A Grim Anniversary

September 16 marked the 13th anniversary of the founding of The Grim. The group celebrated with a meeting at their new guildhall before advancing on Alliance cities.

After the guildhall in Brill was invaded and destroyed during the Battle for Lordaeron, The Grim held a contest to find a new location.  Grim members entered suggestions, and Commander Awatu Stonespire selected a new guild hall location from those submissions.  Gavril Nikolaev won the contest, and the prize of 50,000 gold, with his submission of the Alterac Ruins.   Tunnels and catacombs have been found and expanded underneath the ruins, and these will serve as the new guildhall for The Grim.

Officers at the 13th Anniversary meeting. From left to right: Canaia, Khorshah, Riplie, Qabian, Awatu, Syreena, Anaie (picture by Kharzaak)

After the meeting, The Grim traveled to Ironforge where, with no Alliance resistance to speak of, they defeated the dwarven council there.

The Grim at Ironforge (picture by Kharzaak)


The Grim then rode the tram to Stormwind, making it to the royal keep where they engaged the boy king and his personal guard in battle.  The Alliance heroes, however, mustered a very large defense and eventually drove The Grim out of the city before the boy king fell.

Stormwind Keep


Happy 13th Anniversary to The Grim! 

Here’s to bringing many more years of Peace Through Annihilation to Azeroth!




Additional pictures:

Hall Dedication (by Kharzaak)


Hall Dedication (by Kharzaak)


Hall Dedication (by Kharzaak)

13th Anniversary Event (by Kharzaak)

13th Anniversary Event (pic by Kharzaak)

Ironforge (by Canaie)

Loss of the Grim Guildhall

Brill after the Battle for Lordaeron

Brill after the Battle for Lordaeron

By now, everyone has surely heard about the Battle of Lordaeron.  The Alliance forces overtook the place, swarming through the ruins like rats scurrying through a tomb.  The Warchief had no choice but to call for her Horde forces to retreat.

When Baine sounded the retreat, the Commander of The Grim gave the order for his members to fall back to the Grim’s halls in Brill to defend their base there.   They broke off from the rest of the Horde and headed for where the Gallow’s End Tavern once stood. The town was already in ruin, and the secret entrance to the Grim’s headquarters was exposed.  After the Mandate’s followers were inside, the door was sealed with magic and stone.

Some Alliance, namely the Twilight Empire, saw The Grim breaking off the main group of Horde and pursued.  It did not take them long to break through the barriers at the entrance of the guildhall, and soon members bearing the colors of Twilight Empire clashed with those of The Grim just inside the entrance.

Meanwhile, other Grim were deeper in the catacombs, retrieving documents and artifacts and other important items.  Eventually, knowing they were outnumbered with all the Alliance outside, Awatu, the Grim Commander, gave the order for the Grim to abandon their guildhall of many years and find their way to safety. Most of the Grim exited the halls through portals, summons, and back exits.  A few remained to stall the Alliance intruders for a few more precious moments, sacrificing themselves so the others could get out.

Grim who spoke about the whole incident had varying emotions.  Some were angry, some were indifferent.

“It was… not unexpected, considering the result of the Ashenvale offensive,” Commander Awatu Stonespire of The Grim said.  “While effective, the Warchief continues to make… questionable tactical decisions. As for the loss of the Halls, they are simply rooms and corridors. We can rebuild and rejoin the war effort. We lost a battle, but a war still needs to be fought.”   Commander Stonespire has since called for the search of a suitable location for a new Grim guildhall.

High Inquisitor Qabian Grimfire had a bit more than that to say on the subject.  “Our guild hall was a stuffy, gloomy place that wasn’t worth spending any more time in than absolutely necessary, but it was useful enough with its history and its use as a gathering point that it was frequently absolutely necessary. Gathering points are easy enough to replace, but the history we built is gone.

“Perhaps on some level it was inevitable that Stormwind would try to reclaim Lordaeron from the people who paid the price of their very lives to remain in their own homeland,” Qabian continued. “Humans have always been idiotic on the basest of levels, prone to taking things that don’t belong to them. However, I for one am convinced that they never would have had the courage to march through Tirisfal and ruin the lives we’d built if it weren’t for the things I’m hearing about the reappearance of a Menethil.

