Knithawks Demise

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Re: Knithawks Demise

Unread post by Leyujin »

The troll was about to speak, but a look from the Commander silenced him. As the Tauren strode out of the room, Leyu'jin simply bowed his head and said, "O' course, Awatu." He followed the paladin and the Irredeemables out of the room.
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Re: Knithawks Demise

Unread post by Awatu »

Awatu stood still, looking over the small clearing littered with the dead bodies of followers of Ordos. Yaungol and their flameward servants had gathered and erected a stone in a clearing honoring their weak god. It seemed like a good trap to lure the prey to his fellow worshipers, though no sign of their quarry was to be found. The Tauren shifted slightly as a presence made itself known to his left. "Nothing", said Syreeena. She had scouted the outskirts for a trace of the Mage, but her hunt had turned up fruitless. Awatu snorted in agitation and nodded towards the Shadowblade. They remained there as An'she stood still in the sky near the hour of dusk. The Timeless Isle lived up to its name, and that only annoyed Awatu further. Syreena fidgeted slightly next to him, tension growing for her blades to strike her quarry. "You do not think he would be foolish enough to come after you?" she asked. Awatu muttered under his breath, but a voice over the Stone caught his attention.

"To me!" came the voice of Fanyare. Awatu grinned and shared a glance with Syreena as they moved from their overlook to reach Fanyare's post near the shore.


"KNEEL!" bellowed the voice of Khorvis, leading Awatu right towards his quarry. Bound in magic chains of shadow sat Knithawk upon the shore, shooting dirty glares at his captors and shouting incoherently. He struggled against his chains, but they along with Khorvis' tight grip on his scalp meant he was going nowhere. Surrounding them were Tuskinar, Leyu'jin, Swifthoof, Lunataure, and High Inquisitor Aureliya, giving Knithawk liitle hope of escape. The sounds of the others approaching caught Awatu's ears as Sunderpalm, Ruuki, and the three sisters Nehau, Tehau, and Dehau arrived. Ashenfury's drunken steps led him straight into a nearby bush, though Awatu spared no second thought to his behavior. The Supplicant Velikan stood off to the side, watching with interest as The Grim converged upon this traitor of The Mandate.

Awatu approached the bound Mage as he struggled. "What do you have to say, Mage?" he asked. Khorvis tugged Knithawk's head back, giving the Mage enough room to boldly spit upon the Orc's faceplate. A wicked grin spread on Awatu's face. "He still fights" he said, enjoying what was to come. "Fanyare, conjure a well of Light." As the Lightwell was forming, Knithawk found his words. "Ordos will always triumph!" Awatu merely nodded, not truly paying attention as he produced a metal rod from his pack. The end was blunted with a design forged upon it. "YOU SHALL FEEL THE WRATH OF MY GOD!" Knithawk shouted as Khovis stepped on his leg, bringing him to his knees. Awatu plunged the blunt end of the rod into the well and let it sit. "Do you know what holy fire does to the Undead?" he asked. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Knithawk raged, attempting to thrash out of the iron grip of Khorvis. "!!ED ISLTROM!!" he cursed, bringing another grin to Awatu's face. "Rotbrain musta' dug up somethin' bad this time" Ashenfury chuckled from his bush.

The rod was removed from the divine fires, revealing it to be a brand with the emblem of The Grim forged into its base. It glowed bright from the holy fire. "This will show all your crimes against us. You will forever bear this mark and remember the shame that goes with it. I am not sorry." Awatu said, loud enough for all to hear as he approached Knithawk. Some looked on with anticipation of what was to come. Others turned away, fearing the pain that would fall upon the Mage. In one swift movement, Awatu pressed the brand against Knithawk's face. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Khorvis tightened his grip as Knithawk struggled. Fanyare strengthened the magic bindings, the Mage thrashing about in an attempt to escape the pain. The smells and sounds of searing flesh filled the air, with some enjoying the justice and others trying to keep their stomachs from churning. Sunderpalm pinched his nose closed, while Ruuki gave a nod of approval. "He's gettin' a tattoo!" cheered Ashenfury, who promptly collapsed outside of his bush. Aureliya smiled grimly, savoring the smell wafting over the beach. Awatu dug the brand in further, keeping it firmly pressed against Knithawk's face. "Ordos will no longer have a hold over your mind. You are ours. Ours to use. Ours to punish." the Tauren muttered darkly.

