespire announced to the gathered group of Grim and friends. “We also welcome our Thunderhoof brothers and sisters in our fight against the Alliance.”

Theira, the Matron of Rutilus Luna, oversaw as Naring spoke as their representative.

“Rutilus are honored to be able to be here and speak to night. Dis is someting mi and da Matron have been working towards for some time now,” Naring informed the group. “Da Rutilus are the Specials Forces within da Horde, we handle any assignment handed to us by Horde command that be above your average grunts’ pay grade. As jah all here know da Grim be like the Horde’s Sword being able to slice in deep to our enemies. Da Rutilus be like the eyes and ears and mouth of the Horde, we able to gather intelligence and send to jah all on da battle field as well as reinforce jah der as well. We be a multifaceted group capable of being when and where da Horde need us. Dat all being said I tink it comes as no surprise to any of jah dat right now we’ve hit a clam in dis fight, we grow tired and restless among ourselves and among other that carry the Horde banner. We all know there is a storm coming and not one which any single one guild and muster could stand on its own. Da Rutilus are here to unite guilds before this storms hits us, only though unity can we hope to defeat dis evil dat is coming.”

Umathyor, the leader of the Thunderhoof Clan, was delayed and could not attend the meeting, but he spoke with Commander Stonespire later. In front of those gathered, Mootonka spoke with the voice of the Thunderhoof Clan.

“Well met friends,” Mootonka said to those at the meeting. “The Thunderhoof Clan are a peaceful clan but can turn vicious against our foe. We defend Thunder Bluff and honor the Earth Mother. The Tauren of our clan are varied and wide spread. We pride ourselves on our honor and loyalty.”

After the introductions, Khorvis Bloodstar, the High Inquisitor of The Grim, presented a medallion. It was engraved with the towering mesa of Thunder Bluff. Atop the design was a bonfire aflame with the shape of the Horde symbol.

“This badge serve as a reminder to us all of this honorable commitment to the Horde,” Khorvis said as he handed out the medallions to everyone in attendance. “We all will wear this badge as a sign that we do be committed to defending our brothers and sisters of the Tauren tribes, both on our home plains and abroad!”

Awatu gave his final words on the subject: “We fight together. The Horde does not survive through division, but through the unity and strength of its people. We welcome this accord with Rutilus Luna and the Thunderhoof Clan and forge ahead. Against whatever forces may threaten the Horde.”




The Grim is in the midst of the Blooding, where combatants form groups of two or three and participate in the arenas of the Goblin Games, according to Dreadweaver Lupinum. At the end of this period, on March 18, there will be a Grand Melee where the teams will battle each other.

Wordbearer Leyu’jin Zeygosa has announced a Great Hunt at the end of this month. “Harkening back to the days of yore, and the many traditions of tribal hunts conducted by several of the Horde races, the Great Hunt is a contest to bestow glory and honor on the victorious, and hone the killing techniques of the Grim. It ends in a rampage across Stormwind by all the participating Fists.”

There is also a Scalp Hunt occurring right now, organized and run by Gnarrdog. The Scalp Hunt will end early in the morning on Wednesday, March 9. The Grim who has collected the highest number of Alliance scalps by then will be named the winner and awarded the rank of Executioner. Alak’kul was the winner of the last Scalp Hunt and currently holds the Executioner title, but he is in danger of losing it to Shaelie Brightwing, the leader so far in this competition.

The Grim also continues to fight in the battlegrounds, and as Lupinum said, “Our own battles on the front line are increasing in difficulty. So much has been fought for up until now, we need to steel ourselves to overcome this plateau. I expeCt those of us who Leyu’jin has grouped together ot fulfill his command and fight in the arenas.

“Team cohesion is our current goal,” Awatu added. “Grow with your brothers and sisters in arms, and they shall forge with you a bond upon the battlefield that would last until the Earthmother takes us.”

The Grim advances onto the battlegrounds Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 in the evening. Anyone interested in participating should get in touch with Leyu’jin or Lupinum.




The Grim continue to do battle in Hellfire Citadel.

“Da mid levels been breached, with da lowah floors routed before our forces. Our brave ‘eroes be destroyin all dat stand in dere way,” reported Anaie “The Insane” who is in charge of the assaults. “We kin always use fresh meat.”

Anyone interested in joining the assaults, which take place Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 in the evening, should contact Anaie or Alakhai.

((HFC current progress: Normal 13/13, Heroic 7/13, Achievements 5/13))




Makuni Mistwalker has completed his Trials and was promoted to Reaper at the meeting. He discussed his Trial of Sacrifice which regarded his birthright as future leader of his tribe.