“The individuals who chased us through and ransacked the place we had made ours, on the other hand,” Qabian went on some more, “I believe did so for deeply personal reasons, because they took offense to the various effects the Mandate had on their lives. That also has an edge of inevitability. The Mandate is not in the business of diplomacy or goodwill. We will always make the kind of enemies who would gladly end our lives with their own hands, and if they are given the opportunity to exploit any weaknesses we may suffer, as the Battle for Undercity provided them, they will never hesitate to strike. Never doubt that for a moment. Therein lies the importance of seeing the Mandate through to its ultimate goal. Should we fail, our survival, as individuals, as a collective, as nations, as the Horde itself, all of it is on the line.”

Aureilya Raindawn, Keeper of Grim scrolls and documents, scowled when asked about it.  “It matters not,” she said. “Let them have the blight infested land, it’s worthless to them anyway. It doesn’t matter to the Mandate what location we hold. The loss of the guildhall changes nothing. Our numbers continue to grow, even now. Let their blood soak the earth of whatever new location we procure.”

A flash of rage passed through Gavril Nikolaev’s eyes when asked about it, but the Grim warlock quickly regained his composure.  “We lost the guild hall. We lost the Undercity. I pray we recovered enough from our archives and vaults that the loss cuts none too deep. Sentimentality favors us not, but the fact of the matter is that we are at a severe tactical disadvantage.

“We Forsaken are not well-loved by the other members of the Horde,” Gavril continued. “The loss of the Undercity is not something about which most orcs, trolls, Tauren or elves will think twice. The burning of Teldrassil, however … Will either galvanize the Alliance, or burn away at their faith … We need a new guild hall, or our enemies will chip away at us and eventually destroy us. We are nomads. Homeless. Exposed to the elements. This must needs be rectified before anything else.”

“The battle was a mess,” commented Umbra Longheart, warrior of The Grim.  “The Alliance caught us with our pants down, nobody suspected they would stoop to our level when they flattened Brill. It’s not the first battle I’ve been on the losing side of, though some could have saved themselves some grief by following Awatu’s orders clearly. In the heat of battle, a clear chain of command needs to be adhered to, even a bad plan can succeed with everyone working in lock step.”

Umbra went on to add, “I never spent much time there as i never felt entirely… safe… I’ve done a bit of leg work finding some nice out of the way, forgotten by time locations throughout Lordaeron that would be suitable for modification, I’ve already handed the list off to Qabian though I’m sure he’s forgotten about it if he even had time to read it while beating the war drum.”

Aquizit Shadesoul, Seeker of The Grim, did not seem too concerned when asked about the loss of the guildhall.  “It’s a shame, solely for the fact of needing to find somewhere else to store and house the things and people who need it.  I think, as a whole, it is insignificant. This organization does not suffer those who can’t take care of themselves, and the Mandate is enduring beyond paper, parchment, or records.  It’s good to have a hall, for presence’s sake alone, to tell the world we exist, and that we endure. But for one individual hall? It’s just a symbol, not the heart.”

Aderlee said “I tink de Grim fought well.  We ‘ad very liddle casualties and we kept de Alliance away for a good while.  De wards were strong but not strong enough.  Dat was a weakness I ‘ad found last year at Khorvis’ request, but I don’t know if anyting was done ta make dem stronger.  Da guild hall itself was fine, but it’s a loss dat we can replace.  Losing Brill and Lordaeron exposed dat it was not in a strong position.  We can do better.  We got de important bits and artifacts and Grims out.  Dat’s more important den stone and dirt.”

Lord Pincus Dorian, longtime warlock of The Grim, gave only three words in comment:  “Unfortunate, but necessary.”


The Grim and Twilight Empire

The Grim and Twilight Empire


Before the storyline kicked off, The Grim and Twilight Empire met to have some fun PVP skirmishes outside of Brill.  This was The Grim’s last event on Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt servers.  Thank you, Twilight Empire, for being a part of it!

Farewell, Twisting Nether (and Ravenholdt)

Nearly thirteen years ago, on September 16, 2005, the Necromancer, Maledictus, began writing what would later become known as the Mandate. Wishing to see the destruction of the races of the Alliance, The Grim formed under the tenant – Peace Through Annihilation. The founding members of The Grim were: Ayabba the Forsaken Warlock, Grainger the Steward, Laughingcrow the Tauren Hunter, Pincus the Forsaken Warlock, Snowfeather the Tauren Druid, and four others whose name and deeds have been lost to history.

Since those very early days of the Twisting Nether server, The Grim have remained a heavy RP guild, IC determined to see the complete destruction of the Alliance and any other enemies of the Horde. Our echoed cries of “Peace through annihilation!” rang throughout every corner of Azeroth (“like a damn wolf pack” according to one person). We’ve also done our share of world PVP and battlegrounds, and we’ve managed to obtain every AotC achievement this expansion while still keeping a casual feel to our raid team.

