Why Do We Fight?

Why do we fight?

Peace through Annihilation. Peace can and does have many different meanings to many different people, but our method of obtaining whatever you may consider to be peace is singular, and it is Grim. Our peace will be a peace of finality and of methodically obtained and proven superiority. It will not be quick. It will not be easy. But it will be ours.

The Grim are a fanatical extension of some of the Horde’s more violent ideals. Despite our extremity of thought, we do not exist exclusive of the Horde. Some of you may have that idea, and insist on the Grim’s superiority over the world at large. Others among you may believe that to the contrary, the Horde is all important, and that doing what is necessary involves keeping the Horde’s leadership looking in the correct direction, the Grim’s direction. Whether or not we are truly superior to those who are not Grim, what keeps our varied membership working together for a single goal is the Horde itself and our places within it. This does not refer to our places within the great unwashed masses of worthless commoners and mindless adventurers, but it does mean our places within the glory that is derived from accomplishing the goals of the Horde and the Grim, from annihilating all that stand in our way, including if not especially the Alliance.

The Horde is a word of the Orcs as the Alliance is a word of the humans, a Horde of clans that raged against an Alliance of nations. These links are unavoidable. The Grim who lived through or recall the history of the Eastern Kingdoms may remember the old Horde and the devastation it wrought on Azeroth through the use of the Dark Portal. Those who are now Forsaken and Blood Elf may have been touched by the actions of those Orcs directly in their old lives. As the Forsaken have broken free of the hold of the Scourge, so the Orcs have broken free of the hold of the Legion. We are a faction united by our capacity to find freedom when others would hold us prisoner and use us to their advantage rather than our own. The Trolls and Tauren are not excluded from this fight, this need to break free from the shackles and take up arms against those who would push us down. Although their reasons may be less direct, they are undeniably Horde. We will not allow anyone to bind us in chains again. We will obliterate them before they get the chance. For this, we fight.

~ Qabian Amberllight
Former Keeper of The Grim