Applying To The Grim

Before Submitting Your Application, Read All Directions and Questions Carefully
Updated 9/23/12

STEP 1 : Registering Your Forum Account

  • Access the forum through the Forum button on the main page to register to the site.
  • Your username MUST match that of the character’s name in World of Warcraft. If you wish to add a surnames, titles, or other words of value – fine – but if you can’t be easily identified in Armory it will only be more difficult for admission. NOTE: We do not accept names with special ASCII characters in them.
  • The VIP registration code to complete registration is 3712.
  • Your account will be approved within 24 hours of submission. If you are not approved within that time, please contact the High Inquisitor or Guild Master through the in-game mail system.

STEP 2 : Making an Application (OOC)

  • The application can be found here.  Copy it and create a New Topic in Applying To The Grim
  • Subject of New Post should be your name as it appears in game.
  • All questions on the application are OOC (Out Of Character). Answer honestly, as these questions are meant to gauge what you, as a player, are looking for and if we, as a guild, can provide it.

STEP 3 : The Letter of Intent (IC)

  • In Letters of Intent, create a New Topic that includes your Character Name in the Subject line.
  • This is your character’s introduction and request to join The Grim. All information must be in-character, though how that information is being presented is purely up to your imagination. An actual written letter, an interview, a magical contraption – however you want it to be known from an in-character perspective.
  • Be aware that creativity and grammar are a bonus, but don’t go over the top. Telling us what we do or do not do with your letter will reflect poorly on you – keep the best tricks for the in-game interview

STEP 4 : Membership Approval

  • The High Inquisitor or their Dreadweavers will inform you through your Application if you are approved or denied for an in-game interview.
    • If Approved: Applicants will be informed of the next available meeting times. It is the applicants responsibility to check their application to see if they have been accepted, and to appear at the aforementioned time and place for the interview. Extreme circumstances may warrant a change to the original time, as it is understood people have real life circumstances that take priority over the game. Should such an issue arise, the applicant will have to contact the High Inquisitor in order to request an alternate meeting.
    • If Denied: The applicant will be informed through their application of any corrections or additional information that will be needed until approval can be given. Any direction given will be for the applicant’s benefit for future applications. If the applicant has a concern about their application being denied, they can contact the High Inquisitor or the Guild Master.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Grim members may respond to your Letter of Intent with IC comments, personal opinions, or judgments.  You are not required to respond to any questions, but it is recommended to take advantage of the interaction.
  • Grammar, spelling, and relevant answers to the questions below are taken into consideration.  The Grim looks for role-players, first and foremost. The applicants potency in raiding or PvP is secondary to their ability to complete full sentences and abide by Blizzard’s RP Policy and The Grim’s storyline.

Grim Alt Characters

  • Alternate (Alt) characters of current Grim members and Supplicants need only create a Letter of Intent
  • The Letter of Intent should include who is sponsoring the alt character (i.e. who your main is)
  • Grim Alt Applications will be held to the same standard as normal applications for new members
  • It is not required to create a new account for alts

 Returning Grim Members

  • If you are a returning Grim member of good standing (Legacy member or full member who left due to real life circumstances), you need only create a Letter of Intent
  • The Letter of Intent should only be the reintroduction/statement of return so the Leadership team is aware of your return
  • Returning Grim characters will be put at the rank of Adherent, until confirmation of an authenticator can be made and they will be returned to any non-officer rank they held before their departure (if member was in good standing)