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Reapers Defeat Alysrazor

Once a warden of the Green Dragonflight – now a traitor to her kind and to the Horde.  Alsyra, now known as Alsyrazor, has been defeated – of course with most traitors, they always seem to find a way to return.

Reapers Defeat Lord Rhyolith

Among the Firelands, one creature stands above the rest – not in skill or strength or wit… merely one that stands above the rest.  At least, it was such until The Grim had brought the giant down.  A difficult, yet successful fight.  One less Lieutenant for Ragnaros to hide behind.

Reapers Defeat Beth’tilac

Pushing through the Firelands, a fist of Grim have defeated the Red Widow, Beth’tilac.  Among the embers and strands of her lair, her children’s bodies were piled upon her own and left to feed the flames they so carelessly covet.  Ragnaros should of remembered what happened in the Molten Core long ago.

Grim Patrol of Tol Barad

The Grim continue to control the fallen land of Tol Barad, keeping pressure on the Alliance and their false claims on its resources and strategic location.  While small fists of Grim independently patrol during their daily tasks, the large formation of Grim do a sweep among Tol Barad’s roads and ruins before Siegebreakers gather to …

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Shannox Defeated on Two Fronts

The first of Ragnaros’ new Lieutenants has been defeated, not once but twice.  When the call for aid against the Fire Lord was given, The Grim were among the many who answered.  First the fist of Reapers, then a week later the fist of Slayers.  This does not mean the winning of the war, but …

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Slayers Defeat Cho’gall

Once a chieftain of the Twilight Hammer clan, Cho’gall has fallen far from his once mighty perch.  Corrupted by the Old Gods, The Grim have seen to reward him for this betrayal.  While he has proven resourceful at avoiding death in the past – such a resource becomes his prison as we gladly remind him …

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Nefarian Defeated… Again

While this world holds few surprises for the prepared – the return of Onyxia and Nefarian was not expected.  Whatever magic that fate decided to use to bring the spawn of Deathwing back from the grave, The Grim have seen this possible return of old enemies was halted before any further damage could be done.  …

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The Grim Join Guilds Unite!

Guilds Unite! (GU) is a new OOC-driven organization, founded by Nel, to help bring the role-playing guild community of the Twisting Nether together.  Their website can be found here.  Unlike previous attempts to bring the community together, GU allows us to come together as players instead of characters, giving us the ability to get past …

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The Windlord Dissipates

Al’Akir has been defeated by the forces of The Grim.  Ten of our own entered the Throne of the Four Winds and brought the Windlord down to a gentle breeze.  While his final defeat eludes us, we have done what only the Titans have done before us.

The Fall of Dwarf and Squid

This week, the Grim assaulted the Exodar and Ironforge, bastions of the Alliance threat.  Despite some minor resistance within the mountain home of the dwarves,  both city assaults were a success, even if short lived.