The Mandate Rises

The complete destruction of the Alliance is the goal towards which we strive. Though we are loyal to the Horde, we believe the Horde leaders are not always able to take the necessary steps to ensure its survival. Many who are allied under the banner of the Horde do not agree with our methods. But talk and half-measures are for the weak. It is through our hands that the Horde will become the dominant force on Azeroth and the world beyond.

-The Grim Inquisition

As the early frosts of winter fell across Azeroth, plans had been made to bring justice upon the great enemy. Reaching out to other factions within the Horde, The Grim sought to create a force with enough strength to show the leaders of the Alliance that transgressions had not been forgotten.

The great halls of Ironforge were flooded with troops, and the Council of Three Hammers were reminded of the true power of the Horde.

Regrouping quickly, assaults were made against Darnassus and The Exodar. The High Priestess felt just how weak her “goddess” was, while the Prophet was blind to our approach.

The assault regrouped and, utilizing the weak Stormwind defenses, stormed directly into the throne room where the Child King lorded over his domain. He was given a taste of what his father had created. That peace could only be achieved through annihilation.

Il’gynoth – D.E.H.T.A. Just Heard That Tree Scream



Lodged in the hollows of a now-decrepit world tree, Il’gynoth is a manifestation of the horrors that lie at the heart of the Nightmare. It is a mass of corruption – a thing that should not be. Its tendrils seep through the ground, emerging in countless horrifying eyestalks and limbs.

The voices were heard in our forces minds before we saw the horror of a corrupted Un’Goro Crater. One of the world trees of the deep jungles has been corrupted by a dark force hailing from Ny’alotha. The twisted forces of the Old God N’Zoth seep out to infect the world and can not be allowed to take hold. This Old God is rumored to be responsible for the corruption of many of the most powerful beings of our world, but The Grim are not so easy to infect.  Individually we may fall, but while we fight together The Grim will never be defeated.

The seed of evil nested in the heart of the world tree was protected by a massive and revolting eye that seemed to ignore all attacks.  As we pressed our assault, tentacles burst forth from the ground, the roots of evil infecting the once mighty tree. Turning its own defenses against it, we gained access to the hollow heart and set upon Il’gynoth itself. A most difficult challenge, but again, The Grim prevail.


The Darkbough is in The Grim’s full control.


Elerethe – A Soul Swayed To A Path Of Darkness

Elerethe Renferal


Elerethe, once a mighty druid and adept shapeshifter, was led by a dark path by the belief that she was betrayed by her closest allies. Her consciousness now resides in the nightmare, damning her to an existence of fear, confusion, and hatred.

The Grim know well of the Night Elf Arch Druid.  Her allegiance to the Alliance is not one we would ever forgive, and while we did not mourn her death at the hands of the Twilight Hammer Cult, we know that the blame placed upon Hamuul Runetotem was one more lie perpetrated by the foes of the Horde.  Our mission was furthered by her death, but her weakness and paranoia in believing Hamuul was at fault for her assassination put Thunder Bluff itself at risk, for her soul lived on in the Emerald Dream.  Xavius’ corruption of the Dream to the Nightmare twisted this powerful shapeshifter and drove her to madness.  Her suspicious formed to self-believed reality, and she was convinced anyone in her path was part of the plan to murder her.  Her spirit so twisted that she sought to take vengeance upon all of Thunder Bluff.

Seeing Mulgore corrupted in the Nightmare was truly a frightening thing.  The mesa’s shattered and broken, webs of destruction and vile spiders and their eggs filled this once serene place.  This could not be allowed to come to our world.  The Grim ensured it will not.

Be it by Roc or Spider, The Grim endured her onslaught and madness.  Her twisted mind believing to the end she was betrayed in life, and we were finally able to send her to final rest.


Nythendra, From Life To Death



Nythendra was once a member of the Green Dragonflight charged with guarding the world tree, Shaladrassil. When Xavius’ corruption of the Nightmare consumed Shala’drassil the sleeping guardian also fell to his corruption. Nythendra is now nothing more than a skeletal version of herself, swarming in pestilence, ready to devour anyone or anything foolish enough to enter her lair.

While Nythendra is no longer guarding Shaldrassil, she know is the gatekeeper to reaching deeper into the Emerald Nightmare.  Her mastery over disease and rot are now as strong as her command over the natural world and the uncorrupted dream. The Grim’s healers are strong, and they were able to keep our forces purged of filth and rot.  In the end, the final death awaited this once proud creature.


The Grim control the Clutch of Corruption and the Core of Nightmare.

It seems we will once again have to deal with Malfurion Stormrage, as the Arch Druid deems himself worthy to be among The Grim in this venture. Stormrage has tasked The Grim with cleansing the Emerald Nightmare by slaying Xavius in order to save Azeroth, but first we must enter the Nightmare portals which seal off access to the deeper depths. He seems to think that because we saved him from the Shade of Xavius, that we are his allies… we will use him as necessary.


The Grim celebrate our 11th Anniversary!


11-year-anniversary 11year-2


On the 16th of September, the Grim assembled in Orgrimmar on top of the southern gate. One by one each member entered and settled in accordingly. Once the Commander, Awatu saw fit, he began the ceremony. The following dialogue was recorded verbatim by the Keeper of Lore, Bishoph Steele: 


Daxxum salutes Awatu with respect.

Aderlee bobs his head, “Ah know but it always be a good way to see ju face, Leyujin.”

Leyujin grins tuskily.

Khorvis lands deftly on his feet, the unsheathes his cane to hobble beside the Commander.

Awatu eyes Khorvis up and down.

Khorvis nods at Awatu.

Awatu: You use a cane, now?

[Khorvis]: I use what I will, for the Mandate, Stonespire.

Khorvis grunts at Awatu.

Leyujin greets Khorvis with a hearty hello!

Leyujin: Be lookin’ gud, Lashah.

Awatu shrugs. “Fair enough.”

[Khorvis]: I do wish I could say the same of you, you white haired gnarled twig of an ancient oak’s burr!

Khorvis cackles maniacally at Leyujin.

Kiannis nods at Aderlee.

Leyujin strokes his stubbled, unshaven chin. “Ah know, ah hav seen bettah days, havna’ ah?”

Leyujin cackles maniacally at you.

Leyujin nods at Valindria.

[Kiannis]: I am prepared for attunement, Commander.

Valindria smiles slightly.

Cayli walks up and puches Esrythalon in his arm

Leyujin touches his ring finger to his forelock.