One of the earliest events that was popular on the server, so popular, in fact, that it crashed the server, was the King of Rats storyline. King Varian Wrynn was once found in the sewers of Alcaz Island, and The Grim made a storyline about discovering him and using him as a lab rat for plague experiments. When we came back to check on the results, we were accompanied by other Horde. An Alliance force, led by the Ironforge Regiment, was there to meet us. The battle was short-lived; apparently the servers back then couldn’t handle two full raid groups of Horde fighting against four full raid groups of the Alliance.

Cristok’s Challenge was a popular event that started in Burning Crusades. A formal dueling tournament among Horde members, the purpose of the Challenge was to both prepare the heroes of the Horde to fight the forces of the Alliance and as a show of force. Also during this time, The Grim began weekly assaults on the fortress of Theramore. Fabled Order, an Alliance group of Paladins, stood as the main defense for the last living citizens of the kingdom of Lordaeron.

During the Wrath of the Lich King, we led a massive assault, later known as The Drums of War, which raged across the capitals of the people of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Despite the threats from the Lich King in Northrend, the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance finally faced each other in open conflict. In the end, the Horde was successful in a coordinated attack on the Exodar, Ironforge, Darnassus, and Stormwind – seeing to the defeat of both hero and civilian alike. Arguably, the Drums of War was the start of the downward spiral of Alliance heroes until the discovery of Pandaria.

During Cataclysm, Cristok and Leyujin led Onslaughts–various RPPvP storylines and events. One was “The Doom of Stormwind.” In an attempt to destroy Stormwind from afar, The Grim had developed a plan to use Ragnaros’s energies, contained within a cannon shell, to be fired from Bilgewater Harbor against the White City. The plan was derailed due to the efforts of the Praetorian Guard, a highly trained Alliance military outfit that struck several successful raids against Grim depots that housed the materials needed for the superweapon.

During Warlords of Draenor, members of The Grim participated in large storylines led by other members of the Twisting Nether & Ravenholdt community, such as Eclipse, Quorum, and Hollow, just to name a few. There was also the informal war between The Grim and Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, since the launch of Legion, the server community population has greatly declined, or at least gone mostly absent from the game. RP guilds have disappeared, whether to leaving the game, disbanding, transferring to other servers, or just becoming less active in-game. For The Grim, Legion has been an expansion of struggles to find people to play with. Roleplay in-game has been scarce, attendance at Grim planned events was a mere handful of people, we often had to struggle to find a sufficient number of people to raid, and our Rated Battleground Team disintegrated with the loss of a few people, because there was nobody to replace them. Recruiting has been extremely painful due to the lack of population remaining here on the server.

After a very long period of consideration, and trying to come up with other ideas, The Grim has made the difficult decision to move to a more active server where, hopefully, we can once again be part of an active roleplaying community in the game.  On Sunday, July 29, 2018, The Grim has transferred to Wyrmrest Accord.

Farewell, Twisting Nether. We hope you have lots of fun and success in BfA.

“I can’t stop now. The War demands much of us all, and this is no time to falter.”
– Cristok, former Hand of the Mandate.

For the Horde!

Last Monday, Canai led a group of Grim through the Alliance capitals to defeat the leaders of each city.  Ironforge, then Stormwind, then Darnassus, and finally the Exodar.  Although they had to cut through many city guards to get to their targets, no Alliance heroes stood in their way.

A few of the attending Grim earned their warbears from the Horde that night.

Peace through annihilation!

Glory To The Grim!

The brave souls of the Grim have once again proven themselves worthy of the glory to be bestowed upon them! As a reward for our bravery, skill, and dedication, we have been granted the Antoran Gloomhound to place in our stables! GLORY TO THE GRIM! FOR THE HORDE! PEACE THROUGH ANNIHILATION!!!

Final Victory Is Ours!

Our forces have bested a Titan. Argus, the Unmaker, is no more, and his blood has been delivered to the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. As our reward, we have been given the Violet Spellwing to display our heroism! The Grim have secured the safety of our world once again, and will not rest until all our foes are defeated and only the Horde remain! FOR THE HORDE!!!!!

Victory In Sight

The Heroes of the Grim continue their push through Antorus to end Argus, and the Burning Legion, once and for all.


