Breaking the Hold (Tag: Khorvis)

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Breaking the Hold (Tag: Khorvis)

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Mai'Kull stands upon the rocky coast of the Eastern Broken Shores. Looming overhead hovered The Ebon Hold: Acherus. Mai'Kull studied it for a moment before diving head first into the waters below. He wasn't the strongest Mage, He wasn't the most battle hardened the Grim has ever seen, nor was he very well equipped in his eyes. But what he did do, he did DAMN well...and he was hellbent on proving that point to the Inquisitors.

Great thing about being Forsaken, you didn't have to hold your breath. He was able to swim underwater all the way out undetected by Death Knights and Demons alike. Once he was able to see the center of the Great Necropolis above him, he resurfaced.

He studied his position for a moment swaying back and forth in the water until he felt he was in just the right spot. Snapping his fingers, he opened a small portable hole into his hands, and withdrew an egg shaped mechanical object. Clicking the top of this machine he was lurched straight up out of the water a good 10 feet.

Gnomish Engineering. Full of some of the most foolish devices Azaroth had ever seen, however every once and a while they did manage to get something right. As he began to fall back into the water, he clicked the Gnomish Gravity Well again and was lurched another 10 feet into the air.

With a flick from his free hand, he carved the arcane magics around him, slowing his decent as he gave the device several more clicks, sending him bouncing further and further into the air. As remarkable as the device was, it was not without limits, or faults. He knew using it as much as he needed to reach his goal was going to overheat the device, and he did not wish to loose any more altitude than he needed.

He cursed the air around him. Whatever it was the Legion was doing was terrifying almost all the flying beasts at his command. It even short circuited his flying machine he managed to recover. It was lucky enough the Fight Masters were able to get their mounts in the air for Point A to Point B flight paths, but this battle against the legion was going to be fought on the ground...which is what made this mission more difficult and lead him to using this trickery.

After a few minutes and a few hundred feet into the air, the device overheated. Slowly descending, he summoned a miniaturize frost nova around the device to speed up the cooling process. Within 15 seconds, and a swift smack to the thigh, he was able to get it working again.

Up and Up and Up he climbed, each time the device overheated, he was able to quickly cool it down and regain altitude. Finally he saw it; The Railings of the lower levels of Acherus were almost within reach.


With several more furious clicks, MaiKull managed to leap over the railing, into the Hall of Command. He arrogantly basked in his own accomplishment, but it was celebrated far too soon. As soon as he had stepped foot into the Death Knight's Sanctuary, the arcane eyes of the fortress were trained on him. And before he could take a single step to advance, a Death Knight Guardian had leaped from his post, and cast out his Death's Grip.


The spell caught MaiKull firmly across his rib-cage, and with a bone-snapping pull, the Death Knight vaulted over the railing, pulling MaiKull overboard as well. A flying Death Charger had caught the Death Knight and together, with MaiKull still in tow, they flew fast away from The Ebon Hold, towards the City of Dalaran.

Everything had happend so quickly, MaiKull barley had a moment to think, he felt dazed by the Deaths Grip still holding him, dragging him through the air like a rag-doll. By the time he realized what was going on, and attempted to break the Death Knight's hold, he was being thrown to the ground on Krasus' Landing.

The Death Knight spat some form of insult towards MaiKull, sounded like Common. As he got to his feet to look at his tormentor, he could see it already flying off back to its base of operations. He dusted himself off and shot a dirty glare at the on-lookers at the landing. "Luck he flew off..." he muttered aloud.

He looked over the edge of Dalaran towards the now tiny speck Acherus was on the horizon, his mind racing, calculating what had occurred. The Forsaken cracked a grin...

He got in...
*A small note sits on the desk of Khorvis*

High Inquisitor,

I write this note to inform you of my progress in regards to infiltrating the Death Knight's Sanctuary. Preliminary tests prove infiltration is possible, however a direct approach is not feasible due to the number of guards and arcane enchantments. However I do believe my next attempt will bare fruit.

I shall leave the broken isles and head for Northrend. Malykriss: The Vile Hold in Icecrown will hold the detailed information I need on the Necropolis. There is also a demonic relic I need from the Eastern Plague lands to complete this mission.

The next update you receive, will hold the answers you seek.

Fireweaver Out.
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Re: Breaking the Hold (Tag: Khorvis)

Unread post by Maikull »


Mai’Kull stood atop the Death Knight’s Necropolis, looking into the horizon. Sargera’s Tomb was emitting bright green fel-energy into the air, giving the landscape an ominous glow. However, for a moment, in the quiet everything seemed tranquil. He somewhat envied the Death Knight’s for having such a damn good view every day. However now was NOT the time to be basking in the mood-light.

At his feet lay several broken mechanical parts. His Gravity Well was only able to get him so far off the ground, and reach the base of Acherus, but he needed another “Lift” to get him further. He had procured a X52 Rocket Helm and was forced to re-wire the power source from his personal Reaves Battery to make it work. Damn Fel-Magic. It had worked, but left one hell of an explosion, he doubts the device would ever work again, but it had served its purpose.