“We did discuss my past and my family and that it was in my best interest to walk away from both,” Makuni explained. “It is not my place to take my father’s seat. It is my place to be the champion of the Mandate. I did sacrifice my birthright to my father’s tribe. And in doing so, I have given up my family.   As a Grim, I am fighting for all tribes. I am fighting for all the Horde.”

“This Supplicant does know the meaning of the Mandate,” declared High Inquisitor Khorvis Bloodstar. “Hereafter, Makuni do be Reaper of Th


Oct 02 2015

The Grim’s 10th Anniversary

































































Death be upon you, Alliance! The Grim have come rolling through, like a thief in the night, to bring the sweet kiss of Horde justice and the Grim Reaper to your lips. The King decrowned, scalp, head and all, and the Mongrel put out to the eternal kennel in the sky. May the end of your Monarch see some Evolution in your degraded Civilization! In our Wake, we left the screaming gift of dead and decapitated Stormwind citizens, like a bloody tide washing out to your pitiful Harbor. There, on the Sea that is ours, not yours, did we turn to appreciate the fine results of our handiwork, to return to our Higher Culture and bask in our sublime Metropolises.

Our night began with the attendance of our membership, new and old to nigh ancient, amid the ruins of Lordaeron. Such a sight, even a few of our close associates came to celebrate. The Commander, Awatu Stonespire, gave his address to the assembled, reminding us from whence we came, how far we’ve come, and the immensity of the task that lies before us! Of the original ten founders of the Mandate, did one appear to recall the times of old, from where Maledictus and Snowfeather did wrought from the Horde’s finest and most murderous, the fighting force which would forevermore safeguard the future of the Horde. This speaker, the Lord Pincus Dorian, reminded us to not leave the night unbaptized by blood, of which the Commander agreed with. And now the annals of your sad and sorry state have now been written. The tale, of The Grim’s path carved through Stormwind, has just been told.

Happy Tenth Anniversary, Grim!


The Mandate

The Mandate

Jul 09 2015

And You Thought He Smelled Bad On The Outside



Falling into the heart of the mausoleum Auchindoun, the Shadow Council lieutenant Teron’gor gorged upon hundreds of draenei souls, becoming a bloated abomination in the process. More than just an orc now, Teron’gor gave up his old name and has taken a new one: Gorefiend.

When something you battle feeds upon the very souls of its fallen foes, one would think that great lengths would be taken to avoid meeting your end.  However there are times that no matter how good you are, and how strong you fight, your enemy has indescribable power over the forces of death.  Gorefiend is one of these foes.

The Shadows of Death were controlled by Gorefiend and when they touched you, your fate was sealed.  However, the strong will of the Grim and the training our warriors all endure proved to be fruitful.  Our resolve allowed our fallen to resist being consumed eternally by the fiend, and they returned to us ready to continue the assault.  Spirits corrupted by Gorefiend battled on his behalf, and the Grim stood strong undergoing waves of these tormented souls.  The depravity of Gul’dan knows no bounds… this abomination was proof of that.

7-9-15 gorefiend


Jul 07 2015

Kilrogg Was Here

Kilorgg Deadeye


Kilrogg Deadeye, Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow, seized control of his clan after performing a ritual to learn of his death. With this knowledge, he led his clan fearlessly on countless campaigns, marching toward the glorious end he desires. Now, with demon blood coursing through his veins, Kilrogg awaits you in Hellfire Citadel, awaiting the moment of his death, or yours.

Kilrogg Deadeye and his clan continue to corrupt and twist themselves by imbibing the fel blood of the Burning Legion.  Even as we battled their leader, fanatical Bloodthirsters swarmed the pools of the vile liquid, attempting to drink so that they might become Hulking Terrors to help their master in combat.  The very blood in our own bodies was turned against us as we fought, and many were shown visions of their demise.  In the end, the Grim provided Kilrogg with his exact wishes, the death he saw long ago.

7-7-15 kilrogg-deadeye

8/4/15 update A valuable ally was rescued with the defeat of Kilrogg Deadeye.  The blackrock orc known as Ariok, son of Eitrigg, who had been captured in a bold attempt to end Kilrogg on his own.  The fel corruption seeped into this brave warrior, soon he would be transformed and lost. The Grim were able to free him from his imprisonment and save him, causing him to pledge his loyalty to us.

8-4-15 Kilrogg_Achievement