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Khorvis Bloodstar

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Full Name: Khorvis Bloodstar.
Nicknames: Khor.
Date of Birth: 12 Azerothian years before the opening of the Dark Portal.
Age: 45 Azerothian years (as of the Battle For Azeroth).
Race: Orc.
Gender: Male.
Hair: Black and greying.
Skin: Olive green.
Eyes: Hazel flecked with red.
Height: 7' 10"
Weight: 360 lbs.
Place of residence: Grim Halls, location undisclosed.
Place of Birth: Zeth'kur, Draenor.
Known Relatives: Wren (brother / deceased), Khorval (father / deceased), Vymae (mother / whereabouts unknown).
Religion/Philosophy: Ancestral shamanism / fatalism.
Occupation: Harbinger of The Grim, expert blacksmith, poor shaman, and terrible engineer
Enemies: All enemies of the Mandate! Particularly pinkskins.
Likes: Drinking, strenuous combat, military prowess, shaping the gifts of the earth, and camaraderie.
Favorite Foods: Well-seasoned fish and the occasional raw, bloody steak; however, he is known to eat just about anything.
Favorite Drinks: Rich, dark ale. Sulfuron Slammers.
Favorite Colors: Red and black.
Weapons of Choice: Two-handed blades. Previously the mace.
Dislikes: Cowardice, half-measures, and bathing.

Physical Features: Khorvis is taller than the average orc male, with the muscled build of a warrior. Myriad scars, fresh and old, grace his skin and he shows them with pride as most veterans do. His head is shaven into a short topknot and his greying beard is braided into a long, forked goatee that droops to his stomach.

The most striking feature is an eldritch machine that has replaced his left eye and rooted into his flesh with a soul-shard. A purple mist has formed to resemble the left half of his face, which had been destroyed in some recent accident. Staring for too long into that haze can induce unpleasant visions ...

Positive Personality Traits: Khorvis embraces a strict, martial code of honor. He prides himself upon his honesty and dedication to the ideals of the Horde. Age has tempered his warrior's fury into a more level-headed and focused edge when time provides the space for logic to flourish. He maintains a deep respect for the elements and their bounty.

Negative Personality Traits: He can sometimes lose his cool in the midst of bloodlust and act out of rage, rather than reason. Alcoholism plagues his off-hours, as well as demonic visions from his past in the old Horde.

History, before The Grim:

Born into the Blackrock Clan during the crusade against the Draenei, Khorvis spent his youth in the chaos of warfare. His bedtime stories were the musings of tacticians and mornings awoke to the drums of battle. Though too young to participate in the bloodshed of the noble draenei people, the orcling was still indoctrinated into the martial and bloodthirsty ideology of Orcish supremacy. Both he and his brother, Wren, were treated with the blood of Mannoroth and taught the glory of death in battle by their demon-crazed parents. As Khorvis and Wren were among those young orcs "forced" into adulthood, little of their lives were spent as anything but soldiers of the Horde.

Under the banner of Blackhand, and then Orgrim Doomhammer, the two brothers rode with the tide of the Horde through Azeroth, nearly to the walls of Lordaeron itself, until the untimely betrayal of Gul'Dan. During his service under the second Warchief, Khorvis embraced the art of the mace, inspired by the Doomhammer of his leader. It was with this loyalty that he charged down the slopes of Blackrock Mountain in defense of the Spire, only to see Wren fall in battle, impaled on human lances. To this day, Khorvis still curses the Stormreaver and Twilight Hammer clans for the death of his brother at the climax of the second war.

After the Horde's rout, Khorvis languished in the internment camps, grieving for his brother, his wounded honor, and the withdrawl of the demonic energies. It was here that he found solace in the drink and fought without regard for his own safety in the various gladiatorial contests, winning some, ending up in the apothecary's ward after others. It would be many years until the actions of Doomhammer and Thrall gave him a second chance for honor.

Settling in Kalimdor introduced Khorvis to the ways of the Tauren. His disconnection to his Clan and family had left a gaping hole in his spirit that could finally be filled with the new respect forged by Thrall for the shamanistic ways of orcish past. In Orgrimmar, Khorvis began the path of the blacksmith, delving into the riches of the earth and shaping it in honor of the spirits. During his study of metal, the Kor'Kron Vanguard began its recruitment drive, reigniting the warrior's spirit within the orc. For months, Khorvis rode as one of the Kor'Kron, defending the new Horde's interests at home and abroad, honing his newly forged weapons against the Alliance.

Unfortunately, the military branch fell prey to saboteurs and found itself leaderless. After the Vanguard disbanded, Khorvis found his spirits sagging once again and turned to drinking, only occasionally firing up the forge to pay homage to the elements. Taking odd jobs as he could, the orc taught military history at Silvermoon University for a brief tenure, raided with the Bloodsail pirates and exterminated various paranormal entities with the Scourgebusters for gold. Still, Khorvis found himself searching for a reason to pull himself out of the Drag every sunrise. Then came to the call to Northrend and to the Mandate.