Kiannis reaches for a well used belt pouch and produces his sickly brand of cigar. He packs it once on his hard leather bracer and brings the narcotic to his lips.

Esrythalon glances down where she punched, smirks, and wraps an arm over her shoulders.

Ruuki tugs off her helm, ruffling her sweaty foreloack some before tucking it under her arm, saluting Khorvis and Awatu.

Aderlee gives Baalthemar a little push on his shoulder.

Baalthemar looks at Aderlee.

Aderlee winks, ” ‘Ey bruddah.”

Leyujin wrinkles his nose at the foul order emanating from Kiannis’s cancer-stick.

Aquizit squeezes right on in like it hasn’t been a couple years.

Jorlkal eyes Aquizit up and down.

Kiannis scans the gathered.

Cayli nudges Esrythalon and points towards the starbird “It’s back!”

Esrythalon peers across the way. His book flutters anxiously. “They are… fascinating.”

Aquizit waves at Yemana.

Baalthemar itches at his eye patch.

Kiannis peers at Aquizit searchingly.

Darjiin lets out a loud belch.

Aquizit smirks slyly at Qabian.

Kiannis raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Qabian.

Qabian nods.

Leyujin fidgets. “Only two minutes till, wuz keepin’ every’un? Ah came from da nex’ CONTINENT fo’ dis.”

[Kiannis]: .. I find myself surrounded by kinsmen..

[Yemana]: You speak as though many of us do not have a pliable relationship with time, brother.

Yemana smiles at Leyujin.

Awatu: It is time.

Awatu looks at Swifthoof.

Khorvis nods at Awatu and hobbles to the Tauren’s flank.

Leyujin grumbles. “Well, ah do, but ah know when ta make it RIGID, ba’ Damballah’s beard!”

Esrythalon ‘s attention drifts down the line, regarding each of his guildmates in turn.

Awatu: Well met once more. We welcome the return of some of our long-lost brothers on this evening.

Khorvis unsheathes a blade and holds it aloft, nodding at the returning spirits.

Ruuki smells of the forge and the earth. Perfume is a foreign concept to her.

Awatu: It is good to know that those who follow the Mandate do not ever truly vanish forever.

Qabian smirks.

Kiannis drops the roachy end of his blunt and trods on the ember once, returning his attention forward.

Aquizit nods.

Daxxum nods goofily, glancing up at Araun.

Leyujin looks at the four blood elves lined up on the other side of the circle, sighs, and shakes his head.

Baalthemar yawns sleepily.

[Araun]: The Mandate has a way of dragging us all back to service, no matter how deep they make the graves.

Ruuki looks around at the gathered group of Grim. Not as many as their tenth anniversary last year, but a respectable showing nonetheless.

Leyujin chuckles darkly at Araun.

Baalthemar looks at Ulrezaj.

Leyujin waves at Ulrezaj.

Awatu: The Broken Isles are being explored, with many forgotten artifacts being tested against the Legion.

[Khorvis]: Let’s have a show of what we have plundered from those Isles, aye?!

Cayli-TwistingNether shows off her blue glaives happily

Leyujin cackles maniacally at Khorvis.

Awatu: The plundering is just beginning, I believe.

Awatu gives Anaie a look.

Leyujin looks at his two snarling swords, looks at them in some disappointment, and puts them away.

Darjiin lets out a loud belch.

Leyujin glares angrily at Marrgot.

Leyujin: Come ovah ‘ere, joo idjit!

Marrgot salutes Leyujin with respect.

Leyujin makes room for the orc.

Kiannis stands crossarmed, watching the show of Artifacts.

Aderlee already warmed up the spot for his feet so he ain’t making room.

Awatu: You are all well aware of the threat of the Legion. The time for preparations is now. We must establish our foothold upon the Isles.

Jorlkal removes her helm.

Leyujin is actually a gentlemon, so he is being polite.

Ruuki looks at her blade, frowning slightly. It’s a little bit too… fancy for her tastes, but it slays demons remarkably well.

Inzema appears from the shadows behind Khorvis, munching a green skinned hand.

Darjiin mumbles “Heh…firey.”

Awatu: For now, we work alongside the Mad and learn of the weaknesses of the Legion.

[Aquizit]: They die like everything else. There are just… many more of them this time.

Awatu: Indeed. They serve their purpose as disposable meat shields against our foes.

Inzema rips through the shadows, drops a banner, then wanders around behind people.

Leyujin looks at Inzema and covers his face with his palm.

Marrgot looks over curiously at Inzema.

Inzema grins at Ley, and then bites another crunchy finger off of the green skinned hand.

[Skalla]: I’m here! I’m here! The party can start!

Leyujin snorts in feigned disgust.

Awatu: And, as we move forward, we will require a new Keeper of Lore. Aureylia has decided to step down from her position due to illness.

Darjiin stumbles a bit.

Khorvis snorts, “Decided.”

Valindria motions for Jorlkal to move slightly, or will simply push to get some space back.

Anaie: I’d be doin it but when you write stories down, dey get stolen from yer mind.

Awatu: Bishoph, step forward.

Awatu looks at Bishoph.

Awatu: You have agreed to take up this task after speaking with the High Inquisitor, yes?

Aquizit nudges Qabian, “Your old job, right?”

Qabian raises an eyebrow at Aquizit.

[Bishoph]: Yes. I have.

Khorvis unravels a length of the Lash and glares at Bishoph, watching his every move.

Qabian mutters, “You haven’t changed.”

A sly smirk spreads across Aquizit’s face.

Awatu: This is no small matter, as our legacy is one to be preserved for eons so that future generations will carry on with the Mandate.

Leyujin looks at Inzema strangely.

Ruuki looks to Bishoph, pleased that a Supplicant has risen in the ranks as he has.

[Bishoph]: I understand the severity of this task that lay before me. Therefore I agree my life forfeit, should I fail to completely satisfy my efforts.

Marrgot pulls out a journal and starts writing down pretty much everything being said here.

Leyujin chuckles at Bishoph.

[Khorvis]: A life filed away in the Archives, if your first task do be complete?

Bishoph nods at Khorvis.

Darjiin kneels down.

Khorvis grunts at Bishoph. His tusks glisten in the hazy twilight of Durotar.

[Bishoph]: affirmative. It has been successfully logged for anyone who wishes to read.

Awatu: So be it.

Darjiin nods off.

[Bishoph]: Those who do not know their history, are doomed to repeat it. We Grim should learn from our past and move forward with that knowledge.