At last, Awatu pulled the brand away, cracking the rod over his skull and sending his face into the sand. "MMMMMMMM!" he writhed in the sand, odd vapors emanating from the brand on his face. "MMMMM. Muhh." his struggling became slower as be picked himself up on unsteady arms. "Joo be feelin' mo' like joo'self, brotha?" asked Leyu'jin. Knithawk pressed a hand to his head "My... friend. It became too much." he spoke, with clarity as the bonds of his possession finally wore off. "An' so, in 'is wisdom, 'as da Commandah administered 'is wise justice." Leyu'jin added as Knithawk heaved. "I need to rest." he muttered. Awatu stepped forward, holding a hand up. "You will have plenty of time to... 'rest' later." He towered over Knithawk's form, curled up on the sand.

"Do you understand what you have done?" Awatu asked. Knithawk gave a sigh and nodded "I do". "Tell us why." Knithawk looked up. "I thought I was serving The Mandate." This was met with angry glares from those gathered. "Then I found Ordos." "Or perhaps he found you." Knithawk looked up at those words and shrugged. He continued. "Someone, on the hill over there, sold me a trinket. Said it had tremendous powers. So, I bought it." Awatu raised an eyebrow in question as Ruuki muttered to Sunderpalm "I wonder if he'd by ocean-front property in Mulgore, too..." Awatu kept his glare leveled on the Mage. "Kyfur walks among us once more, and his scars may mend. Yours will not." Knithawk reached a hand up to the still-sizzling brand. "Kyfur had it comin'..." he muttered darkly. This caught Awatu's interest. "Perhaps he did. But that is not what we do to those who bear our colors. To our brothers and sisters." "Little shit took me for all I had! And left me for DEAD! DEAD! DEAD!" Knithawk swore darkly, making manic gestures to something only he could see. Awatu merely shrugged. "I do not care for his well-being." "Hrm, it's miraculous that I awoke at all!" Awatu raised an eyebrow. "I suppose. You do seem rather resilient... Is this common for Forsaken?" Knithawk shrugged. "Maybe, but don't categorize me by my race Sir. I am here for one purpose only, and that is to serve The Mandate." "That's bloody right you good-for-nothing Arcanist!" Khorvis shouted, receiving a nasty snarl from Knithawk. Awatu simply nodded. "Good, but perhaps some... studying... is in order." He looked first at Khorvis then at Leyu'jin. "Cut off his arms." Knithawk could only gape up at Awatu as Khorvis and Leyu'jin closed in. "Better you than me, old bag." muttered the Orc. "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

"High Inquisitor, a portal to Thunder Bluff, please." he asked, having to speak over Knithawk's screams of pain. Aureliya nodded and conjured the portal. The chains hung loosely around Knithawk's frame, slowly becoming more entangled as he writhed. Awatu jerked him up onto his feet and gestured for Knithawk to enter the portal. "We have much to discuss." he muttered darkly, sending Knithawk on his way. The Mage would be well taken care of on the other side as the portal slowly dissipated. He looked around him at that small gathering. Tehau was busy writing something on parchment while her sisters looked over her shoulders. Syreena was muttering something about body parts and elf ears as she approached Velikan alongside Aureliya. A shocked, though relatively cheery, attitude had settled upon them. Ruuki gave a firm nod of approval while Sunderpalm seemed to be trying to remove the smell from the air. Lunataure kept a stoic watch from atop a rock, though she seemed ready to move elsewhere. Awatu snorted and spoke "Grim, you are dismissed." He would meet up with Knithawk later. For now, a new quarry has entered his mind.


