<An unpretentious missive, baring the colours of the Forsaken.>

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<An unpretentious missive, baring the colours of the Forsaken.>

Unread post by End » Mon Apr 13, 2020 3:31 pm

<Zadrik the Orc was a simple postman; one cog in a large machine that he'd had no idea was even there in the first place. With a long, tired yawn, the heavy-eyed greenskin started to disperse packages and letters from various recruiters and the sleepy little towns they'd visited to pick up any letters of intent and interest.>

<Should any come across the Forsaken-themed envelope; what with it's purple colour, thorn-themed border, and use of heavier parchments to prevent the bleeding of inks into the envelope or oher folds of parchment: the common rains and high humidity of the Forsaken lands were brutal to anything that didn't typically hold up well under liquids. What had -really- stood out was the symbol of the Royal Apothecaries upon the front. What did they want from them?>

<Thankfully, it wasn't a 'they', rather than one individual: a one Doctor End. The area from where it had been sent from, however, was troubling: Forsaken had controlled that area, and rumours had been whispered that they had spat venom and were hostile to anyone not of their own whom went into those places. Sylvanas loyalists. It'd explain the strange nature and way the letter had been written, however.>


["I just wanted to say, I'm impressed that there are such well taken care of watch hounds in such remote locations - I wasn't expecting one to come barking up to me when coming to visit a quiet little place just inside Hammerfall for a day or two.

Yours 'speak' strangely yet still bear crimson dog-tags, while I've heard other watch-hounds from other places with crimson dog-tags 'speak' the same. All the while, the Blight-hounds that spend much company with me speak with an even different....bark, if you will. A very conflicting sounding one, compared to the others. Your 'watch hound', I swear, went and dug up something to give me a present. A piece of marred red tape.

The strangely hospitable watch hound made me think. Had the Crimson Army that had owned them, had lessened on it's red tape and restrictions regarding individuals being able to use their artistic, creative, and intellectual freedom over the past few months? This dog wasn't chained to a post or held down by any restrictive equipment. They looked like they were *proud* to be working and living there under their metaphorical owner.

I still see one problem with all of this, however: that the watch hound that had 'told' me to inquire about this in the first place, had more than likely heard from someone, whom heard from someone, whom heard from someone else; so on and so forth; the hound was a simple stable tender in that tiny corner of Hammerfall.

Nothing is free, which is why I offer a business deal: Write an advertisement in the next issue of the "Gadgetzan Gab", for the price of one of your consultations, and where your current office is located. Neutral or un-monitored territory would be best - such as Gadgetzan itself. I shall do my best to meet it."

A gramercy for your time,

Doctor End Shadewalker."]

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Re: <An unpretentious missive, baring the colours of the Forsaken.>

Unread post by Syreenna » Mon Apr 13, 2020 7:45 pm

Syreenna's patchwork stitched face was twisted into a scowl after reading the letter. She had never been very good at word games, and she was not about to strain her brain now for....whatever this was supposed to be.

"What the fel is this?" she muttered to herself. She shook her head, crumpled the paper, and threw it onto the floor for her assistant to clean up later. Then she activated her hearthstone to speak to that assistant.

"Ayidda. Put an ad in the Gadgetzan Gab with my Silverpine office address and Friday hours." Then, to herself, she muttered, "Hopefully, the author of that thing makes more sense in person than they do on the written page."

The next issue of the Gadgetzan Gab had the following advertisement:

The Grim Silverpine Office
The Sepulcher Inn
Top floor
Friday at 5:30pm
The Shadowblade

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