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Grim News – December 29, 2019

VISIT TO THE ALLIANCE Dressed up in their holiday best, and riding festive reindeer mounts, several members of The Grim, along with a couple guests, brought holiday cheer to the Alliance. At Ironforge, they visited Father Winterveil after showing off their old fel spreader toys, and they played in the snowglobe. Then they stopped by …

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Ahead of the Curve – Queen Azshara

On November 14, The Grim, along with some help from a couple very nice people from Mal’Ganis, defeated Heroic Queen Azshara, earning the AotC achievement!

Hallow’s End Costume Contest

The Grim held their annual Hallow’s End Party & Costume Contest in the Tarren Mill Cemetery. Five contestants’ costumes were judged by the hostess, Syreenna Shadowblade, and her assistant Canaie. First, we have the Commander of The Grim, Awatu Stonespire, or in this case, Lady Liadrin. “Ahem. Behold the power of the Sunwell! The blessed …

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Progress in the Palace – Update

The Grim pushed into the Eternal Palace as heroes, and defeated the early opponents there with little difficulty until Lady Ashvane. After a very challenging struggle, they finally managed to defeat her. That same week, they also defeated Orgozoa and the Queen’s Court. They now must face Za’qul, and after that, the Queen herself.

Progress in the Palace

On August 8, The Grim defeated Queen Azshara in her Eternal Palace. Those present, led by Commander Awatu Stormspire, were Jorlkal, Feyde, Narokha, Sparkscatter, Jurrani, Syreenna, Duskheron, Kharzaak, Canaie, Dyianah, Shiny, and Haneman. ———————————————- Since that night, The Grim has returned to the Palace to battle heroic foes and have so far defeated: Abyssal Commander …

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Glory of the Dazar’alor Raider

Confident in their ability to defeat the enemy invaders of Dazar’alor, The Grim took on special challenges during combat for bragging rights, earning themselves a new Dazar’alor Windreaver mount in a single night of fighting.

Heroes of the Battle of Dazar’alor

After a long, bloody battle in the great pyramid of Dazar’alor, The Grim, assisting other Horde forces, have helped defeat the remaining major threats within the city. The annoying gnome, Mekkatorque, proved to be the most difficult with all his mechanical minions and weapons. But The Grim are not quitters, and the High Tinker and …

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Crucible of Storms

On Tuesday, April 16, The Grim answered the call of the void and traveled to the Crucible of Storms. There, they defeated the Restless Cabal and Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void.

If You Can’t Beat ’em…..

…join ’em! After much deliberation and discussion (and the promise of weekly good loot for 25 wPVP kills), The Grim has decided to faction change to the blue side, and change its name to <The Cheerful>. “After seeing ourselves as Alliance in the Battle for Dazar’alor raid, we decided we liked how we looked,” said …

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The Ice Witch Gets Away

 From the desk of Riplie Battre It seems the Alliance have grown bold. A full assault against Dazar’alor is the last that would have been expected. Yet here we are, I’m stuck behind a desk, and the rest of the Grim bathe in glory flushing the filth out. Loa’rohk has served the Mandate well. Now …

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