Ruuki elbows Darjiin rather not-gently.

Darjiin starts up.

Marrgot mutters to himself “We’re doomed to repeat it either way, but we should at least know what we’re going to repeat”

Awatu: Familiarize yourself with the Archives. You will be spending a lot of time there.

Kharzak snickers at Marrgot.

Inzema fades from view.

[Bishoph]: Indeed I will.

Awatu: Likewise, those who seek answers of our history should seek him out as he learns of our past traditions and encoutners.

Leyujin eyes Duranor up and down.

Leyujin salutes Duranor with respect.

Awatu: Return to rank, Keeper.

Duranor stands at attention and salutes.

Awatu nods at Bishoph.

Bishoph bows before Awatu.

Kharzak greets Duranor warmly.

You salute Bishoph with respect.

Marrgot salutes Bishoph with respect.

Leyujin nods at Bishoph.

Darjiin burps rudely in Awatu’s face.

Qabian smiles at Duranor.

Duranor nods at Qabian.

Anaie scans the group….

Ruuki scowls at Darjiin, and, rather subtly, steps her hoof down on his foot. “Mind your manners,” she hisses at him.

Awatu: With the return of the Legion we have seen a rise in those seeking a refuge. A cause.

Darjiin-TwistingNether winces.

Darjiin glares angrily at Ruuki.

Lupinum spits on the ground.

Ruuki snorts, moving her hoof back to her natural stance.

Lupinum: Thrice damned mages and their portals…

Leyujin looks amicably at his old protege, and nods once.

Jorlkal eyes Lupinum up and down.

Valindria moves over to make a space for Lupinum.

Baalthemar nods at Lupinum.

Awatu: Many letters find their way to the High Inquisitor’s door, correct?

Lupinum flops down grumpily near the Insane.

Awatu glances at Khorvis.

Ruuki nods at Awatu’s words.

Jorlkal fidgits nervously now that Valindria has returned the nearness.

Khorvis gives Awatu a look that could sour a pickle enough to tear a rift in a Voidlord’s heart.

Awatu grins ever so slightly.

Leyujin exchanges a quick, fleeting smile with Swifthoof.

Lupinum looks over the collected Grim slowly.

Awatu: Tell us, then, how you plan on addressing this.

Khorvis growls and moves forward. His cane clicks against the iron of Orgrimmar’s Wall and sends reverberations along its length.

[Khorvis]: We Grim do be a clutch of laws. A bastion of order in a world of chaos!

Awatu watches Khorvis, though the cane keeps his attention at times.

[Khorvis]: Without our guiding will and blades, I do think Azeroth would have sunk beneath the waves of the Void long ago.

Lupinum offers a tip of his fask to that.

Leyujin lets his gaze languidly rest on the High Inquisitor, his forehead nodding appreciably at times.

Kiannis nods quietly as he listens to Khorvis’ words.

Marrgot, in true marrgot fasion, starts to write the words down.

[Khorvis]: But there do be occasion to break rank and seize the initiative. Who among us has not seen the weakness in our foe and hamstrung their prey before sinking in their tusks?! In the cold light of battle’s morrow, valor wins acres for the Horde.

Ruuki’s brow furrows as she tries to follow Khorvis’s words.

Khorvis turns and clicks back to the Commander’s front.

[Khorvis]: We would reward those who ride the tides of battle.

Awatu looks at Khorvis.

[Khorvis]: Kiannis Ash’Therod, step forward.

Kiannis blinks. He does not hesitate, but it takes a moment for him to register that it was indeed his name called. He steps up quick and quiet, standing at what would be considered attention.

Awatu looks at Kiannis.

[Khorvis]: I do not like you.

Leyujin salutes Kiannis with respect.

Jorlkal grins wickedly.

[Khorvis]: You remind of me deserters, fleeing on the slopes of Blackrock Spire.

Ruuki shifts her helm from under one arm to the other, watching the proceedings with interest.

Leyujin: Da huntah ‘as shown ‘is worth, in spirit as well as deed. Git ovah it, joo ol’ codgah.

Kiannis matches Khorvis’ gaze with a steely one of his own. He does not speak.

Lupinum ‘s eyes follow Kiannis slowly, unblinking.

[Khorvis]: I do suspect, in the BLOODY CORNER OF MY SPIRIT.

Khorvis glares at Leyujin.

Leyujin rolls on the floor laughing at Khorvis.

[Khorvis]: That I will find you impaled on Alliance lances. From behind.

Lupinum raises his eyebrow inquisitively at you.

Khorvis snorts at Kiannis.

[Kiannis]: I do endeavor to dissapoint you in that regard.

Skalla blinks at Khorvis, she doesnt know what to think of this

Lupinum cracks a smile at that.

Khorvis snarls, but witholds any further insult.

[Khorvis]: The tides shift, Ash’Therod. My likes and joys do not be coddled by the cold light of battle’s morrow.  You have shown valor and dedication to the Inquisition like very few on whose wake you ride.

Kiannis-TwistingNether only nods once as Khorvis continues.

[Khorvis]: Moreso, you do seem to have a natural… snout, for seeking out what it do be the Mandate requires for victory.nWe break tradition this night and raise a Supplicant in the twilight of his Inquisition to the rank of Inquisitor.

Lupinum raises his eyebrow inquisitively at you.

[Khorvis]: Our war demands it. Peace requires it.

Baalthemar raises his eyebrow inquisitively.

Skalla is pleasantly shocked, then begins to applaud. Yeah for Kiannis!

Daxxum ‘s jaw drops a bit at the turn of events.

Kiannis would quirk a brow and a smirk- his smarmy way cut short by Khorvis’ words. He stares at the High Inquisitor for a short moment, before pounding a fist onto his chest and bowing his head slightly.

[Khorvis]: Who among you questions my right in this?!

Duskheron blinks.

Marrgot is genuinly suprised, but after a few seconds pulls out a journal and writes down this recent turn of events

Leyujin nods but once at Khorvis’s pronouncement.

[Aquizit]: You’re the boss (I think).

Khorvis growls, “For I will flay your bloody hides…”

Ruuki seems surprised, but then again not surprised at all. She remains silent, having no objection. They will need to put another desk in the Office of the Inquisition, though.

Skalla cocks her gun and looks around to see if anyone questions it

Kiannis looks around.

Daxxum remains quiet.

Baalthemar: What of his trials? I have been in the wilds for some time, did he complete them all?

Lupinum: Don’t mess it up, Elf.

Lupinum winks slyly at Kiannis.

