A Supplicant's Handbook

For those who seek to join our cause, state your intent (( Applicant Character Introductions ))

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A Supplicant's Handbook

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Sitting upon a simple wooden table within the Supplicants' chambers is a thick, leather-bound tome. The front is embossed with the red skull and daggers of The Grim and the words "Inquisition" run down its spine. A sharp observer would notice that the binding is not of simple animal hide, but rather of dwarven origin. Upon opening the book, you discover a manual for the use of fresh Supplicants written in blocky orcish. The words are clearly derived from the work of many authors, and yet they always take the same tone as that of the current High Inquisitor. Littered throughout the text are various quotations from Grim past. Wise Supplicants would heed their warnings and treasure any advice. The tome reads:

Throm'ka and welcome to The Grim.

Within this tome, you will find much information about your new clan, as well as a key-rune to the guild hall:


The guild hall ((forums)) is where you will find any Grim news, announcements, information about upcoming battles or events. It also houses your new quarters, where you will pick up your guild mail and meet with your brothers and sisters in arms. You are expected to check in here regularly. Within one day of swearing your honor to the Mandate, you should have access to most of the guild hall. Notify an officer if there are still places you cannot see. The wards that guard the inner sanctum are strong, and the key-rune does take time to settle into your flesh.((If you can see the forum called "Inner Grim" you're good. If not, let us know.))

There is an arcane calendar ((in-game calendar)) in the great hall where you can sign your name for battles and events. Do so, whelp. It will aid the battle leader or event organizer in their plans, so if you do aim to ride with the Mandate, put down your mark. Keep this in your skull - if you sign up, a great leader is depending on you to be there. If cowardice breaks your weak heart or you do find that you are lame, let the leader know that they are short one body.

Grim forces are rallied to meet the Alliance on the battlefield twice every week--on Sunday and Wednesday. If you possess the will to ride down pinkskins and drink their marrow, contact Irredeemable Lupinum the Deathless or his Dreadweavers.

The Legion and other twisted threats push on our second front. The Grim send raiding parties to slaughter these upstarts at dusk on Tuesday and Thursday. To ride with them, send word to Irredeemable Anaie the Insane or her Dreadweaver.

You will be expected to keep your armor and weapons in good repair and adorned with all the appropriate gems and magical enhancements. ((Please have Mumble or Skype installed and configured before the night of the event you're attending. See the link for it at the bottom of this letter.))

"Feed all prejudice you know, Love all the mirrors show.
Covet only your darker self, Breed only fear itself.
Hunt all there is to see, Silence all of life's melody.
Feel only agonizing sensation, Kill only without reservation,
Be free."

- Grainger the Butler, former Steward of the Mandate.


A Supplicant of The Grim is greater than any king - to anyone not of our banner. To those who have already proven themselves, he is without merit. By seeking to fight under the Mandate, he recognizes something to which most in this world are blind – that the path to peace leads through a sea of flame and blood. The Grim are that fire. The Grim are the blade. The Inquisition will determine whether the crucible will turn out one fit to wear our tabard – or worthless slag to be ground underfoot.

Trial of Combat
The Grim do not resolve issues with words, but with action. When the Warchief Thrall first called to the members of the Horde to defend against its threats, The Grim were among the first to answer that call. In every campaign and every conflict since, The Grim have been in the vanguard of the fight. From the beginning, we knew there was only one way to succeed in our battles – to bring peace through annihilation.

In the Trial of Combat, a Supplicant must prove his skill in battle. What enemy the Supplicant faces will be determined by the Inquisitors, and can change from Supplicant to Supplicant. If found worthy, a Supplicant will begin his next Trial. If found wanting, he will be cast out.

OOC: The Grim do not reward inactivity in gaming and this Trial is meant to test the player’s commitment to the guild’s concept of “peace through annihilation”. This Trial can be completed through either PvE or PvP content, so long as it is the same level or tier of difficulty as the current level of the character. Proof of success in this trial can take many forms – through an achievement (earned during your time in The Grim), screenshots, a video, or eye witnesses of guild members. Creativity is a plus – anyone can beat a raid or kill 5,000 Alliance – but a quality player will be able to find a unique spin that really draws our attention to you.

Trial of Sacrifice
War is sacrifice – none know this more than The Grim. We do what others are unwilling to do, either because of personal morals, their culture, or their own limits. There are no innocents in battle and no price too dear for victory. To stand among The Grim, a Supplicant must understand that his life apart from the Mandate can rule him no longer.

In the Trial of Sacrifice, a Supplicant must show his willingness to let go of who he once was and to embrace the Mandate as who he is now. What the Supplicant will sacrifice will be left to him – unless it is found unworthy of the Mandate, in which case he will be assigned something more fitting. Those wishing to become true Grim must be prepared to give anything and everything, and to know this truth for themselves – “You are Grim or you are nothing.”

If the sacrifice is found worthy, the Supplicant will have earned his status as Adherent of the Grim. He will be presented with his tabard and be recognized a true follower of the Mandate. If found unworthy, a Supplicant will be given a more fitting sacrifice to give – a single chance to redeem himself. Should he fail, he will be cast out.