Heroic Antorus – 8/11

Garothi Worldbreaker – 12/7/17
– Felhounds of Sargeras – 12/12/17
– Antoran High Command – 1/4/18
– Portal Keeper Hasabel – 1/4/18
– Essence of Eonar – 12/21/17
– Imonar the Soulhunter – 1/4/18
– Kin’garoth – 1/18/18
– Varimathras – 1/23/18
– Coven of Shivarra
– Aggramar
– Argus the Unmaker

Antorus, the Burning Throne. Defeated.

With the Army of the Light failing to deal a death blow, much as the Prophet Velen has done repeatedly throughout time, the Grim stepped forward to defeat the Legion once and for all. Recognizing a weakness in the Legion’s defenses, the Grim directed fire to the artillery platform near Felfire Armory, breaching the stronghold.

As expected, a Fel Reaver barred our path upon entry, though a unique one for sure.

The Garothi Worldbreaker.

Constructed deep within the core of Argus and outfitted with an arsenal to decimate worlds, this war machine has been designed to bring the Army of Light to its knees.

The infernal machine was no match for our forces. We stormed past the wreckage, and encountered another oddity.

Fel Hounds of the like that we have never seen before. Truly, this place is full of terrors.

Infused with fire and shadow, F’harg and Shatug are the prized pets of Sargeras. Bred for carnage, these hounds delight in eviscerating their master’s enemies.

With the Army of Light and their allies advancing upon Antorus, the Legion prepares to unleash these vicious creatures onto the battlefield and put an end to the mortals’ invasion.

While intimidating, the Grim are fearless. Once again, the Legion’s plans to utilize these fiends was destroyed.

Onward we marched, finally discovering three of the leaders of the Burning Legion in their command center.

Long ago, in the golden age of eredar civilization, a council was formed to oversee the defense of Argus and maintain peace. But after their dark bargain was struck with Sargeras, these master tacticians used their military expertise to help orchestrate a Burning Crusade that ravaged countless worlds.

Now the full might of the Legion’s army is theirs to command, and they wield this terrible power to annihilate all who oppose the Dark Titan’s will.

The three commanders, Admiral Svirax, Chief Engineer Ishkar, and General Erodus, also known as the Anotoran High Command, called upon all devices available to them, but the Grim were smart and used their own weapons against them.  The Legion would not recover from our onslaught.

We managed to discover the location of another commander of the Legion with the last breathes of these fiends.

Portal Keeper Hasabel maintains the nexus through which the Legion has unleashed its insidious armies upon countless worlds. With portals that open to myriad strategic locations throughout the Great Dark Beyond, Hasabel is capable of bringing the might of the Legion’s arsenal to bear upon any who oppose her.

The Legion fight bravely, we expected this one to flee through one of her portals upon realizing her fate, but she did not. She fought to the bitter end, and end it did.

As we wondered for what seemed like ages, we came upon an unexpected place of serenity and beauty.  The Essence of Eonar, the Life-Binder, stood before us, calming and soothing us, but ever so briefly.

Though she was felled by the blade of Sargeras, the Life-Binder’s essence escaped the grasp of the Dark Titan. After millennia spent hiding in isolation, Eonar’s sanctuary has been discovered by the Legion.

Should her soul fall into the enemy’s hands, Eonar’s powers of nature and growth will be perverted to make the Burning Crusade unstoppable.

Wave after wave assaulted this sanctuary, not long after our arrival. The fiends may have followed us here, or perhaps Eonar revealed herself because she sensed our presence and knew we could save her. Whatever the reason, the Grim saved the soul of Eonar and pressed forth.

The Legion grew desperate, sending a demonic bounty hunter to intercept our forces as we ravaged their home. Imonar, the Soulhunter, and the Grim soon met, for we did not hide our presence, no, we reveled in our destruction of this place.

The infamous Imonar serves as the Legion’s bloodhound, capable of tracking prey across the cosmos. With a vast array of gadgets and traps at his disposal, Imonar has yet to lose a bounty… and he certainly doesn’t intend to sully his perfect record by failing to fulfill his latest contract.

The hunter became the hunted and the Grim would mount this trophy in their Guild Hall.

As we entered what appeared to be a mighty forge, we expected to face more fel reavers. The Grim got much more than that however. The creator of the fel reavers himself, Kin’garoth.

The design of every Legion war machine stems from the depraved mind of Kin’garoth. Obsessed with crafting implements of death, Kin’garoth infused his very body into the production machinery so he could more efficiently churn out a never-ending supply of destruction.

At the behest of the Legion’s dark master, Kin’garoth’s fevered brilliance has developed a new super-weapon which he plans to unleash upon the Army of Light.