Khorvis was quickly drafted into the Warsong Offensive, where he encountered, not for the first time, agents of the Grim. Finding camaraderie in their hatred of the Alliance and an old war buddy named Tuskinar, Khorvis took up the Mandate as his own.


Disclaimer: These stories are listed chronologically, with an attempt to group by major themes in the story of Khorvis's life. Much of Khorvis is expressed through in-game events not detailed here due to lack of logs or transcriptions. Not every scrap of writing is linked, as massive amounts of correspondence have occurred through letters in the Inquisition. Furthermore, much of the content was written by others who have graciously included Khorvis into their own works. Some links go to the Twisting Nether Gazette, though most remain here in the Stories of the Grim. This is my most honest representation of a troubled orc who listened to his greater demons.

* : Major plot point
- : Minor story

* The Return of Khorvis - (10/16/2012) *unfinished
Scenes from the siege of Icecrown Citadel, where Khorvis fell into an icy abyss and was trapped until the Cataclysm.

The Blight Serpents

Shortly after his return, Khorvis is promoted to Irredeemable and commander of the Blight Serpents. Over this two year period, Khorvis builds his rapport with The Grim rank and file as a tactically sound leader upon the battlefields of Pandaria. Ultimately, as the war dies down after the Siege of Orgrimmar, Khorvis grows despondent again, returning to drinking.

- The Gazette - (11/11/2012)
Confirmation that Khorvis reads the Twisting Nether Gazette regularly while camped in the field.

- The Cackling Banshee - (12/11/2012)
A minor tale about at attack on Lion's Landing in Krasarang.

- Dangerous Company - (12/11/2012)
The interview for Atticus' Trial of Resolve. It is made clear that Khorvis is still honorable and distrusts rogues.

* Vengefully Dedicated - (1/15/2013)
Khorvis sneaks a peak in the High Inquisitor's office, foreshadowing the Lash mythos.

* The Grog - (1/20/2013)
The recounting of Khorvis defeating Thulgrim due to the influence of the Sha, with healing by Valindria. A subplot evolves with Khorvis promoting Atticus to Dreadweaver and discussing the Sha. More foreshadowing of what is to come.

- A Delve Into The Past - (1/21/2013)
Khorvis gives Tyrilon, a blood elf warrior supplicant, his first set of Alliance dogtags as a parting gift.

* The Battle for Gilneas - (2/9/2013)
Malanath recounts experiences of Khorvis on the battlefield when the orc was leader of the Blight Serpents.

* Malanath's Trial of Resolve - (4/20/2013)
Malanath, in a letter to Awatu, eerily predicts exactly what Malhavik would do to Khorvis some years later.

* Bloodstar Brewery - (9/30/2013) *unfinished, though recurring in other tales.
Khorvis thinks its a good idea to start his own brewery after the fall of the Thunder King.

- Akorharil's Trial of Resolve - (10/11/2013)
Akorharil's demon humiliates Khorvis with a prank in the middle of the night.

* Knithawk's Demise - (1/15/2014)
In the finale of Knithawk's submission to Ordos and treason against the Grim, Khorvis and Leyu'jin follow Awatu's orders in a most grisly fashion.

* Filora's Trial of Resolve - (9/14/2014)
Having given up the mantle of Irredeemable, Khorvis turns to drinking, sinking into a depression. Note the gap between this and the previous tale.

The Lash Mythos

With the invasion of the Iron Horde, The Grim call again upon Khorvis to rally the ranks. He takes the role of Dreadweaver beneath High Inquisitor Syreena and forges a terrible weapon. Over the course of the campaign in Draenor, the power of the fel ultimately consumes the warrior, turning him against friend and ally. This arc deals with Khorvis's fall and redemption.

* The Lash - (10/10/2014)
Khorvis forges the first version of his weapon.

- Disturbance at the Dark Portal - (10/14/2014)
Khorvis, Awatu, and Syreena do battle against the invading Iron Horde at the Dark Portal.

- Cen the Wanderer - (11/9/2014)
A moment of introspection as Khorvis reads a poem from Cen at night while outside the Grim Halls. 4 months later in the same thread, he does so again but with more depth.

* The Mandate Has No Use For The Weak - (11/17/2014)
Khorvis teaches Lupinum an important lesson, growing more cruel.

- Kalless - (12/2/2014)
A scene from the Inquisitions, where Khorvis employs his blacksmithing skills to help a Supplicant.

* Something Unexpected - (12/27/2014)
Khorvis barrels into a group gathered around Filora, who had just been attacked by Saphiara. The beginning of the war between The Grim and Sanctuary.

