A plain letter. (Motguster)

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A plain letter. (Motguster)

Unread post by Motguster » Sun Jul 26, 2020 7:45 pm

A letter was dropped off by an orc courier in Orgrimmar.

"To whom it may concern,
I've have been looking for an organization that shares my view that we must do whatever it takes to protect the Horde. Allow this letter to be my introduction. I have many grievances for the Alliance. This is a hard time for my people, the Forsaken. A death knight is a useful ally in these trying times. I wish to make myself of service to you and your organization. I hope will be able to meet soon.

Sincerely, Motguster"

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Re: A plain letter. (Motguster)

Unread post by Syreenna » Mon Jul 27, 2020 2:43 am

Syreena read the letter to herself with an elf ear hanging out of the corner of her mouth. When she finished reading, she pulled the ear out of her mouth with a wet "plop" as if it were a lollipop, and wrote a reply.


I looked forward to meeting with you. You can find me Monday evening in my office above the Sepulcher Inn, at 5:30.

Syreena Shadowblade
Irredeemable of The Grim

P.S. I like gifts.
The Shadowblade

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