With the death of this demon, we set about destroying he forge. The Engineer of the Apocalypse would never plague our world again.

Soon we discovered an old face. While the Grim remembered his presence for many years by our Warchief’s side, we also remembered his treachery. He was not pleased at our appearance here in his lair.

As one of the dreadlords overseeing the Legion’s forces during the Third War, Varimathras failed to stop the rebellious Lich King. He submitted to an ill-fated alliance with Sylvanas Windrunner, then made one last bid for power before facing a humiliating defeat.

In payment for his blunders, Varimathras has been tortured by the Coven of Shivarra. The vindictive sisters stripped away both flesh and sanity, leaving only a singular desire to inflict suffering upon the mortals who cost him everything.

Again, Varimathras fell to our blades, this time forever.  Now we would search for the Coven that tortured him. Not to avenge him, but to eliminate all threats to our world.

We found the Coven, three sisters who enjoyed their role in the Legion’s plans all too much. All we had to do was follow the screams of agony.

Having proven themselves to be the most depraved and fanatical of all his followers, Sargeras entrusted the Coven with the unholy task of twisting the minds of the fallen titans into an unstoppable Dark Pantheon.

Each sister employs her own signature brand of torture, eliciting screams which echo throughout the halls of Antorus. It is said that neither mortal nor demon can refuse their whispers, making it only a matter of time before the will of the titans is broken.

Not only did the Grim prove strong of body and soul, but our will is indomitable.  The sisters were no match for our power.

We wound or way to the core of Argus and finally we faced his guardian. The quiet of the halls was off putting, and soon we saw way. There is nothing quite like facing a titan. Before us stood the Titan of Destruction, Aggramar.

Once the noble Avenger of the Pantheon, Aggramar was struck down by Sargeras and reborn as a titan of destruction. He now stands at the core of Argus, guarding a power that would unmake the universe.

Not even demons are permitted to tread within the titan’s halls, and any mortals bold enough to trespass will be reduced to cinders by Aggramar’s burning blade, Taeshalach.

While formidable, this titan was a shell of his former self, and we bested him easily. His tactics predictable thanks to the corruption of the Legion. Sargeras called Argus the Unmaker to rise to his true form.

The end was near.

Argus the Unmaker was the world-soul of the eponymous planet Argus. Argus was twisted and corrupted beyond redemption by the Burning Legion, his power harnessed to fuel the demons’ infinite army, allowing them to endlessly regenerate in the Twisting Nether. The Legion’s connection to the world-soul had to be severed in order to bring an end to the Burning Crusade once and for all. To do this, the Pantheon brought Argus’ soul to their Seat. The titans also used the last of Argus’ power to imprison Sargeras forever.

Bound. Broken.

Eons of existence, knowing only pain.

A shattered soul, fueling infinite evil.

The master beckons. Rise… Rise!

Begin the end of all things.

The power this titan wielded was tremendous and terrifying. The Grim required the aid of the Pantheon, even returning from the realm of the dead itself, and put the Unmaker out of his misery, freeing him from his endless torment.

We gathered a vial of his blood to bring to the mage Khadgar. Before we could do anything else, Illidan Stormrage stepped forward as the Pantheon imprisoned Sargeras within the Seat of the Pantheon, forever to be his jailer and ending the Burning Crusade.




Ahead of the Curve

The Grim have defeated Kil’Jaden and now await the battles ahead. The war is not over, and much blood is to be shed still. The Grim will be ready.

Hallow’s End Masquerade


On the Eve of Hallow’s End, a Masquerade auction and costume contest was held in the Brill Cemetary.  After a session of spooky storytelling, a costumed auction was held.  People were “sold” to spend a day with the highest bidder.

  • Jaina (Qabian) was sold to Scree (Tahz) for 1000 gold.
  • Mr. Pumpkinhead (Borghul) was sold to Jaina (Qabian) for 2000 gold.
  • The Dark Knight (Mystery Elf) was sold to Lady Pumpkin (Syreena) for 600 gold.
  • The Terrible Thief (James Riley) was sold to the Dark Knight (Mystery Elf) for 300 gold.
  • Scree (Tahz) was sold to Mr. Pumpkinhead (Borghul) for 400 gold.
  • The Stars (Araun) was sold to Jaina (Qabian) for 500 gold.


The gold from the sales was put toward the prize for the costume contest.   The winner for the costume contest was a tie between Qabian “Jaina” Grimfire (also now known as “Coconuts”) and Tahzani “The Sha” Tallfisher (also now known as “Scree”).


to all who participated!