A Grim Anniversary

September 16 marked the 13th anniversary of the founding of The Grim. The group celebrated with a meeting at their new guildhall before advancing on Alliance cities.

After the guildhall in Brill was invaded and destroyed during the Battle for Lordaeron, The Grim held a contest to find a new location.  Grim members entered suggestions, and Commander Awatu Stonespire selected a new guild hall location from those submissions.  Gavril Nikolaev won the contest, and the prize of 50,000 gold, with his submission of the Alterac Ruins.   Tunnels and catacombs have been found and expanded underneath the ruins, and these will serve as the new guildhall for The Grim.

Officers at the 13th Anniversary meeting. From left to right: Canaia, Khorshah, Riplie, Qabian, Awatu, Syreena, Anaie (picture by Kharzaak)

After the meeting, The Grim traveled to Ironforge where, with no Alliance resistance to speak of, they defeated the dwarven council there.

The Grim at Ironforge (picture by Kharzaak)


The Grim then rode the tram to Stormwind, making it to the royal keep where they engaged the boy king and his personal guard in battle.  The Alliance heroes, however, mustered a very large defense and eventually drove The Grim out of the city before the boy king fell.

Stormwind Keep


Happy 13th Anniversary to The Grim! 

Here’s to bringing many more years of Peace Through Annihilation to Azeroth!




Additional pictures:

Hall Dedication (by Kharzaak)


Hall Dedication (by Kharzaak)


Hall Dedication (by Kharzaak)

13th Anniversary Event (by Kharzaak)

13th Anniversary Event (pic by Kharzaak)

Ironforge (by Canaie)

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