Grim News (March 2016)


Commander Awatu Stonespire speaks with Naring of Rutilus Luna

Commander Awatu Stonespire speaks with Naring of Rutilus Luna at the guild meeting Friday night.



The monthly Grim meeting took place Friday evening in Thunder Bluff. The big announcement of the evening was that The Grim has agreed to enter into an alliance with Rutilus Luna and the Thunderhoof Clan.

“This gathering is a special one, as we mark an accord with the ones Rutilus Luna in the great conquest and expansion of Horde territories,” Commander Awatu Stonespire announced to the gathered group of Grim and friends. “We also welcome our Thunderhoof brothers and sisters in our fight against the Alliance.”

Theira, the Matron of Rutilus Luna, oversaw as Naring spoke as their representative.

“Rutilus are honored to be able to be here and speak to night. Dis is someting mi and da Matron have been working towards for some time now,” Naring informed the group. “Da Rutilus are the Specials Forces within da Horde, we handle any assignment handed to us by Horde command that be above your average grunts’ pay grade. As jah all here know da Grim be like the Horde’s Sword being able to slice in deep to our enemies. Da Rutilus be like the eyes and ears and mouth of the Horde, we able to gather intelligence and send to jah all on da battle field as well as reinforce jah der as well. We be a multifaceted group capable of being when and where da Horde need us. Dat all being said I tink it comes as no surprise to any of jah dat right now we’ve hit a clam in dis fight, we grow tired and restless among ourselves and among other that carry the Horde banner. We all know there is a storm coming and not one which any single one guild and muster could stand on its own. Da Rutilus are here to unite guilds before this storms hits us, only though unity can we hope to defeat dis evil dat is coming.”

Umathyor, the leader of the Thunderhoof Clan, was delayed and could not attend the meeting, but he spoke with Commander Stonespire later. In front of those gathered, Mootonka spoke with the voice of the Thunderhoof Clan.

“Well met friends,” Mootonka said to those at the meeting. “The Thunderhoof Clan are a peaceful clan but can turn vicious against our foe. We defend Thunder Bluff and honor the Earth Mother. The Tauren of our clan are varied and wide spread. We pride ourselves on our honor and loyalty.”

After the introductions, Khorvis Bloodstar, the High Inquisitor of The Grim, presented a medallion. It was engraved with the towering mesa of Thunder Bluff. Atop the design was a bonfire aflame with the shape of the Horde symbol.

“This badge serve as a reminder to us all of this honorable commitment to the Horde,” Khorvis said as he handed out the medallions to everyone in attendance. “We all will wear this badge as a sign that we do be committed to defending our brothers and sisters of the Tauren tribes, both on our home plains and abroad!”

Awatu gave his final words on the subject: “We fight together. The Horde does not survive through division, but through the unity and strength of its people. We welcome this accord with Rutilus Luna and the Thunderhoof Clan and forge ahead. Against whatever forces may threaten the Horde.”




The Grim is in the midst of the Blooding, where combatants form groups of two or three and participate in the arenas of the Goblin Games, according to Dreadweaver Lupinum. At the end of this period, on March 18, there will be a Grand Melee where the teams will battle each other.

Wordbearer Leyu’jin Zeygosa has announced a Great Hunt at the end of this month. “Harkening back to the days of yore, and the many traditions of tribal hunts conducted by several of the Horde races, the Great Hunt is a contest to bestow glory and honor on the victorious, and hone the killing techniques of the Grim. It ends in a rampage across Stormwind by all the participating Fists.”

There is also a Scalp Hunt occurring right now, organized and run by Gnarrdog. The Scalp Hunt will end early in the morning on Wednesday, March 9. The Grim who has collected the highest number of Alliance scalps by then will be named the winner and awarded the rank of Executioner. Alak’kul was the winner of the last Scalp Hunt and currently holds the Executioner title, but he is in danger of losing it to Shaelie Brightwing, the leader so far in this competition.

The Grim also continues to fight in the battlegrounds, and as Lupinum said, “Our own battles on the front line are increasing in difficulty. So much has been fought for up until now, we need to steel ourselves to overcome this plateau. I expeCt those of us who Leyu’jin has grouped together ot fulfill his command and fight in the arenas.

“Team cohesion is our current goal,” Awatu added. “Grow with your brothers and sisters in arms, and they shall forge with you a bond upon the battlefield that would last until the Earthmother takes us.”

The Grim advances onto the battlegrounds Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 in the evening. Anyone interested in participating should get in touch with Leyu’jin or Lupinum.




The Grim continue to do battle in Hellfire Citadel.

“Da mid levels been breached, with da lowah floors routed before our forces. Our brave ‘eroes be destroyin all dat stand in dere way,” reported Anaie “The Insane” who is in charge of the assaults. “We kin always use fresh meat.”

Anyone interested in joining the assaults, which take place Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 in the evening, should contact Anaie or Alakhai.

((HFC current progress: Normal 13/13, Heroic 7/13, Achievements 5/13))




Makuni Mistwalker has completed his Trials and was promoted to Reaper at the meeting. He discussed his Trial of Sacrifice which regarded his birthright as future leader of his tribe.

“We did discuss my past and my family and that it was in my best interest to walk away from both,” Makuni explained. “It is not my place to take my father’s seat. It is my place to be the champion of the Mandate. I did sacrifice my birthright to my father’s tribe. And in doing so, I have given up my family.   As a Grim, I am fighting for all tribes. I am fighting for all the Horde.”

“This Supplicant does know the meaning of the Mandate,” declared High Inquisitor Khorvis Bloodstar. “Hereafter, Makuni do be Reaper of Th


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