A Very Grim Winter Veil

The Grim held a festive Winter Veil party at their old garrison.  Gifts were exchanged, food was eaten, booze was drunk, and a good time was had by all!

Khorvis Bloodstar won the holiday pet battle, featuring untrained holiday themed battle pets.  Many snowballs were thrown in these battles, as snowmen, reindeer, and holiday helpers battled it out among a few less common pets.

On another night, The Grim decided to bring holiday cheer to Stormwind and Ironforge!  Dressed again in festive clothes, and riding reindeer, the Grim departed Orgrimmar for Grom’gol on the zeppelin much to the confusion of other passengers.  A few members of the Swords of Sylvanas accompanied us, and we picked up a few more individuals along the way.

From Grom’gol, they rode their flying reindeer to Stormwind where they met little Alliance resistance as they defeated the Boy King and several of his guards.  After that, The Grim set off through the city.  Qabian wanted to visit the orphanage, and then the group made their way to the tram.  There they encountered a few more Alliance heroes brave enough to fight them, but it did not slow them down much.  A short tram ride later, and The Grim set themselves loose to bring holiday tidings to Ironforge.

First, a visit to Greatfather Winter was in order!  Grim and friends stood patiently in line to tell the old dwarf their holiday wishes.  While waiting, they decided the Winter Veil tree could be a brighter shade of green.

After setting a few fires under the tree and Greatfather Winter, and slaughtering any guards who objected, the group had some fun in the dwarves’ snow globe.

Finally, they decided to bring holiday cheer to the dwarf council.  In the middle of the fight though, a group of Alliance, who call themselves The Seventy Third, showed up and interrupted the battle.  The Grim and friends successfully countered the first wave, but they were pushed back to the depths of Old Ironforge.  That didn’t stop them from trying to finish the job on the council though!   Unfortunately, The Seventy Third regrouped with even greater numbers, and eventually forced the festive invaders to break ranks and retreat.

Happy Holidays from The Grim!

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