OOC: The Trial of Sacrifice is meant to allow the Supplicant player to flex his creative muscle. The in-character words for this Trial are meant to be vague, so you as the player can choose what of value your character is willing to sacrifice to show The Grim that he is committed to the cause. What we are looking for here is the transition of your character’s backstory or previous WoW experience to the Grim storyline; while it is up to you to provide the substance and context, it will be the Grim leadership who decide if the character’s sacrifice is truly something of worth. We are looking for something creative, but within the confines of game mechanics and good taste.
Finally, it is recommended (and welcomed!) that you speak to the Inquisitors if anything about these Trials is unclear or if you need suggestions/advice on the Inquisition process. These Trials should fit not only your character, but you as a player, and while we want to ensure that our standards are upheld, we also want to make your introduction to the Grim a fun and memorable experience without unnecessary stress or anxiety.

"Remember, you do very little service to us dead."
- Pincus the Archivist


If you are not seen or heard from for two months, you will be assumed dead and removed from our roster. If you return, you may swear again to the Mandate, but at the most lowly of ranks.

"We are here because we have chosen to act, rather than react."
- Melchisedech, whereabouts unknown, presumed dead.


Awatu Stonespire, the Commander - in charge of all The Grim

Lupinum, the Deathless - Irredeemable in charge of our battles against the Alliance

Anaie the Insane - Irredeemable in charge of fighting the Legion

Acherontia - Dreadweaver in charge of the Inquisition

"Do not press the big red button."
- Angaroth Arnursson, Dread mage, whereabouts unknown.


If you require anything from the guild's vault, you must beg a comrade ranked Reaper or higher to fetch it for you. Once you have completed your trials and won the trust of the vault's corehound guardians, you may enter it on your own. Anything taken from the vault is for your own immediate use or for other Grims. You are not to take things out of the vault for distant relations or to sell by goblin auction or to hoard in your personal stores. The punishment will be public lashing and the stripping of all rank.

"I can’t stop now. The War demands much of us all, and this is no time to falter."
- Cristok, former Hand of the Mandate.


The Grim is a powerful force on Azeroth, and we expect our brethren to ride with honor. We do not steal from other Horde or try to cheat them. If you do need the subject of honor explained to your weak mind, see an Inquisitor and bring your own healing salve. And we do not pace or bounce like Alliance elves!

"Only the weak hide from the Truth."
- Abric the Enforcer, former leader of the Grim.


If you have any questions, you may contact your Inquisitor or another officer, or leave a general message in the guild hall.

"Walk among us."
- Syreena Shadowblade, former High Inquisitor, master rogue

Peace through annihilation.

Khorvis Bloodstar
Former High Inquisitor of The Grim

The mark of the Blackrock with a red skull is stamped in a seal beneath the signature.



/guild, /say, /yell are always IC, no exceptions, not even for typo corrections.

/grimooc is always OOC. This channel is optional; not everyone is in it. Anything that can be said IC should be said in guild chat--looking for a group, asking if anyone can do a particular trade skill, etc. Be considerate of other members in the channel. The topics of politics and religion are off limits.

/party, /raid, /instance are always IC if it is a Grim group. If it is a PUG, use your judgment.

For any Grim raids or organized PVP events, voicechat is required, at least to listen. You don't have to talk if you don't want to. We use Mumble for raids and events. Download and setup information can be found here.

Many Grims hangout in our chatroom while they're at work during the day. Slackers! Information can be found here. Chatroom is OOC.

After your character has passed the Supplicant trials, you may bring alts into the guild. You don't have to fill out an application for them; just introduce them in a Letter of Intent. They will be considered to be sponsored by your character. They do not have to do the Trials. Their rank will forever be Minion. You may switch mains. If you have an alt that you really want to bring into The Grim, you may be permitted to being it in early, if you are very active on your Grim main. This is up to the discretion of your Inquisitor.

We play evil characters. Because of this, most have very anti-social qualities. While role playing should never be restricted, it should never reach a point where your character is unapproachable without drama. Conflict will happen, but remember to keep it in character. If you feel that something your character will do may offend or otherwise come off as very bad, give the person(s) you are role playing with an OOC whisper, just to give them a warning and that it’s nothing personal. A little OOC reminder goes a long way to prevent miscommunication.

A large guild has many personalities and opinions, which increases the chance of OOC conflict. There are too many people here to have a guild free from any disagreements. If you feel someone is not treating you with proper OOC respect, let them know specifically what it was you found offensive. They might not know they have offended you.

Continued out of character disrespect between members is not acceptable. While many people have different views, we are all here to play a game. Guild leaders will not babysit you, and we will cut the bad grape from the vine if you cannot get along with your fellow players. Racism and/or sexual harassment will never be tolerated and will lead to immediate guild removal.

The Grim do not condone situations that can be considered griefing. While our characters believe no Alliance should live to see the light of day, we as players need to remember that this is a multi-player game. Grim members should avoid killing Alliance under level 20, unless provoked or defending in Horde or contested territory. Corpse camping is also frowned upon, and is defined as sticking around the body of an Alliance member for the single purpose of disrupting their gameplay. The Grim also avoid raiding beginning level towns and important quest hubs and NPCs. We also avoid neutral town griefing. Any Grim who engages in these situations without good cause can face demotion or expulsion.

Character Biography
At some point in the near future, please post a biography of your character here. You can follow the template others have used, or create your own!

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