Alt Policy

The Grim is an open guild when it comes to its members bringing in alternate (alt) characters..  Any current member can apply for an alt just by submitting an in character Letter of Intent, but there are some guidelines that must be followed.

  • Alt characters are held to the same accountability and standards as main characters.
  • There is no level requirement to alts.
  • There is a limit to the amount of alts a member can have in the guild.  Each Grim member may have a maximum of two alts in the guild.
  • Supplicants are allowed to have alts, but they must be approved by the High Inquisitor.
  • Alt characters will be connected to the main.  If the main leaves the guild (in any fashion) the alts will follow.
  • Alts must maintain some manner of activity; be it questing, leveling, professions, or story.  The Grim is not an alt barn and inactive alts will be removed.
  • We do have alt guilds available for characters that do not fit in The Grim.

If Your Main Character Is From Another Guild

The Grim does not consider your character an alt (even if you may).  Players who are bringing in characters who are not their main focus are welcome, but must apply as Supplicants.  You should start here.