[Kharzak]: promotion or funeral, either way should be a lot of fun

Cayli eyes the High Inquisitors cane, curious how well he could enforce the threat.

Daxxum laughs at Kharzak.

Awatu grins slightly.

[Kiannis]: My Trial of Service will be held tomorrow evening- Long since overdue.

Baalthemar: What is it?

Baalthemar: you could join the eye patch club.

Lupinum eyes Anaie up and down.

Kiannis grins wickedly at Baalthemar.

Baalthemar grins wickedly at Kiannis.

Lupinum quietly snickers to himself.

Anaie looks at Lupinum.

[Kiannis]: .. It is a tournament, One of I have been promoting nigh a year now. Battle all of the associations you loathe for bragging rights and a small purse.

Kiannis clears his throat.

[Kiannis]: A month that is.

[Marrgot]: It dosen’t bode well for a Inquisitor to not know how much time has passed.

Baalthemar: This is your trial of sacrifice?

Lupinum rasps out a soft chuckle.

Kharzak salutes Malebrignon with respect.

Anaie glances at the small pocketwatch in her pocket.

[Kiannis]: Service Baal’themar. As I will continue to serve by fufilling the responsibility laid upon me.

Leyujin grins wickedly at Kiannis.

Khorvis settles his growing weight against the pommel of his cane and watches Baal’themar’s questions wither.

Kiannis glances at Khorvis and then to Awatu- before scanning the gathered once more.

Anaie waves her hand, “yada yada yada… ain’t no concern o’ yers. Every minute we talk, forces gather against us…”

Baalthemar: I just wonder what type of… ‘leader  you’ll be without giving to the mandate.

Anaie glances about suspiciously.

Baalthemar: Seems this event you have planned it more for your own glory rather than the mandate.

Lupinum raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Baalthemar.

Marrgot scowls ever so slightly, but says nothing.

Khorvis lifts his bearded chin to Kiannis and awaits the Supplicant’s final response.

Leyujin chuckles at Baalthemar.

Awatu notices Anaie’s suspicious glancing about and looks around for a moment as well.

Darjiin glances over at Ruuki and mutters “Dey be talkin’ lot, aint dey?”

Leyujin: Well, ‘ow joo gonna answah dat, brotha?

Anaie sees Awatu look about.

Ruuki murmurs back. “Men… always trying to prove who’s more macho.”

Anaie: You see somethin boss?

Anaie: Cus dere out dere…. somewhere…. everywhere….

Darjiin shrugs at Ruuki. Who knows?

[Kiannis]: I have given much, but I am not a quartermaster, so I will not list litres of blood nor raw material. If it becomes nessescary, I will give my life. Furthermore- It is for the glory of The Grim. The Mandate. This Tournament is a chance to prove our strength to those who doubt us. To show them first-hand what we are capable of; on the field, and otherwise.

Lupinum looks at the floating prescence of Malebrignon.

Malebrignon nods at Lupinum.

Leyujin shrugs at Kiannis. Who knows?

Baalthemar: You will be in charge of supplicants, you are a skilled killer, but are you really willing to commit everything to the mandate? Without a worthy sacrifice, I doubt it.

Leyujin shakes his head to himself. “None too bad.”

Lupinum: Cha! Let his actions prove it, Baal’themar.

Baalthemar looks at Lupinum.

Baalthemar shrugs. Who knows?

[Kiannis]: I suppose I will endeavor to dissapoint you as well, Baal’themar.

Cayli looks around, then to Anaie, shrugging as she cannot uncover anything from the shadows.

Khorvis chuckles darkly at the display of bravado.

Baalthemar: We will see.

Awatu returns his attention to the discussion.

[Khorvis]: You see, Grim?

Lupinum chuckles at Anaie.

Esrythalon smirks in amusement of the circling light.

[Kharzak]: anaie has many more eyes than we do. she sees… things.

[Khorvis]: When the tides rise against us, and the stakes do be high, our best challenge each other to rise to new heights.

Esrythalon speaks slowly to the troll, the book fluttering anxiously at his shoulder.

Leyujin narrows his eyes. Isn’t it time to kill already?

[Khorvis]: This is the way of the Mandate. The strong will swim to the crest of battle. And the weak will be left to drown at the ocean’s bottom.

Darjiin nods off again.

Anaie nudges Awatu, “I can’t drown.”

Darjiin kneels down.

[Khorvis]: Kiannis Ash’therod, I do charge you to seek out the strength in the Horde.

Ruuki again nudges Darjiin, this time with her knee.

[Khorvis]: Lok’tar, Inquisitor Kiannis!

Leyujin salutes Kiannis with respect.

Lupinum roars with bestial vigor at Kiannis. So fierce!

Anaie looks around as everyone celebrates.

Jorlkal claps excitedly for Kiannis.

Darjiin starts awake.

Ruuki cheers for Kiannis. Finally someone to help share the load!

Khorvis nods at Awatu.

Marrgot nods respectfully at Kiannis, althogh he’s obviously not that exited.

Cayli offers a salute, albeit cautiously.

Darjiin mumbles “Killin’ time?”

Khorvis clicks and retakes his place. “That do be all I have, Commander.”

Anaie- scans the area….

Lupinum looks at Awatu.

Awatu: We will come to rely on our strength in the coming seasons. It will do well to… find it, as the High Inquisitor has said.  I am interested in seeing how this new Inquisitor turns out.

Awatu gives a look at Khorvis, one that speaks volumes of unacceptable failure.

Khorvis-TwistingNether makes a face that could undo the titanic prisons upon the Old Gods.

Awatu: At any rate. the Legion has shown its hand, and we have put forth efforts to stop it. However, they have already acquired footholds at key points. And gained some powerful “allies”.

Malebrignon plucks a maggot from within his robes and chews it thoughtfully.

Awatu: The Nightmare threatens our world and the dark satyr lord Xavius has set his plans into motion.

Awatu turns to Anaie. “Tell us, Insane One, what you have learned of this new threat.”

Anaie: Boss man be right… evil threatens our very world. A vileness dat we ain’t seen in yeahs.

Anaie scans the gathering of Grim.

Lupinum eyes Anaie up and down.

[Khorvis]: I have noticed that my sleep do be interrupted by horned dae’mons prancing. And this time, it do not be the imps of Akorharil.

Anaie: As we explore dese Isles we be facin dem as we can, taking out dere forces an dose dat ally wit dem.

Leyujin nods to the Insane One with respect.

