June Updates

<Arises and clears his throat>

Ahem, hear me, O Grim! Ul-Rezaj speaks:

Concerning de month o’ June, our guild meeting reconciled certain factors which had beckoned fo’ attention.

First and foremost, ah received my due reward fo’ de good deeds ah have done. To-day, ahm a Harbinger o’ de Grim: a tried and true veteran, a symbol o’ orthodoxy.

Secondly, our good friends wit’in de ranks o’ de Ironbreakers – de ones who assualted Hellfire Citadel – rest wit’in de walls. Having a year to do so, de siege has resulted in a cozy home fo’ dem, a new garrison if you will, so dat we may prosper on dis world. Every now and den, Iron Horde assassins commissioned to kill de Grim rear der ugly heads, but de Ironbreakes break dem. Anyway, it’s not clear how long dey plan to remain. Our vaults have sent dem plenty o’ supplies, which has caused them to reside wit’in de halls and polish the felsteel. De guy who told us, Rumbuggery, passed out in an alcoholic blur right in front o’ de Commander so it’s clear Draenor ain’t in a state o’ emergency anymore.

Thirdly, Lupinum showed up to speak on behalf o’ de Earthshakers. He goes and says dat nothing new has come up, except we continue wit’ our progress in decimating enemy ranks. A fair assessment, but ah think we must sharpen ourselves if we truly wish to fight de good fight.

Fourth, we were interrupted. What would have been a gathering o’ Supplicants promptly turned into a nightmare. De unman Inzema waltzed into de room, eyes wild and crazed. He was carrying a hefty lookin’ satchel, and taunted Commander Awatu Stonespire himself. Struck by shock, Awatu stared in awe as de dead man protested matters which hadn’t a thing to do wit’ de Commander in de first place. Inzema pulled out de head o’ Karthok, de Supplicant who has been tried fo’ murder, claimin’ dat he killed Shaelie. Needless to say, he threw a tantrum, whining and groaning ’bout how undead be simply merely humans twisted into dead men’s bodies. He was particularly upset wit’ de fact dat Shaelie had been accused o’ bein’ a human somehow. Now den, Khorvis cracked his knuckles and pulled de Supplicant’s head from Inzema, smashing it to bits. Inzema hates Khorvis, so he exerted nasty words against our hierarchy, claiming it be fo’ nothing.


He hadn’t done anything anyhow. Elven ranger Nanori got suspicious o’ de whole thing and inspected de head herself, demonstrating how no brain matter was in it. Somehow, Inzema plastered together a replica face made to look as Karthok. He lives. De leaders o’ de Grim saw de sight as foul play, dismissing it entirely and declaring Shaelie’s permittance to live in spite o’ her fleeing our caste in terror. As it was, de Grim had not kicked her out, rather, she exhaled fierce emotions and stormed out. Inzema had been misinformed on de matter; his point being annuled by such erroneous judgment.

-Written by Ul-Rezaj

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