Slayers Defeat Cho’gall

Once a chieftain of the Twilight Hammer clan, Cho’gall has fallen far from his once mighty perch.  Corrupted by the Old Gods, The Grim have seen to reward him for this betrayal.  While he has proven resourceful at avoiding death in the past – such a resource becomes his prison as we gladly remind him of the taste of cold stone for many times to come.

Nefarian Defeated… Again

While this world holds few surprises for the prepared – the return of Onyxia and Nefarian was not expected.  Whatever magic that fate decided to use to bring the spawn of Deathwing back from the grave, The Grim have seen this possible return of old enemies was halted before any further damage could be done.  The Destroyer’s allies shrink in number as we gain in strength.  Soon, the most powerful of the Aspects will fall – and it will be The Grim’s hand that brings it.


The Grim Join Guilds Unite!

Guilds Unite! (GU) is a new OOC-driven organization, founded by Nel, to help bring the role-playing guild community of the Twisting Nether together.  Their website can be found here.  Unlike previous attempts to bring the community together, GU allows us to come together as players instead of characters, giving us the ability to get past our character rivalries and history for the good of the community.

The Grim have decided to join Guilds United! because this will allow us to expand outside of the box we have created around ourselves, giving us an established entity to put out Onslaught-driven events, as well as having a resource that we can rely on that has a standard of excellence we can get behind.

You, the member, are not required to utilize any of their multiple resources (forum, vent, podcast), but I would recommend you keep an eye on it as you could pick up something the leadership does not.  If you have any concerns now or in the future with Guilds Unite! or its members, speak to Abric so he can take these concerns to the guild leaders that make up the decision-making board.


The Windlord Dissipates

Al’Akir has been defeated by the forces of The Grim.  Ten of our own entered the Throne of the Four Winds and brought the Windlord down to a gentle breeze.  While his final defeat eludes us, we have done what only the Titans have done before us.

The Fall of Dwarf and Squid

This week, the Grim assaulted the Exodar and Ironforge, bastions of the Alliance threat.  Despite some minor resistance within the mountain home of the dwarves,  both city assaults were a success, even if short lived.

Fall of Prophet Velen


Full Name: Tinkitz Twizzlesection
Titles or Nicknames: Tink
Race: Goblin
Gender: Female
Hair: Bright blue, often worn in pigtails
Eyes: Purple
Height: Average for goblins
Weight: Again, average
Notable Physical Features: She has several piercings, including her nose (through which she keeps a bone as ornamentation)

Place of residence: The Goblin Slums. It’s where the action is.
Place of Birth: Kezan
Known Relatives: None living

Occupation: Officially, founding member and chief test engineer of the Consumer Reporting, Advocacy and Protection Society; Shaman
Guild Rank: Warbringer
Known Associates: Gotama, a Tauren
Known Nemesis: None known.

Special Skills: Negotiation, tinkering, project management, ass-saving
Positive Personality Traits: Cunning, friendly enough
Negative Personality Traits: Ruthless, calculating

History Before The Grim: A founding member of C.R.A.P.S. and an up-and-comer in Kezan’s underworld, her life was disrupted with the island’s evacuation.
History In The Grim: Tirelessly working to build her power base, both within the guild and without.

Qarosimae Sh’naha

SI:7 Criminal Profile

Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Kill on Sight.

Name: Qarosimae Sh’naha
Known Aliases: Q, Qaro
Age: Young. Speculated to be in late fifties to early seventies.
Sex: Female

Affiliated with the terrorist faction of the Horde known as the Grim.

“Inzema”: Forsaken Rogue. Grim.  Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Refer to File.
Ontahk “Ghostarm” Hammerhead: Orc Warrior. Affiliated with Blood Moon Rising, which is associated with the Grim. No significant notes.
Leyu’jin Zeysoga: Troll warrior. Grim. Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Refer to File.
Cristok: Tauren Druid. Hand of the Grim.  Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Refer to File.

Notable Features: Scar through right eye. Right eye has been replaced with a felfire green gem, which appears to be a sort of magical construct.  Glasses.

Wanted for numerous counts of murder, assault, resisting arrest, destruction of government property, arson, vandalism, blackmail, extortion, war crimes, and blasphemy.

This individual is a former magi of the Kirin Tor.  She is has demonstrated exceptional talent for the destructive arcane arts and a preference for fire.  In several pursuits, she has been willing to cause damage to buildings around her or assault civilians to aid her escape.  It is noted that despite her physical frailty, that she held up under torture and gave no information.  All individuals associated with said session are assumed to be deceased and unable to verify, nor are they able to be raised or their souls summoned for questioning.  The records of said session have all been destroyed, and it is assumed there is a security breach.

Reports dictate that Qarosimae has been sighted repeatedly in the arenas and battlegrounds in an increasing frequency in recent days.  A number of spies and assassins assigned to her have been found burnt to ashes after they ceased contact, and it has been decided that losses are too high to keep constant surveillance.  While eliminating her now would be best for the Alliance, due to her dangerous nature and allies, such a mission would generate unwarranted casualties and hostility.