- Lupinum's Trial of Resolve - (12/9/2014)
Correspondence between Lupinum and Khorvis, with glimpses into the Inquisitor's office and his personal possessions.

* A Fellow Slave - (12/8/2014)
The beginning of Khorvis's relationship to Daxxum, Grim goblins, and memories of slavery. The Lash gains character as a tool of subordination. Several months later, Khorvis tasks Daxxum with gathering components to reforge The Lash with Gorian and Dark Shaman components.

- Gorthag's Trials and Lupinum's Trial of Sacrifice - (12/16/2014) / (1/7/2015)
Khorvis discusses inter-clan warfare. There is also drunken carousing through liberated Orgrimmar, and more descriptions of goblin vacuum tubes in the Grim Halls.

- Malhavik's Trial of Resolve - (1/26/2015)
Malhavik and Khorvis meet. Khorvis cleanses his face in a volcanic rift, relating the purification to that of the Mandate.

* The Assault on Aerie Peak - (1/23/2015)
Khorvis leads 2 fists of Grim against Aerie Peak, only to be repulsed by Sanctuary. Wildhammer lightning destroys his left side.

* To Rebuild. To Bridge the Fel - (1/29/2015)
The story of his physical and mental reconstruction by Grim warlocks Pincus, Greebo, Ulrezaj, Malhavik, Akorharil, and Bor'ghul. Pincus specifically tries to inject plague into Khorvis, the same strain he used on the Rat King. The Blackrock Dagger is linked to past and weakness. Ulrezaj seeks to bind Khorvis to the warlock's will. Greebo rebuilds the left side of Khor's face with the soul mist mirror and eldritch socket (bloodscream tm). Memories of Blackrock Spire and Wren / Zeth'kurians. Feelings towards felmancers are reconfigured, Khorvis recognizes he will sacrifice anything for his brothers, what now calls the warlocks. Bor'ghul eats toenail.

After his fel surgery, Khorvis usurps Syreena as the High Inquisitor. At this time there is a flurry of correspondences in Letters of Intent, far too many to list in detail.

* Assassin for Peace - (2/7/2015)
Syreena's tale of battles against Sanctuary and Kexti, includes details of her demotion and Khorvis's treatment of her.

- Kalodin's Trial by Combat - (2/11/2015)
Notes about throat stongs, Ogre Battle Hymns during the march from Black Morass to Stormwind in the First War.

* Eclipse -
The massive story arc of Eclipse begins around this time. Khorvis plays a middling role.

* Down in a Hole - (2/24/2015)
During a Grim meeting about the Eclipse curse, Khorvis becomes infected and flees. Rips out the jewel from the eldritch occulus socket, it having turned orange. stumbles to Leyujins house in Mulgore, where Xara's hound steals the gem. Khorvis pens a contrite letter to Awatu.

- Nalu's Letter of Intent - (3/4/2015)
Mention of an interesting homonculus that Khorvis owned that could read text aloud, in an old Ogre dialect.

* Eclipse: A Book on Loan - (3/25/2015)
Khorvis muses in the secret tower (revealed to the reader for the first time), gazing into the Nether/Great Dark Beyond. Thoughts on Konro/Wren, Sanctuary conflict, Accalia.

- Tea Leaves in the Winterspring - (4/16/2015)
As the winter snows begin to melt, Khorvis Lilliana and Cen enjoy an afternoon in Winterspring, discussing the Mandate, spreading it during Orphan Week. Khorvis muses on his two Inquisitors, Lilliana and Ruuki.

- Rallaster's Trial of Sacrifice - (5/2/2015)
An in depth description of the Stacks, Pincus, and a long ritual for a death knight to construct an unholy weapon.

- Supplicant's Handbook - (5/8/2015)
Around this time, Khorvis published the definitive text for new recruits. That version is now out of print/date.

- Rapacia's Letter of Intent - (5/10/2015)
Khorvis eats a young tauren female, apparently she was a traitor. Cannibalism.

The Hollowrot storyline is in progress at this time. See TNG. Hollow: The Storm is an example, recounting Khorvis's skysickness and Burnside Brandy (old stormwind merchant family), an ancient spirit from the First War

* Kerala's Inquisition - (5/19/2015)
A very long story, dovetails with Khorvis struggling with fel corruption.

* Gallid's Final Trial - (6/9/2015)
Though assigned to Gallid to retrieve the last 2 components for the Lash, Kerala actually completes it.

- Kiannis's first trial - (6/9/2015)
Khorvis takes a hotair balloon ride over Stormwind and accidentally gets his young shaman guide killed.

* Office Hours - (6/22/2015)
A very eventful office hours, where Khorvis goes berserk, breaks Shaelie's scope from Mohan, and is subdued by Darethy. Second gem, given by Daxxum, is shattered willingly. The traitor Gallid's corpse is dumped.