Anaie nods at Khorvis, “Aye… dese tings be only da tip o da threat…”

Cayli mutters to herself softly “We haven’t even seen a glimpse of what the Legion can bring”

Malebrignon shakes his head slowly, clearly vexed by something.

Anaie: We ‘ave ‘ad postin’s up at da Guild’all fer folks to be makin dere mark.

Anaie nods at Cayli.

Anaie pulls out a parchment and unrolls it.

Lupinum gives Val a nod, having noticed her despite her silence.

Anaie: If I speak yer name step forward a step or two.

Anaie sighs at Esrythalon.

Esrythalon nods at Anaie.

Lupinum smirks slyly at Anaie.

Anaie mutters something about elven names….

Valindria sees Lupinum’s nod.

Anaie: Boss man, you can be stayin where you are, or movin up a step. Yer da boss, you choose.

Anaie: Duskheron, Swifthoof, Valindria, Khorvis

[Khorvis]: Wake up your cockless meatbags!

Jorlkal pokes Valindria. Hey!

[Khorvis]: Oh, that be me.

Anaie: Ruuki,  Jorlkal, Kharzak

Aderlee bobs his head.

Darjiin pokes Ruuki. Hey!

Awatu remains where he is.

Ruuki nods, again switching her helm to under her other arm.

Anaie scans the rest of the list and the crowd.

Anaie: Dere be othahs, but dey seem to be occupied.

Anaie: If yer ‘ere an’ you ain’t made yer mark on dis list, speak up now.

Anaie: I don’t care bout yer ready status, just yer intent.

Swifthoof growls menacingly.

[Kiannis]: I have made my mark, Insane one.

Baalthemar: I’ll join.

Anaie: Ah yes! I did miss ya!

Anaie: You be on da list!

Anaie nods at Kiannis.

[Khorvis]: Mr. Blue must have found the eraser again.

You chuckle at Anaie.

Anaie leans to Khorvis, “e passes da test o’ observation”

Aquizit remains noncommittal.

Anaie hushes Khorvis… “Be wary.”

Anaie nods at Baalthemar.

Anaie beckons Baalthemar over.

Leyujin mutters to himself, “We gonna kill SO MUCH SHIT once dis dam meetin’ be ovah…”

Anaie: not so close…

Anaie shoos Baalthemar away. Be gone pest!

Baalthemar grins wickedly.

Darjiin mutters “I dun write no gud.”

Anaie: Grim, before you you see what will become known as da Legionbreakers…. dere are others, but dey are not present.

Leyujin salutes Anaie with respect.

Anaie: Our first venture against da Nightmare will come four days time.

Leyujin: Smash dose fuckahs upon da rocks, sistah. BEAT DA EVAHLOVIN’ SHIT OUTTA DEM.

Khorvis mouths the word Legionbreakers and rolls it around on his tongue like the succulent eye of an overripe basilisk in heat.

[Araun]: Ah, a name filled with hope.

Anaie: If I feel we be readeh…. we will assault.

Kharzak mutters to himself, “I would have preferred ‘The Fighting Mongooses’.”

Anaie: If not, we will split into smaller fists and gather resources to equip those in need.

Kiannis shoots Leyujin a quick look, but makes no reaction.

Duskheron shifts nervously

Anaie: Now… I be need everyone that is able and wantin’ to show up. Take advantage of da days you got left in your sad lives

Anaie: because we face great evil..gathah yer best equipment

Esrythalon seems focused on what the little Forsaken girl is saying.

Anaie: We all be fightin da Legion… an we will continue. Beyond dis Nightmare, dere be more evil… Dere always be more

Anaie glances about suspiciously.

Lupinum nods at Anaie.

Lupinum: More, indeed…

[Khorvis]: Lok’tar ogar!

Anaie: I made models of our foes… the true evil behind it all…

[Khorvis-]: Peace through annihilation of the Legion!

Aderlee: Peace troo Annihilation!

Anaie: I thought dat it was dis one… a great evil, green with fel…

Baalthemar: Peace through annihilation.


Kharzak hopes Anaie doesn’t pull out her little “action figures” again

Lupinum: Peace through Annihilation!

Anaie: but dis just be da decoy…

[Kiannis]: Peace through annihilation!

Anaie: Keep yer eyes open for dis one….

Kiannis narrows his eyes at the dolls on the floor. Arent those..?

Anaie: deadly… but sweet lookin

Anaie: the true evil behind it all….

Anaie: A massive specimen.

Anaie gestures at the worn doll.

[Leyujin-]: Yah yah yah, when do we git back ta killin’ pinkskins?

Cayli lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

Lupinum grins wickedly at Leyujin.

Leyujin smirks slyly at Lupinum.

Anaie: Even dis doll be evil… dat is ‘ow evil dis evil one is

Lupinum looks at Anaie and covers his face with his palm.

Cayli mutters to Esrythalon “They need more help then I thought if they think dolls are like demons”

Anaie screams

Darjiin is hopelessly confused.

Anaie stands behind Duskheron.

Kharzak claps excitedly for Anaie.

Anaie leans close and whispers.

Esrythalon mutters, “Lunatic.”

Malebrignon rubs a skeletal hand upon his forehead.

Awatu slowly brings his hand to his face and rubs his eyes.


Khorvis frowns at the dolls. Something about them raises the hairs upon the back of his neck and elbows.

Anaie: No matter ‘ow fluffy and adorable dey seem!

Leyujin cackles maniacally at Anaie.

Anaie: We start against da Legion and den we destroy da great ones.

Anaie: If you see dese tings out dere… do not engage dem alone.

Malebrignon mutters quietly: “Where is Abric when he is needed?”

Qabian smirks slyly at Malebrignon.

Anaie: Mind da guildboard, and calendar. Assaults will be planned… but continue your battles, and equip yerselves.

Anaie: And get biggah weapons.

Lupinum sighs at Anaie.

Anaie points to her blades then nods at Awatu.


Anaie: Don’t tink you can drown eithah boss. No mattah what Tinhead says. Wood floats!

Lupinum holds up a gloved hand at Leyu’jin.

Anaie: Anyways, dat be in…Get yer asses back in line

Leyujin gives Lupinum a high five!

Lupinum chuckles at Leyujin.

Anaie: I tink dat Mr. White be inside Ley…

Awatu sighs. “Indeed.”

Anaie raises her eyebrow inquisitively at Leyujin.

Leyujin bows before Anaie.

Leyujin: Well o’ course, ma ‘air be white, aftah all.

Leyujin snorts derisively.

