The Ice Witch Gets Away

 From the desk of Riplie Battre

It seems the Alliance have grown bold. A full assault against Dazar’alor is the last that would have been expected. Yet here we are, I’m stuck behind a desk, and the rest of the Grim bathe in glory flushing the filth out. Loa’rohk has served the Mandate well. Now we press onward to more heroic adventures.

The Dark Iron sent forth Frida Ironbellows and her cronies to protect the Alliance assault from a reward attack. They should have chosen better.

It seems the Alliance fancy the Grim, and take pictures posing as our fighters.

Every King must die. Queen Talanji will be easier to continue to earn favor with.

Jaina escapes with  her life, not for lack of effort on the part of Loa’rohk.

The members of Loa’rohk demand answers from Blightcaller, as he stood by and let Jaina escape.

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