The Grim Join Guilds Unite!

Guilds Unite! (GU) is a new OOC-driven organization, founded by Nel, to help bring the role-playing guild community of the Twisting Nether together.  Their website can be found here.  Unlike previous attempts to bring the community together, GU allows us to come together as players instead of characters, giving us the ability to get past our character rivalries and history for the good of the community.

The Grim have decided to join Guilds United! because this will allow us to expand outside of the box we have created around ourselves, giving us an established entity to put out Onslaught-driven events, as well as having a resource that we can rely on that has a standard of excellence we can get behind.

You, the member, are not required to utilize any of their multiple resources (forum, vent, podcast), but I would recommend you keep an eye on it as you could pick up something the leadership does not.  If you have any concerns now or in the future with Guilds Unite! or its members, speak to Abric so he can take these concerns to the guild leaders that make up the decision-making board.


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