Grim Leadership and Ranks

Awatu Stonespire, the Commander (Awatu) – Commander of the Mandate

Qabian Grimfire, High Inquisitor (Qabian-TN, Qabian-WrA) – Irredeemable of the Mandate

Syreena Shadowblade, Inquisitor (Syreena-TN, Syreenaa-WrA) – Dreadweaver of the Mandate

Lupinum, the Deathless (Lupinum) – Irredeemable of the Mandate – PvP Coordinator

Anaie, the Insane (Anaie) – Irredeemable of the Mandate – PvE Coordinator

            Esrythalon Duskvale, the Benevolent (Esrythalon) – Dreadweaver of the Mandate – PvE Assistant


This is our entry-level rank given to new members. The Inquisitors oversee all Supplicants, and all Supplicants must answer to them. A series of trials are presented to each new inductee and, per the orders of the Inquisitor, must be completed in a timely fashion to their satisfaction. Supplicants must show their willingness to serve The Mandate and bear the colors of The Grim. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the guild, or worse.

The Minions are those that pledge themselves to any member of The Grim. Their actions fall upon the shoulders of their sponsors who will be brought to account for any consequences against us. Supplicants may sponsor a Minion at the allowance of the Inquisitors.

Our Adherents serve as our standard members, holding our banner high through the fields of battle. However, they are not fully trusted. The core hound guardians of our vaults do not recognize the scent of an Adherent. Only with a core hound pup present can they gain access to our supplies.

The Reapers are our full-blooded members. Fully trusted, they serve The Mandate through their own devices. With magic and steel, they ensure that any who engage them in battle will know they stand before one of The Grim. The rest of us are not far behind.

The few among us who are wholly devoted and serve The Mandate in its entirety. The Harbingers are an example of what it means to be Grim. Few will be granted this rank, but those that do have earned their stay among us. Our history has been written by their hands.

The Keepers serve as managers of Grim assets. Currently there are two, the Keeper of the Vaults and the Keeper of Lore. A Keeper is a non-commissioned officer in that they oversee very specific aspects of the guild structure.

A rank of prestige, the Executioner is one who stands above many in combat and wits. A title may be granted befitting of their character and they will walk with pride through our halls. But, after a short time has passed, a challenger may stand against the Executioner and claim the title as their own.

The supervisors of The Grim. While there are many ranks below them, all look up to see the Dreadweavers. They are our generals in battle and our guides at rest. They ensure that the members do not become a mindless rabble of in-fighting gnolls and that we strike our marks when it comes time to kill. They serve the Irredeemables.

The leaders of The Grim. They each have different spheres to focus their minds and skills upon. One coordinates our attacks against the Alliance. One sees to our assaults against the worldly threats. One always bears the title of High Inquisitor and oversees the Supplicants. Their work is often separate, yet it does overlap at times. The Irredeemables work to ensure that peace through annihilation comes to fruition.

The Commander
The title changes with each leader. Currently, Awatu is The Commander. They stand as the physical will of The Mandate, though each one has been different from the last. They keep a direction for the guild, organize events and assaults, and maintain that all members are performing to their fullest. The leader ensures the stability of The Grim so that the banner does not fall to the ravages of time and fatigue. The keepers of The Grim, they shoulder all of the burdens into the future. Towards a peace through annihilation.