Gul’dan, More Like Gul’Done!

The chain of events set in motion when Garrosh escaped to Draenor has continued, unbroken for all its twists and turns, leading to this very moment. Thwarted in Draenor, Gul’dan now stands on the precipice of achieving ultimate victory on behalf of his Legion masters. Standing atop the Nighthold, as the vortex of fel energy swirls in the skies overhead, the outcast orc warlock awaits his destiny.

__ NH 10 _ Guldan _ 022817

Our chase has finally come to conclusion.  Gul’dan is no more. His ties to the fel destroyed, and he along with it.  The Grim have defeated the old, powerful, Orc, and in turned freed Illidan from his prison. We know what must be done, and we shall continue to strive to protect the Horde from all threats to this world.






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