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Victory Over the Storm

With the total defeat of the Thunder King’s forces, the Grim will soon challenge themselves against even greater foes – both abroad and close to home.  Enemies will rise and fall, but the Mandate marches on.  

The Storm Is Broken

“Pandaria, her hills of gold, in dark and mournful times of old, did once a hopeless horror hold. When from her sacred vale did spring, with storm and flash, a monstrous thing, his name, Lei Shen, the Thunder King.” — Lorewalker Cho


The Iron Qon is defeated once more.  

No Escape This Time

Fighting Grim is never an easy battle, but this time around our forces proved to be more ruthless than ever before.     The Fist of Ten Thunders and the Stormbreakers became the third and fourth assault teams in the realm to achieve this feat.  Peace through annihilation!