The Mandate


You hold in your hands the Mandate of the Grim.  Contained herein is our purpose and the guidelines we follow.  This Mandate is the core of our existence.  Our prospective members will learn of the Word; our seasoned veterans know it, breathe it, and embody it to the fullest.

Our enemies will come to fear it.

A Grim Purpose
The complete destruction of the Alliance is the goal towards which we strive.  Though we are loyal to the Horde, we believe the Horde leaders are not always able to take the necessary steps to ensure its survival.  Many who are allied under the banner of the Horde do not agree with our methods.  But talk and half-measures are for the weak.  It is through our hands that the Horde will become the dominant force on Azeroth and the world beyond.

The Alliance is not the only danger in this world.  From the ancient sands of Silithus and the gates of the Black Temple, to the citadel of the Lich King and the siege of Orgrimmar, from Hellfire Citadel to the Tomb of Sargeras – beings of ancient power and growing strength plot our downfall.  By killing and plundering and turning their own weapons against them, we will save the Horde from these threats.

This is our purpose.  These are our obstacles that we must overcome.  Everything we do we do for this one single goal.

Peace through annihilation.

The Grim Conduct
Many see our ways as evil.  They believe we take things too far and are too extreme to be truly effective.  We say they are weak in mind and reason.  We do what must be done with neither regret nor remorse.  If this determination is decried as evil – we will still embrace the Word, but not without mindless resolve.  We are as calculating as we are driven; thus, we have rules in place for the conduct of our members.

  • The Grim is as much its members as it is the ideal.  Each member of the Grim will remember that they are companions in the fight against our enemies.  While one may not respect the person, they will respect the cause and their guild mate’s place in it.
  • Our loyalty is to the Horde and its continued survival.  We must understand we are not alone in our struggle.  The Horde has many like-minded heroes who will take the necessary steps of survival and so we will show them proper respect.  Just because they are not Grim now, does not mean they will not be Grim soon.
  • The world is split into two different spheres.  The part the Horde control and the part the Horde will control.  Some of it is not yet ripe for the harvest.  The Grim will not take part in the plunder or destruction of the weaker hovels and communities of Azeroth.  Our strength is better used on the front lines against the strongest of the Alliance.
  • The Grim believe that to the deserved go the spoils. However, there are times when greed overshadows logic.  We have rules designated for certain situations when we delve into the more dangerous parts of the world – these rules can be found in separate documents.  As a general rule, those who find an item that increases their power should be able to acquire it.  A fair use of dice will be used if more than one lay claim to an item.  Common sense and the betterment of the group than the person should always be priority.

The Grim Structure
In life, a body is either a leader or a follower.  The Grim are no different.  Our members are a mix of skill and experience, and a rank structure is in place to show this.  From the beginning of a member’s purpose to the pinnacle of being at the Commander’s side, the Grim view our structure not as a ladder of military discipline and authority, but personal initiative and the thought that while it is the individual who has the mind, it is the group that holds the power.

Each rank of the Grim has a purpose, and each rank has its place.


This is an addition to the Grim Mandate. This will cover all the out of character knowledge and rules that we abide by.

A Grim Purpose
The Grim strive to set the example for role playing wherever we go.  We follow the Blizzard role playing policy to the letter and then some.  Each member of the Grim should be in character at all times, unless in a designated out of character channel.  Most game related topics can be worded in character and we strive to ensure we keep as best an immersive world as we can.

The Grim Conduct
We play evil characters. Because of this, most have very anti-social qualities.  While role playing should never be restricted, it should never reach a point where your character is unapproachable without drama.  Conflict will happen, but remember to keep it in character.  If you feel that something your character will do may offend or otherwise come off as very bad, give the person(s) you are role playing with an OOC whisper, just to give them a warning and that it’s nothing personal.  A little OOC reminder goes a long way to prevent miscommunication.

A large guild has many personalities and opinions, which increases the chance of OOC conflict.  There are too many people here to have a guild free from any disagreements.  If you feel someone is not treating you with proper OOC respect, let them know specifically what it was you found offensive.  They might not know they have offended you.

Continued out of character disrespect between members is not acceptable.  While many people have different views, we are all here to play a game.  Guild leaders will not babysit you, and we will cut the bad grape from the vine if you cannot get along with your fellow players.  Racism and/or sexual harassment will never be tolerated and will lead to immediate guild removal.

The Grim do not condone situations that can be considered griefing.  While our characters believe no Alliance should live to see the light of day, we as players need to remember that this is a multi-player game.  Grim members should avoid killing low-level Alliance, unless provoked or defending in Horde or contested territory.  Corpse camping is also frowned upon, and is defined as sticking around the body of an Alliance member for the single purpose of disrupting their gameplay.  Any Grim who engages in these situations without good cause can face demotion or expulsion.

A Grim Structure
As with any organizations, the Grim needs decision makers and mediators.  While each member is expected to abide by the rules set forth by Grim hierarchy, we are all Grim and without all of us working together there is no Grim.  All members – new or old – are encouraged to express their opinion or thoughts on all guild matters.  Feedback is the only way we can make the Grim even better.