* Pointing Fingers - (7/15/2015)
Shaelie confronts the Commander privately about the warlocks, Khorvis's behavior, and Akorharil. Awatu agrees.

* Fel Expansion - (7/25/2015)
A long and important tale. Khorvis is enhanced by Malhavik, succumbs to the Fel, reforges the Lash, massacres Brill, and attacks the Grim.

* Sealed to the Mandate - (8/12/2015)
The climax of the Lash mythos. Khorvis is imprisoned, there is a fel explosion, he is soul siphoned by Acherontia, battles through the soul shard, saved by Grim defeating Mannoroth in Hellfire Citadel.

* Patch Job - (10/8/2015)
Epilogue of the mythos. Bloodscream develops and installs a fully mechanical upgrade in Khorvis's left eye, granting infrared and telescopic vision.


Given the chaos of the previous year, Khorvis returns to his position as High Inquisitor with less spectacle and more subtlety. Over the next 9 months, in the wake of Gul'dan's flight, he directs agents of The Grim in subterfuge against Alliance forces while maintaining face with other Horde guilds.

* The Search for Information - (10/28/2015)
Khorvis orders Syreena to kidnap an Alliance from the Cup and Blade Caravan.

* The Prisoner - (11/8/2015)
Long story about The Grim, Skylah McKenzie, and a prisoner swap. Involves torture.

- The Construct - (1/16/2016)
Kyoukimaru designs and builds a creature that copies some of Khorvis's genetic code

- An Axe to Grind - (1/23/2016)
Khorvis revisits the forge in Orgrimmar to assign a task to a Supplicant. Memories of his early days in Kalimdor, toiling there.

- Instrument of War - (2/27/2016)
Khorvis has a favorite arachnid shell pen, reads something called Bovine Broads, and uses incarnadine ink again

* An Afterparty - (2/27/2016)
Khorvis wins a night with Theira at a dating game auction, pens her a letter.

The Quorum storyline is happening around this time. See TNG.

- Skin In The Game - (4/3/2016)
Khorvis has a supplicant craft a rather elaborate waste bin for his office

* Gnitch- tales of a goblin - (4/13/2016)
Gnitch's trials, which Khorvis reveals his little shrine for the goblins (Daxxum, Kyou, Zelby, Gazreeth, Gnitch). Long, ends up with the airship.

- Death's Resolve - (5/26/2016)
Memories of Undercity during the war with the Lich King, trial of Resolve for Bishoph.


Ancient evils are awakened on the eve of the Legion invasion of Azeroth. In the search for the secrets hidden by The Grim's founder, Maledictus, Khorvis instigates a series of events that takes himself and others into a parallel world of shadow and horror.

* Tome of Maledictus - (6/26/2016)
The beginning of Penumbra story, first entry written by Bishoph. Maledictus is not in his grave, presumed alive.

* The Secret Under Brackenwall Village - (6/30/2016)
At a Grim meeting, the Supplicant Bishoph explains that nothing was in the tomb of maledictus, but brings part of a tome. A crate is found hidden in the much of the village containing the other part of the tome with clues leading to Payson and a temple of candles, and vials of plague, one of which infects Xekanjo.

* The Search for Payson - (6/30/2016)
Baalthemar is sent to interrogate Payson, learns that Maledictus went to the Scarlet Athenaeum.

* Tome of Abendicus - (8/22/2016)
Le'sara translates the tome found in the Scarlet Halls. It tells of Penumbra's past in Stormwind's Cathedral 100 years prior.

- Cayli's Resolve - (9/11/2016)
During Cayli's 3rd trial interview, Khorvis retells a story of being lost at sea after the First War.

- Keeper of Lore - (9/14/2016)
Khorvis makes Bishoph the new Keeper of Lore.

- Maikull's trial - (9/26/2016)
Shows that his occulus can connect to image crystals to download visual data. Orders Maikull to investigate Tome of Abendicus.

* Dark Star Rising and Downside Up- (10/2/2016) / (1/3/2017)
Climax of the Penumbra tale. Long and epic journey into what may be the Shadowlands.

* Grief - (2/20/2017)
Epilogue of the Penumbra arc, describing the fate of Khorvis, Theira, and others.

The Elements

In the wake of Penumbra, Khorvis is stripped of his position as High Inquisitor and must find a way to make himself whole again. The process will take many years, and some scars never fully heal.

* Spiritwalking - (3/15/2017) *unfinished
Following the Commander's orders, Khorvis sets on a path to heal his spirit by reconnecting with the elements.

* A Shattering of Shields - (1/10/2019) *unfinished
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Re: Khorvis Bloodstar

Unread post by Khorvis »

[[ *gasps for air* WHAT YEAR IS IT?!

It is finished. After 4 years of procrastination, I finished cataloging the stories of Khorvis as a Grim. I would wish this task on no one. ]]
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