Do not attempt to apprehend alone.  Do not approach without backup.

Grim Addendum:


Grunt to the Front, Main Onslaught Quest, Weekly Onslaught Quest.


SI:7 Criminal Profile

Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Kill on Sight.

Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Inzema
Age: Unknown


Affiliated with the terrorist faction of the Horde known as the Grim.

Qarosimae Sh’naha: Former Kirin Tor Blood Elf Mage. Grim. Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Refer to file.
Hokuto Darksnow: Death Knight. Grim. Armed and Extremely Dangerous.
Ontahk “Ghostarm” Hammerhead: Orc Warrior. Affiliated with Blood Moon Rising, which is associated with the Grim. No significant notes.

Quirks: Hissing speech, chases rodents (Rats excluded).

Wanted for numerous counts of murder, torture, rape, assault, resisting arrest, vandalism, war crimes, arson, impersonating a member of the guard, impersonating a member of SI:7, impersonating an officer of the army, impersonating an officer of the navy, impersonating a member of the clergy, desecration of holy artifacts, desecration of holy ground, desecration of a corpse, grand theft, petty theft, theft of classified documents, possession of outlawed weaponry, and various other crimes.

Note: This individual has been difficult to track or trace.  Possibly using some sort of device that scrambles his aura and any attempts of physical or magical tracking.  Behavior and killing patterns are erratic and disgusting.  There have been several reported instances of the undead fleeing from or incapacitating guards instead of killing them when he could.  Several have reported seeing or hearing dice before these.

Do not attempt to apprehend alone.  Only approach with back up.

Malstrom – “While I stand, no Grim will fall”

Full Name: Malstrom
Titles or Nicknames: Mal, Laughs-at-Death
Age: 27 years of age
Race: Troll
Gender: Male
Hair: Red in a glorious mohawk that he keeps to perfection
Eyes: Brown
Height: 7’7″
Weight: 220 lbs
Notable Physical Features: Tall and lean, with no scars visible anywhere.

Place of residence: Orgrimmar, Jintha’Alor (where he has been known to chase a number of the Vilebranch out so he could enjoy the beautiful city).  Apart from that, Malstrom is very nomadic, usually keeping on the move.

Place of Birth: A small island far far off the beaten path, where a small group of Darkspear trolls still reside in relative peace and isolation

Known Relatives: brother(Bloodscream), mother, father(Guael), brother(Tiktok), 2 other younger brothers, 3 sisters, assorted uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews.

Religion/Philosophy: 1) Everything happens for a reason, and if you just flow with it, everything will turn out allright.  2) You should eat good food as often as possible.  3) Alliance are good food.

Malstrom is very deeply in tune with nature and the elements.  From a very young age, they have been speaking to him regularly.  He accepts the neutrality of nature, that it kills without malice or mercy, but that it also nurtures and brings forth the bounty of the world.  Malstrom is much like this, seeing good and bad as simply sides to the same coin, both sides needing to be accepted and understood.  Complaining does not help.  Find peace with yourself, and accept those around you for who they are, and things will work out, just as they do in nature.

Occupation: Shaman, healer and provider for his village

Guild Rank: Harbinger of Ruin

Known Associates: Bloodscream, Maurt, Abric, Regnanetah, Kharzak, Yichimet, Syreena, Neesha, Jurani. Coyotl.

Known Nemesis: Any who would hurt his family or guildmates.  The Alliance.

Special Skills: Eating. Born a “natural” shaman, he has been deeply attuned with all the elements of nature from a very young age. Eating Alliance. Being wise beyond his years. More eating. Not taking things too seriously.  Eating yet more Alliance.

Positive Personality Traits: Very quiet, and almost perpetually in a good mood.  Very little upsets him and he laughs a lot.  Healing is second nature to him.  Completely devoted to Bloodscream, his family and his guild.

Negative Personality Traits: In combat can often become consumed with a lust for blood, and killing becomes second nature to him.  Will often be found at the front lines of battle against the Alliance.

History Before The Grim: Son of a troll hunter and provider for his island village.  One night, when Malstrom was only 6 years old, his father returned with a young orc child who had been orphaned in the war.  Even at that age, Malstrom knew he and this orc had a special bond, and treated him as his brother.  When Bloodscream left the island to go to Orgrimmar to be trained with the other orcs, Malstrom was already an acknowledged shaman, and soon followed his brother to the big city.  When Bloodscream joined the Grim, Malstrom soon did as well.  This has brought him much renown on his home island, where the legend of the Grim had spread years before.

History in the Grim: Devotion to his guildmates, and confidence in his abilities has made him a great healer for the Grim.  “While I stand, no Grim will fall”.  Normally he will be seen with Bloodscream, but with the orc’s recent absence, Malstrom is still in the thick of it with his guildmates whenever he can.  He is devoted to the Mandate, but not out of hatred for the alliance, but more for the belief that they are a herd and must be culled and, ideally, eaten.  He is very proud of his guild and their accomplishments, and enjoys the notoriety that being a member of the Grim brings him, particularly with the ladies of his island.