Awatu: On that note of combatting the Legion, we are also coordinating our efforts of engaging the Alliance battlefronts.

Lupinum nods at Awatu.

[Khorvis]: Pinkskinned bloodsuckers, nipping at our flanks…

Awatu: Brother Lupinum has been… working diligently at a battleplan.

Awatu nods at Lupinum.

Lupinum ‘s claws clack against the iron of the wall. While I do not disagree with our dear Sister, the Legion is not, and will never be, the only threat.

Anaie: Mr. White… Mr. Green…

Khorvis makes a noise that could be mistaken for a strangled human child, in some decrepit circles.

Anaie nods at Lupinum.

Lupinum lets out a soft sigh.

Leyujin narrows his eyes, a flaring light bright as a thousand flaring suns suddenly lighting unnaturally in his eyes as he gazes at Lupinum.”

Jorlkal raises an eyebrow at Leyujin.

Lupinum: I fear our battles are far from over. Few of you have stepped forward to help me in our fight against the Pinkskins, and I will forge us into a elite fighting Fist.

Leyujin nods at Lupinum.

Lupinum: That being said, I have asked for a right hand to assist me in this endeavor.

Kiannis nods at Lupinum.

Lupinum: Or own Gnarrdog, who is absent on a mission handselected for him, is that hand.

Kiannis raises his eyebrow inquisitively.

Bishoph mumbles incoherent words to himself.

Leyujin guffaws. “E’s gud at battle, not at bureaucracy!”

Lupinum: Upon his return, we will bring forth the Red Tide of the Mandate to wash away any and all foes.

[Khorvis]: That garrolous wastrel of an ale besotten orc?

Lupinum shoots Leyu’jin a glance.

[Lupinum: Yes, the very same. His blade is swift and his arm is powerful.

[Khorvis]: The perfect choice.

Aderlee nudges Leyujin and jokes quietly, “It’s a liddle complex.”

Lupinum ‘s lips pull back into a sickening sneer. Gnarled yellow teeth glint in the dying light.

Leyujin raises one huge eyebrow and nudges Aderlee back. “‘ey, donna make da lil’ mon feel small, ya dig?”

[Bishoph]: If he could keep his festering gob shut, as good as he kills, he would excel beyond his own expectations.

Lupinum: That being said… I ask Leyu’jin for his blessing in our conquest.

Lupinum looks at Leyujin.

Leyujin salutes Lupinum with respect.

Lupinum bows before Leyujin.

Leyujin: Nevah hav ah found ‘un so beholden ta da Mandate. Dis ‘un’s bloodlust be troo. Lupinum, brotha, ah trust abov all da Loa dat joo will lead da Grim ta victory ovah da pinkskins. PEACE TROO ANNIHILATION, GRIM!

Lupinum: Peace through Annihilation!

Canai cheers at Lupinum!

Aderlee: Peace troo Annihilation!

[Marrgot-TwistingNether]: Peace through Annilhlation!

Anaie touches her nose and points to Kiannis.

[Awatu-TwistingNether]: Peace Through Annihilation.

Swifthoof growls menacingly.

Lupinum: Then with these words, I will lead our forces against the Alliance, in your honor, and the Mandate’s honor.

Leyujin bows before Lupinum.

Lupinum salutes Leyujin with respect.

Leyujin: Lead us ta victory, brotha. Ah know joo will.

Leyujin salutes Lupinum with respect.

Leyujin claps Lupinum on the shoulder, and gives him a rare, toothy smile.

Lupinum cracks a wry grin at the old Troll before turning back to address the Grim.

Lupinum: The coming weeks will be drenched with blood. I relish the opportunity to deal death with you all.

Lupinum bows down graciously.

Lupinum turns back around and takes his places.

Lupinum: Nothing further, Commander.

Awatu: So be it.

Malebrignon looks down the front of his robe and mutters: “Settle down, Steven. Feeding time nears.”

Awatu: This evening marks a special event for The Grim. It is the eve upon which the founders gathered, formed, and signed the official manuscript of their organization. The night the Mandate was put upon parchment and borne upon lips.

Lupinum makes a sign with his fingers.

[Khorvis]: We do be the glorious afterbirth!

Awatu blinks at Khorvis.

Jorlkal snorts.

Malebrignon nods at Khorvis approvingly.

Lupinum makes some notes on a small map.

Awatu: …in any case, we are the legacy of the night, over a decade ago.

[Aquizit]: In Brill, I think, if I remember the history right.

Khorvis holds aloft his blade inscribed with runes decrying the doom of the Horde’s enemies.

Awatu: We stand, now, as the onslaught of those who would cut us down and claim this world for their own. But it is not their world.

Cayli leans into Ezra, putting her arm around his shoulder slowly, slipping a small bell over the tip of his horn, and returns her hand to his shoulder

Awatu nods at Aquizit.

Duranor grins wickedly at Aquizit.

Lupinum blinks at Anaie.

Anaie shrugs at Lupinum. Who knows?

Esrythalon swats at the book fluttering around him.

Awatu: This world is our world. The Horde’s world.

Lupinum nods solemnly.

[Khorvis]: A world for our own children and blood.

Awatu: And on this night, we shall bring swift retribution upon those that foolishly brought the Legion to our doorstep.

Esrythalon tilts his head in confusion; looks around a little bit and then shakes his head.

Anaie: Mr Blue and Mr Green!

Anaie nods at Awatu.

Lupinum roars with bestial vigor. So fierce!

Darjiin kneels down.

Awatu: The Exodar will run blue with the blood of the Draenei cowards.

Lupinum grins wickedly at Awatu.

Awatu: Peace Through Annihilation.

[Khorvis]: Peace through the entrails of Draenei mothers!

Lupinum: Peace through Annihilation!

Aderlee: Peace troo Annihilation!

[Cayli]: Peace through Annihilation!

[Marrgot]: Peace Through Annihilation!

Awatu: Prepare yourselves for battle, we move out in five minutes time.

Anaie: Prepare yer equipement!

Lupinum whistles sharply.

Araun grins at the crowd of assembled Grim, then steps back, fading into shadow and disappearing.

Anaie: 010 011 0110 0110101 01110

Darjiin blinks at Anaie.

Anaie: 010 01101 01


Lupinum: We ride for Lor’Danel! Meet there and we’ll cross together!