Mai’Kull had reviewed the Necropolis schematics in the work yards of Icecrown, where the Litch King had intended to replace Acherus with a new Necropolis, known as Malykriss: The Vile Hold. Structured the same as Acherus, Voltarus and Zeramus, much remained the same, with clearly marked changes for upgrades. The validation Mai’Kull sought was found at the top of the hold, where it was marked to have 4 Internal Teleports into the Necropolis itself for flying raiders to be able to enter from the sky.

Mai’Kull stood before the very teleport pad, violet energy cracked at his approach. He could not enter the Hold himself, the Eye of Acherus would spot him and alert the guards within seconds. However HE did not have to enter to complete his mission. Opening a Portable Hole in his hand, he withdrew what appeared to be a severed nerubian eye.

Obrahiim, had built Acherus based off Nerubian design, and much of the arcane defences were adapted from it as well. Mai’kull theorized that using the same kind of magic would not trigger the Hold’s defenses. He had picked up this lovely little trinket in the festering halls of Sholomance, out in the Eastern Plaguelands. Mai’Kull crushed the Eye of Arachnida in his hand, causing the energy contained within to pour out onto the ground and reform into a Fel-Green floating eye.


He could feel the magic pulling at the base of his skull, as his own vision went dark, and he could see the Landing from the point of view of the Green Eye instead. Smirking to himself, he willed the eye to move forward into the teleporter. The eye flashed into the Hall of command. He could see the Leaders standing in the center around a command board. He could see several books, scrolls, and papers scattered around, unsecured. Yet he was not sure how well the eye could maintain its stealth…


He explored the outer ring first. Bathed in a luminescent blue light off to the left was the Hall of the Frost Knights. a Litch looms in the middle of the hall, several frozen Demons lay around the room encased in blocks of ice, each being poked, and prodded and experimented on. The Litch seemed enthralled in its task and did not take notice of the magical eye, and there were no signs of Horde "victims" so he pressed on.


Holding close to the edges of the hallways, he was lead into the Hall of the Blood Knights. The bodies of several deceased demons lay, still strapped to the tables, with instruments of torture next to them. There were some notes here and there, mostly in regards to bodily composition and chemical reactions, nothing critical, and no bodies were present other than Demons. Various Death Knights were roaming between tables, still unaware or uninterested in the arcane-eye. Perhaps it was void-touched, and they could not notice it.


Moving on again, down the circling hallway, he reached the Hall of the Unholy Knights. Here several vials of poisons and plague were contained in barrels about the room. Bodies of the Undead and Demons held adrift in vats of chemicals and embalming fluid, no doubt for further study. It reminded him almost of the Undercities Apothecary Society in a bit. Along the back of the hall were several shelves of books, and a large dusty tome which laid open on a podium.


The Magical Eye whizzed to the back of the room and began scanning the documents. It was almost a shame how lax the Death Knights were with official documents, laying open for anyone to read. Skimming through he made notations in his mind on various Death Knight Relics, "Trol'Kalar" "Frozen Soul Pendant" “Nightmare Leash” “Beating Fel-Heart” None of it made any sense to him, however Mai’Kull was sure this was somehow involved with the Death Knight’s Campaign against the Legion.

He needed more information, and he knew exactly where to get it. In the very center laid the Command Board, and leaders of the Death Knights, several Books, Scrolls, and Documents laid about. He knew he if he was to find out the goals of the Death Knights he would need to look there, and feeling confident in the security of his Eye of Arachnida, he pressed into the archway.


He was hesitant at first, but as the Magical Eye grew closer to the large command map in the heart of the room the worries washed away. Several Death Knights had simply walked straight past the Magical Orb, as if it were never there, or they cared nothing of it. Perhaps they could see it, but were so confident in their ability they did not believe it posed any threat.

The Map Board before him showed several battle maps of various areas within Azaroth. Many maps were of the Broken Isles below, but there were a few others. Icecrown, Arathi Highlands, Eastern Plaguelands. Several of the maps showed scratches for war, especially one highlighting Lights Hope.


Close to the edge of the command hall, was a large arcane book upon a pedestal. The Inscription Ink glowed with power, and somewhat beckoned his attention. It was in this he found the information he wanted. Etched with pride laid the names of The New Four Horsemen:

Highlord Darion Mograin,
King Thoras Trollbane,
High Inquisitor Whitemane.

Several names of Deathlord’s adorned the page as well, but Mai’Kull had completed his mission. With a snap of his fingers, the Arcane Eye dissipated, and his vision returned. He looked around the rooftops to find it still clear of any sentries.

Wasting no time, he immediately opened a Portal back to Dalaran, He had to report in…
((A small crystal drops out of the Letter into your free hand))

High Inquisitor,

I write to you to complete my investigation into the Four Horsemen, per your inquest.