((OOC Edit: Feel free to add your character's own experience of these events if they were present!))
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Re: Knithawks Demise

Unread post by Syreenna »

Syreena stuck close by Awatu throughout the hunt, capture, and punishment. She'd heard rumors that Knithawk had killed a Grim goblin. Syreena didn't know Kyfur, and didn't much care that he'd been killed. It wasn't the first, or second, or even third time, that she knew of, that Grim had died by Grim hands. Syreena wanted to see Knithawk punished, but not just for killing another Grim. Kyfur probably deserved to die if he was weak enough to die to someone not even in control of his own mind.

She wanted to see the mage punished for being so weak that someone else got control of his body and mind and spells, and made him completely useless to the Mandate for a time. She was impressed with Awatu for the punishment he inflicted. It was harsh and brutal...and Grim.

When the Commander sent Knithawk through the portal to Thunder Bluff, the little rogue turned for a target upon which to release her tension. Along with her twin, Syreena had long been a self-appointed guardian of the leader of The Grim on such occasions. To be so long in the presence of a threat to The Grim, but not striking while events were carried out, had left the rogue frustrated. She quickly spotted another sign of, what was to her, weakness, and stalked towards it.

She kicked Ashenfury in the ribs where he lay, drunk, on the muddy beach. Leyujin said something that sounded like a defense for the shaman, but though Syreena had great respect for the warrior, she was too irritated to listen. She continued to insult Ashenfury, calling him weak, and predicting an Alliance child could best him. After a few minutes, he turned into a wolf and ran away. Something in the back of her mind, based on what Ashenfury said earlier that night, suggested there was meaning in the appearance of the wolf, but Syreena ignored it and returned to the Shrine.
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Re: Knithawks Demise

Unread post by Knithawk »

Kyfur got wind of the meeting that day and anxiously showed up, hoping someone could help him get his voice back. As he approached the group, the meeting had already started. The goblin eyed Ashenfury lying down on a hammock. He was drinking the last bit of grog out of a jug he had turned upside down, dripping the last few drops past the orcs' corroded teeth. "Here's my chance!" Kyfur thought as he pulled out a fresh jug of Mulgore fire water. "Surely if I give him some more booze, he'll help me get my voice back!" Kyfur gave the now slumbering Ashenfury a poke which startled the orc, making Kyfur take a few cautionary steps back while holding up the fresh bottle of Ashes' vice. The shaman took the jug and laid back down, not even noticing Kyfur. Kyfur took out a small parchment and began to scribble down a note which read:

Dearest Ashenfury,
Some things have happened and I am in need of your services. See, I can no longer talk and I've seen the power of your enchanting before. I was thinking, maybe yous can help me out.

The goblin handed the note to Ashenfury who promptly blew his orcish snot into it then tossed it on the ground. Infuriated, Kyfur started towards one of the few others he knew at this meeting. As he approached, he heard the Commander start explaining about a traitor named Knithawk, which made Kyfur freeze in his tracks. "I want him captured alive." said Awatu. Kyfur backpedaled, avoiding confrontation, while the guild mounted up and flew away to the timeless isle.


Days later, Kyfur stood in front of a goblin casino, thinking himself over. "Theys always talkin about the light. The high goblin priest told me ta neva loose sight of it. Maybe the light is somthin' otha than dis lit up casino, maybe its somethin' more than that glitter off a newly minted gold coin." With the sun at his back, he dug a coin out of his satchel and began to admire the reflection of the casino lights bouncing off of the shiny cut of precious metal. However his admiration was cut short when he noticed a shadow start to encase himself and his coin. He turned around and stumbled, falling to the ground while gasping in fear. A mighty hammer wielding tauren now towered over the goblin, with a Grim demeanor spread across his face!
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