Once everyone was ready, the Grim mounted up and flew to Lor’Danel in Darkshore. Once they rendezvoused  upon the Inn there, they flew across the Veiled Sea and to the island and homeland to the Night Elves, Teldrassil.  The awaited the ferry at Rutteran Village, hoping to remain silent to the defenders of the Alliance. The ferry came as each Grim swiftly boarded as they sailed towards the Draenei capitol: Exodar. 


Kiannis salutes Lupinum with respect.

[Cayli]: Eating too much?

[Esrythalon]: My ears are ringing.

[Cayli]: Your poor mount barely could get you here!

Cayli laughs at Esrythalon.

Leyujin salutes Awatu with respect.

Cayli snickers at Esrythalon’s comment “Ringing? What do you mean?”

[Esrythalon]: I’ve no idea.


Once arriving in Exodar, they exited the docks and entered the Vault of Lights. They quickly dispatched the guards as they rampaged towards The Ageless One, Prophet Velen. 


Leyujin starts to charge.

Leyujin starts to charge.

[Rumbuggery]: Boss, ovah here mon!

The Grim engaged the Prophet of the Naaru for several minutes, while the Divine One sent his gaurds periodically to distract from himself, like the coward he truly is. With no other Alliance presence whatsoever, the Grim viciously murdered Velen as sacrifice to honor the Mandate.

Lupinum roars with bestial vigor at Prophet Velen. So fierce!

[Kiannis]: Peace through Annihilation!

[Khorvis]: Peace through annihilation!

[Lupinum-]: Peace through Annihilation!!


Aderlee: Peace troo Annihilation!

[Marrgot]: Peace through Annihilation!

Leyujin cackles maniacally at Lucc.

Bishoph makes a rude gesture.

Marrgot points at Liedel the Just.

Lupinum cackles maniacally at the situation.

Lupinum: They bleed.




The Grim were victorious in their efforts to honor their ancestors before them! It was a glorious day in the eyes of every Grim present! A new Keeper of Lore was officially announced as well as a new Inquisitor! This Ceremony was a complete success. PEACE THROUGH ANNIHILATION!!!


A New Challenge Arises

The Emerald Nightmare


The Emerald Dream was created by the titans as a blueprint for Azeroth itself – a verdant and perfect mirror that reflects the state of nature had it remained unspoiled by so-called civilization. For many years, the druids and keepers who are closest to nature have noticed signs of an unsettling presence stirring within the Dream. Spurred on by the Legion and Nightmare Lord Xavius, that creeping corruption has now burst forth, and will engulf all of Azeroth if it is not rooted out at its source.

With the coming of the Legion, many threats have reared their ugly head. The Grim must choose where to strike and when to strike.  The first target has been determined, The Emerald Nightmare.  The Shade of Xavius has been defeated, and Malfurion Stormrage freed, but Xavius himself still lives inside the Nightmare.

The Grim will make first contact immediately.  The brave Grim that will be the first to enter the Nightmare are listed here, let their bravery and determination to save Azeroth be known to all:

Awatu, Esrythalon, Duskheron, Kurg, Swifthoof, Valindria, Akorharil, Cayli, Jorlkal, Kharzak, Kiannis, Malebrignon, Mizue, Rumbuggery, Ruuki, Tuskinar.

We have gathered the following information about the Nightmare.

  • Clutch of Corruption: At the base of Shaladrassil, the withered husk of the once proud green dragon Nythendra remains guarding access to the Nightmare-corrupted Dream.
  • Core of the Nightmare: The Nightmare bleeds out into Azeroth, warping reality. Heroes will need to enter the Nightmare portals and cleanse the corruption sealing off access to the deeper depths.
  • Nightmare Un’goro Crater: A darkness grows in the middle of the jungles of this titan-shaped crater, the heart of corruption known as Il’gynoth beats from within a Nightmare-twisted world tree.
  • Nightmare Mulgore: Under the shadows of a broken mesa, the tormented soul of Elerethe Renferal lurks, spreading her webs of destruction as she finishes preparations to destroy those she feels betrayed her.
  • Emerald Dreamway: This once pristine glade has been completely consumed by the Nightmare thanks to the corrupting influence of Ysondre and the spirits of her companions, the Dragons of Nightmare. The way must be cleared if there is any hope of stopping the Nightmare’s spread into Azeroth.
  • Nightmare Moonglade: The most sacred place in the Dream warps and collapses under the veil of the Nightmare, further harmed by the active corrupting influence of the demi-god Cenarius.
  • Rift of Aln: An endless abyss. Half formed, infinite darkness. This is the true soul of the Nightmare. This is the ultimate fate of Azeroth should her heroes fail to stop the Nightmare Lord.
  • Emerald Dream: A pristine, untouched source of pure life. Can the veils of Nightmare be parted enough to find the path to this serene paradise?

June Updates

<Arises and clears his throat>

Ahem, hear me, O Grim! Ul-Rezaj speaks:

Concerning de month o’ June, our guild meeting reconciled certain factors which had beckoned fo’ attention.

First and foremost, ah received my due reward fo’ de good deeds ah have done. To-day, ahm a Harbinger o’ de Grim: a tried and true veteran, a symbol o’ orthodoxy.

Secondly, our good friends wit’in de ranks o’ de Ironbreakers – de ones who assualted Hellfire Citadel – rest wit’in de walls. Having a year to do so, de siege has resulted in a cozy home fo’ dem, a new garrison if you will, so dat we may prosper on dis world. Every now and den, Iron Horde assassins commissioned to kill de Grim rear der ugly heads, but de Ironbreakes break dem. Anyway, it’s not clear how long dey plan to remain. Our vaults have sent dem plenty o’ supplies, which has caused them to reside wit’in de halls and polish the felsteel. De guy who told us, Rumbuggery, passed out in an alcoholic blur right in front o’ de Commander so it’s clear Draenor ain’t in a state o’ emergency anymore.

Thirdly, Lupinum showed up to speak on behalf o’ de Earthshakers. He goes and says dat nothing new has come up, except we continue wit’ our progress in decimating enemy ranks. A fair assessment, but ah think we must sharpen ourselves if we truly wish to fight de good fight.

Fourth, we were interrupted. What would have been a gathering o’ Supplicants promptly turned into a nightmare. De unman Inzema waltzed into de room, eyes wild and crazed. He was carrying a hefty lookin’ satchel, and taunted Commander Awatu Stonespire himself. Struck by shock, Awatu stared in awe as de dead man protested matters which hadn’t a thing to do wit’ de Commander in de first place. Inzema pulled out de head o’ Karthok, de Supplicant who has been tried fo’ murder, claimin’ dat he killed Shaelie. Needless to say, he threw a tantrum, whining and groaning ’bout how undead be simply merely humans twisted into dead men’s bodies. He was particularly upset wit’ de fact dat Shaelie had been accused o’ bein’ a human somehow. Now den, Khorvis cracked his knuckles and pulled de Supplicant’s head from Inzema, smashing it to bits. Inzema hates Khorvis, so he exerted nasty words against our hierarchy, claiming it be fo’ nothing.