Within the halls of Acherus, I have found no evidence of malicious intent towards any faction among the Horde. The Knights of the Ebon Blade seemed very entralled in facing our common enemy within the Burning Legion. In regards to the Four Horsemen, they are new incarnations, not the Horsemen of old, who fell in the depths of Naxxramas.

These new Horsemen are Highlord Darion Mograin, King Thoras Trollbane, High Inquisitor Whitemane and Nazgrim the Orc Commander. There does seem to be a renewed conflict between the Ebon Blade and the Knights of the Silver Hand, there is evidence to support a large scale conflict between the two factions, but again, this does not effect us in the slightest.

Enclosed within this report is the visual recordings of my research for your review as well for validation.

Peace be with you, and Annihilation to our Enemies
Mai'Kull Fireweaver
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Re: Breaking the Hold (Tag: Khorvis)

Unread post by Maikull »

===== ((OOC Disclaimer)) =====
(( So, before I get an OOC Death-grip to the throat for this post, let me explain a few things.
I did break into Acherus. I used Slowfall from Dalaran to fly almost to the other end of the Broken Shore
and ran the rest of the way (Using Invisibility to evade all the skull enemies)

I swam all the way out to Acherus and used the Gnomish Gravity Well to pop myself up there, just as
i explained in the IC report. Now, Game Mechanics does not allow anyone outside of the designated
class to be INSIDE the class hall, hence the departure which is also explained (quite hilariously infact).

I -GOT- inside, First I got in from the middle of Hall of Command (As shown in the picture above) and
the second time I hopped up over the railing where the flight master/portals are


I even, to attain validity spoke in general chat:

But any time I landed ANYWHERE near (Even on the Tusk/Frame that curves under the Hold) I was
promptly removed due to game mechanics. Here is where the roleplay kicks in.

I did go to Icecrown, where Malykriss is being constructed. As it was to be designed to be Greater than Acherus,
reason leads one to believe that the ACTUAL layout and blueprints are there somewhere hidden around. The Litch
King would have access to that kind of Knowledge and so would his subordinates.

From there, I did grab the Eye of Arachnida out of Scholomance, anyone wishing proof can 1) see it in the
photo listed, or 2) ask me to use it, Ill be happy to prove it. And as evident with the eye, it has never truly
gained aggro on aggressive enemies unless Ive ACTUALLY run over them, so it is safe to say it alone would
not raise any alarms.

Now, as with Dalaran, there are TWO Acherus within the game. The one over the Broken Shore (The current
IC version) and the one still hovering over the Eastern Plaguelands (The one we pretend dosen't exist). By flying
above Acherus you can see (And use) the teleport which are on top, that port you in to various points within
the Hold. Seeing as both structures are the EXACT same, one can agree, that the Acherus in the Broken Shores
have the same Teleport. (And yes, the Screen Shot taken was from the one in the Eastern Plaguelands)

Using the "Eye" as the basis, I was able to log onto a Death Knight, zoom into 1st person mode, and
snap the said pictures. As far as the content, well lets face it. Death Knights are NOT ones for "Proper"
storage. Hell, in the opening quest line for Death Knights, the Roster for EVERY DEATH KNIGHT RAISED
is literally on a table for anyone to pick up.

I know I may seem a bit...defensive? But I have had issues before with claims of Meta-gaming, and I do
not wish to cause any problems here. As where this IS somewhat, I did follow the Role-play through to
justify my character learning this information. I hope all enjoyed the read, as much as I enjoyed making
it, and hope I did not offend anyone!

Michael ))
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Re: Breaking the Hold (Tag: Khorvis)

Unread post by Khorvis »

The external optical interface hummed with the precise oscillations engineered by Harbinger Bloodscream. Sitting in a pod of suspension fluid, the visual recordings within the crystal sent by Mai'kull were piped through a series of wires that ran across the Desk of Resolve and connected to Khorvis's mechanical eye implant. The High Inquisitor hunched forward in his chair, reviewing the documentation of his Supplicant's foray into the Ebon Hold. Face scrunched and pensive, the orc growled again at seeing the name "Nazgrim" listed among the newly risen Horsemen. He unplugged the wires from his maxillofacial construct, tossed them to the floor, and leaned back in his chair. It was some time before Khorvis could summon the will to pen a response.
Supplicant Fireweaver,

While my stomach does not agree with your findings, you have shown remarkable initiative with this sleuthing. A commander must not draft battle plans based upon his fancies, but the cold hard truth of the terrain. We do be fortunate that the Ebon Blade points its swords against the Legion, even if they do be graverobbers.

Since you do possess some resourcefulness in things arcane and engineered, expect further detective duties. Review the tome of Abendicus, laid out and translated by Reaper Le'sara, in the Great Hall. It do be our sole remaining clue to the whereabouts of the Necromancer Maledictus.

High Inquisitor Bloodstar
[[ Excellent writing, Maikull. Clear and concise prose, with a beginning middle and end. My only suggestion is that you review some of your spellings (Lich and Azeroth). ]]
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