Heroes of the Battle of Dazar’alor

After a long, bloody battle in the great pyramid of Dazar’alor, The Grim, assisting other Horde forces, have helped defeat the remaining major threats within the city.

The annoying gnome, Mekkatorque, proved to be the most difficult with all his mechanical minions and weapons. But The Grim are not quitters, and the High Tinker and all his engineering gadgets eventually fell.

After the annoying gnome’s fall, The Grim went on to board the ships of the blockade. They had little trouble eliminating the threats on the ships and made short work of the elemental guarding the docks.

With the docks in control of the Horde again, The Grim moved on to attack Jaina. With the aid of Nathanos, it did not take long to defeat the mage. Unfortunately, she fled before anyone could strike the killing blow, but the pyramid seems to be cleared of major Alliance threats, at least for now.

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