He hadn’t done anything anyhow. Elven ranger Nanori got suspicious o’ de whole thing and inspected de head herself, demonstrating how no brain matter was in it. Somehow, Inzema plastered together a replica face made to look as Karthok. He lives. De leaders o’ de Grim saw de sight as foul play, dismissing it entirely and declaring Shaelie’s permittance to live in spite o’ her fleeing our caste in terror. As it was, de Grim had not kicked her out, rather, she exhaled fierce emotions and stormed out. Inzema had been misinformed on de matter; his point being annuled by such erroneous judgment.

-Written by Ul-Rezaj

Another Victory Achieved

The mission sounded simple – little did they recognize the vastness of the tasks assigned to them. Together they scoured the strongholds of Draenor, the conquered domains of Mar’gok, Blackhand, and Archimonde. They solved the cryptic messages and worked to accomplish what few others had done. For their deeds, they were rewarded.

The Ironbreakers upon their Infernal Direwolves

The Ironbreakers upon their Gorestrider Gronnlings

Victory For The Ironbreakers


Anaie –

It is done. At long last, we believe Archimonde to be eliminated.

From the very body of Archimonde we rent a fragment of chaos – an object both horrific and alluring. We marveled over it, pondered its nature, its purpose… our purpose in dividing it from the Defiler.

It was Canai’s suggestion that we seek out Malfurion; and I, for one, never discount the words of a druid. Our three druids aided our journey to Moonglade – Canai, Darkhide and Swifthoof. I thank them for this, as I had yet to marvel over this serene valley. I hope the druids remain so welcoming, as I would like to visit Moonglade more often. Just as I learned to wield a shield, maybe I can learn from them.

I could sense that under the welcoming façade, they were in fact highly concerned about this nebulous chaos we brought with us. A slender female troll gasped and immediately motioned for us to follow her. She took us directly to Malfurion and presented us by name. I should be more accustomed to our infamy by now. The Archdruid led us to the water, silent as he regarded the chaos fragment we ushered with us. After many wordless minutes, he broke his silence.

Malfurion told us that the power within that fragment was one he had previously encountered within the Emerald Dream. I found it puzzling that a place of Dream would bear the brunt of such true evil, but the Archdruid was insistent. He had believed that they had sealed it away – but he gave no details on whom the “we” in question was. Now he is concerned that the Legion have their hands upon this power.

Too little, too late.

At that point Malfurion parted ways with us, saying that he needed to hurry to Val’sharah. I find myself wondering if this Val’sharah is as lovely a place as the Moonglade?

Before we could leave, Keeper Remulos flagged us down. He apologized for Malfurion’s abrupt departure and thanked us for bringing the fragment to them. His voice was heavy with concern as he spoke of the fragment being a portent of what is to come. He called us heroes; I corrected him by saying we were working under the banner of the Mandate. Some might view us as heroes, but we’re simply doing what we do best: Peace Through Annihilation.

After we departed back to Draenor, we received word that the druids had gifts awaiting us at the garrison. There we found a herd of Grove Warden, each tagged with the name of members of the Ironbreakers.

I have included an engineered rendering of us all. Rumbuggery may be tied to his saddle to sit upright.

– Bladedancer Alakhai Snowflower


A Grim Update (May 2016)


On Friday, May 6th, The Grim gathered before Awatu Stonespire to discuss the accomplishments of the past month. “Once more, another season is upon us. The chill of winter is finally past us and life blooms in this season of growth,” Awatu told them. “We have seen a resurgence among our numbers. More Supplicants flock to our call, seeking the true end of our conflict. We welcome this new season. We grow stronger. We march ever onwards.”

Anaie spoke of the Ironbreakers progress within the Citadel. With the increase in numbers, between Supplicants and returning members, little stands between The Grim and victory. “Only the demon lord o’Hellfiah Citadel remains before us, guardin da Black Gate,” Anaie reported. Anyone interested in assisting the Ironbreakers within Hellfire Citadel should speak to Anaie or Alakhai.

There is also a need for extra provisions to supply the Ironbreakers efforts.  “If you be ‘avin any extra materials dat can be of use in da fight, please be providin dem to da Guild vault. It’s been a long battle and supplies get stretched,” said Anaie. “Food an alchemical assistance are always of use.”

Khorvis was next to speak, telling of the recent advancements of the Inquisition. There have been quite a few supplicants recently, keeping the inquisitors busy. This month, the Mandate honors past ancestors. “This dark month of May, the Mandate travels to the different graves of past times. The Inquisition will come to know what Death means to our ranks and our ancestors.” He announced. “All Grim do be invited to spread the word with us.”

This month, Khorvis and his Inquisitors will be holding office hours in places such as Ghost Walker Post in Desolace, Galakrond’s Rest in Dragonblight and Brill Cemetary in Tirisfal Glades.

Leyu’jin brought news from the frontlines of the battlefields against the Alliance. “In da battlegrounds, we continue ta gain ground.” He announced, before turning his focus to the newer members. “Ah know der be not a few supplicants who hav’ joined our ranks, dat wish ta battle wit’ us. Currently, we hav aboot 8 regulah soldjahs who fight in our Battlegrounds war group. We also hav’ a rotatin’ pool o’ aboot 4-5 reserves. Luckily fo’ joo youngbloods, der al’ays be a nite where we short despite everyting, an’ dat’s where JOO git yo’ chance ta prove yo’ worth ta da Mandate! Check da guild halls, we got lotsa infohmation hidin’ out der, plus a place ta sign up yo’ interest.”

Leyu’jin also revealed that there will be a Fite Nite coming up, where those interested can join the fields of battle for a night of drunken bloodshed. Lupinum will be providing details and posting a date soon, so watch the guild hall for more.

In other news, there have been reports that several Alliance guilds were searching for a cure for Wreave. The Grim, led by Leyu’jin, attempted to thwart their efforts but were driven back in Darkshire. Perhaps on a related note, word has come that many in Rutilus Luna have fallen to demonic possession. They will be watched closely.. Aderlee and Gnitch have been instructed to investigate.