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Nov 30 2017

Antorus, the Burning Throne. Defeated.

With the Army of the Light failing to deal a death blow, much as the Prophet Velen has done repeatedly throughout time, the Grim stepped forward to defeat the Legion once and for all. Recognizing a weakness in the Legion’s defenses, the Grim directed fire to the artillery platform near Felfire Armory, breaching the stronghold. …

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Nov 02 2017

Ahead of the Curve

The Grim have defeated Kil’Jaden and now await the battles ahead. The war is not over, and much blood is to be shed still. The Grim will be ready.

Jul 07 2017

Deceiver’s Fall And The Truth Is Revealed

Kil’jaeden. The Eredar lord that betrayed and deceived his own kind in a promise for power and knowledge. The Grim have no love of the coward Velen and his followers that chose to not bow to Sargeras’ power, and had he fought instead of running, perhaps the history we all know would be quite different. …

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May 23 2017

Ahead of the Curve Indeed

The Grim have prevailed in besting all of the beasts thrown at us since the rise of the Legion! The Emerald Nightmare, The Trial of Valor, and now, The Nighthold all fall before the Grim in Heroic fashion.  We await the Tomb of Sargeras and its riches and bloodshed.  

Jul 07 2015

Kilrogg Was Here

Kilorgg Deadeye Kilrogg Deadeye, Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow, seized control of his clan after performing a ritual to learn of his death. With this knowledge, he led his clan fearlessly on countless campaigns, marching toward the glorious end he desires. Now, with demon blood coursing through his veins, Kilrogg awaits you in Hellfire Citadel, …

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Jun 25 2015

The Power Of Fel Is A Curious Thing, Make One Magnaron Weak, Make Another One Sing

Kormrok As ancient as Draenor itself, Kormrok once ruled Gorgrond, the creatures of the land slinking away from the giant magnaron’s destructive fury. But then the Iron Horde came, trapping the behemoth and attempting to break his will. They were entirely unsuccessful… that is, until the rise of Gul’dan, and the fel power that Kormrok could …

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Jun 23 2015

Hellfire Can Melt Iron Citadels

Our enemy has has taken up refuge in what was once called the Iron Citadel, the seat of power for the Iron Horde and its vast armies. Corrupted by Gul’dan’s magic, it is now the seat of power for the Shadow Council, the remnants of the Iron Horde, and the Burning Legion. When Garrosh encouraged Grommash …

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Apr 16 2015

Blackhand’s Fall and Foundry Heroism

A power-mad and tactically brilliant weaponmaster, Blackhand has both the ambition to rule and the cruelty to maintain his hold on the conquered. Under his leadership, the bold orcs of the Blackrock clan arm an entire world with the strength of steel. Blackrock slaves labor whip-crack to whip-crack on frightful siege engines—weapons that will inevitably …

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Feb 26 2015

Bring The Steel

Under the banner of the Iron Horde, Blackhand has enlisted Flamebender Ka’graz of te Burning Blade to imbue the Blackrock-forged armaments with the essence of flame.  Along with her assistan, Aknor Steelbringer, Ka’graz toils before an everburning forge in support of the Iron Horde’s conquest of Draenor. The Burning Blade champion, Flamebender Ka’graz has thrown …

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Jan 08 2015

Imperator’s Fall

  As the grand Imperator of Highmaul, Mar’gok is descended from a long line of sorcerers who ruled the Gorian Empire. With cunning that matches his brutality, Mar’gok recognized the rising tide of the Iron Horde and what it would mean to oppose them. He has acquiesced to an alliance with Grommash, even as he …

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