Fight Against The Alliance (April 2016)

An aborted invasion by the Alliance brought a period of intense conflict to Tirisfal Glades and the Plaguelands. Several companies of Alliance hit Horde settlements and strongholds in order to drive the Forsaken from Lordaeron, led by the Honor Guard. Horde warriors responded quickly, including among their ranks Infection, Sanctuary, Borrowed Time, and of course the Grim.

A back and forth ensued for several days, with Alliance and Horde trading ground in equal measure. On Wednesday the 16th of March, The Grim led a counterstrike against Chillwind Camp, the base of operations of the Honor Guard. After dealing severe damage to the settlement, the Grim pulled back. An unsanctioned followup attack by the Elves of the North was conducted without the approval of the Grim and other Horde factions, and this apparently severely damaged the morale of the Alliance troops. They would withdraw from Lordaeron shortly after. Battle footage of the Grim’s strike on Chillwind was recorded by Shaelie Brightwing’s engineering gadgets, seen below.

Attack on Chillwind Camp

Leyu’jin Zeysoga of the Grim held the Grand Melee, to herald the end of the Blooding and the coming of the Great Hunt. This contest of skill, ruthlessness, and adapting to the chaos of the battlefield occurred in the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. Some twelve to fifteen Grim participated in the Melee. Victory in the Trial of Strength, where teams of two or three went up against each other in multiple rounds, went to the Fist led by Khorvis the Lasher, accompanied by Graysong and Gunragna, both supplicants to the Grim. The winners of Grand Finale, a contest of endurance where the last men and women standing gain recognition and glory, went to the Fist composed of Shaelie, Executioner of the Grim, Gnarrdog, and Lilliana Bloodshine.

The Earthshakers, the Grim’s main war group in carrying out the will of the Mandate, have seen continued success against hardened Alliance platoons on the frontlines. The members of the Earthshakers recently gained the title of Blood Guard, which while commemorating nothing more than the duty of the Grim, was well-earned. There has been some murmurings of the war group changing its name. The word in the air has it that it’s something to do about rats.

The Scalp Hunt reached it’s conclusion on March 9th, with over 16,000 scalps being collected during the two week event. Gnarrdog declared the winner of the hunt to be Shaelie Brightwing, who now holds the title of Executioner.

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