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The Grim and Allies Face Alliance Raid: Turn Back Foes But Bilgewater Takes Damage

The Praetorian Guard’s efforts to delay the Grim’s intentions to shell Stormwind from Bilgewater Harbor brought an Alliance strike team to the goblin city on September 4. Grim forces gathered with Dragonhawk Brigade and the Frostwolf Brotherhood to drive off the raid. Two skirmishes at the Bilgewater cannon ensued. The original arrival of the Alliance …

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Grim Patrol of Tol Barad

The Grim continue to control the fallen land of Tol Barad, keeping pressure on the Alliance and their false claims on its resources and strategic location.  While small fists of Grim independently patrol during their daily tasks, the large formation of Grim do a sweep among Tol Barad’s roads and ruins before Siegebreakers gather to …

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The Fall of Dwarf and Squid

This week, the Grim assaulted the Exodar and Ironforge, bastions of the Alliance threat.  Despite some minor resistance within the mountain home of the dwarves,  both city assaults were a success, even if short lived.