Quirks/Misc: Did I mention he likes eating? Particularly alliance.  He is quiet, and laughs far more often than he speaks.

Malkaris Darkfire, a relic from the past

Full Name: Malkaris Darkfire
Date of Birth: Too long ago for him to really remember. Sometime In the fall perhaps.
Age: Around 12,000 years, give or take. “Shortly” before the Great Sundering of Kalimdor.
Race: Kaldorei (Undead)
Gender: male
Hair: Full, shoulder length hair, black. No bugs.
Skin: Very pale, not cracked or rotted but somewhat hard. A by product of many years of warfare before his current dabblings into warlockery.
Eyes: Much like the Death Knights, his eyes glow a winter like blue.
Height: Average for a Kaldorei perhaps, somewhere around 7’3″
Weight: 220

(For a visual Reference (mind you, I don’t have photoshop. Just picture the guy as described above): )

Place of residence: Zin-Azshari in his mind. Nowadays it’s anywhere he lays his head.
Place of Birth: Zin-Azshari
Known Relatives: Wife, Myrilease Darkfire, who is a Priestess of Elune, and a daughter, Saeris Darkfire, who’s whereabouts are unknown.
Religion/Philosophy: Elunite (sort of) / pragmatist (sort of). Mostly he’s just apathetic. Or optimistic when bored.
Occupation:  Royal Loyalist

Enemies:  The shining hammer. Or burning Twilight. Or was it the Shadowy Ogre? …. Anyone who would stand in his way of bringing the Kaldorei back to their…”roots”, and the reestablishment of the Highborne as the ruling class. He doesn’t hate the Alliance. He hates that the Kaldorei are now something like it’s pets (in his mind).  He also has a, “bigger picture” mentality, so essentially, his enemies are the Old Gods, and anyone else who threatens Azeroth while he’s trying to go about his main goal.

Likes:  Hoarding treasure, making fun of Greebo. Stealing Greebo’s shinies.  Plotting to bring the Kaldorei back to power under Azshara if possible.
Favorite Foods: Burritos.
Favorite Drinks: Vodka, or anything that is equivalent. Anything Strong.
Favorite Colors: Black, Red, Blue
Weapons of Choice: Scythe (modified for combat), dual longswords. Curses and Shadowbolts if he’s lazy.
Dislikes: Being called Forsaken. Being mistaken for human (he would think that his long ears would be apparent!). How vain the inheritors of the legacy of the Highborne have become (looking at you Sindorei!).
Hobbies: Drinking. Women. Drinking. Plotting on finding a way to convince Bloodscream to take him on one of his interdimentional space orc adventures.
Physical Features: Incredibly handsome.  He is swathed in shadows which often make it seem as if he’s wearing black  robes. Mostly when he’s not holding it back intentionally. Goatee.
Special Abilities: virtual immortality. Doesn’t like sharp objects however.  His shadowbolts have an electrical element added in.  Not too shabby when it comes to necromancy.
Positive Personality Traits: Tenacious.  Women love him. Calm. Level-headed.
Negative Personality Traits: generally apathetic. He loves women (Only one woman is important to him. Anyone else, isn’t her).  Likes to talk about the old days.

To make a long story slightly shorter, Malkaris was a member of the Highborne. He had originally been a guard for the Elunite priestesses at the Temple and was exceptionally good with a blade and various edged weapons. His family however was known for it’s magic users so he was a bit of a black sheep. His father was a known necromancer who was allowed to go about his research for the defense of the Royal Court but had no actual title to speak of, his authority coming simply from being Highborne alone and his skill as a practitioner of the magical arts.

Needless to say after some fallings out and such, he eventually found his wife, had a child and was only lacking the picketted fence. The Queen however had begun her shinanigans at the advice of Lord Xavius, and after a while, for the sake of his family he had begun to allow his father to teach him the ways of his family and he was quite adept at it which afforded him some prestige.

So! Malkaris now follows two paths, of blade and fel magic (for research of course). During the Sundering, so that the Highborne would be completely obedient, he was tasked with killing the priestesses in all sorts of horrible ways, and he did. He had forced his family to flee (his daughter and wife) before hand when he was feeling the effects of corruption from the Satyr that was beginning to drive much of them mad with power, so as to make their terrible mistake all the easier to rationalize, to be taken advantage of by Sargaras.

After the Sundering, for his actions, Elune, by way of vision and messenger, cursed him as punishment, charging him with making amends but leaving him in a wretched state, an abomination to his people until his punishment was complete.

His actions between most major events are varied and vary in importance, his place in history forgotten and banished for his family’s dabbling in necromancy, fel magic studies ontop of every other heinous crime they committed in the Queen’s name. His name is whispered, not out of fear though perhaps that is a reason for some, but mostly his fate is one most wish to avoid.

Malkaris has long since given up the blade to completely devote himself to the path of a warlock but is still a bit of a rogue in  his mannerisms, and has the mentality of a warrior when it comes to combat though he prefers to fight smartly instead of the new Warchief’s patented, “ARGH SMASH” approach. Infiltrate, corrupt, and assure victory before the battle is even faught.