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Unread post by Riz » Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:05 am

Grim Application For Ríz (alt-0237)

How did you hear about The Grim? Do you know anyone in The Grim?

I found your post on the WRA forums. Unfortunately no, I do not know anyone in The Grim.

Tell us about your roleplaying experience. In WoW? Elsewhere? Do you consider yourself a heavy RPer? What does that mean to you?

I've had a lot of RP experience in Table top gaming and LARP, but only minimal experience role playing in WoW. When it comes to RP in WoW, I've been more of an appreciator of RP. I've enjoyed watching or helping with RP events, but never really gave my character a solid backstory and matured him into a character. With that said, no I do not consider myself a heavy Rper, lol. To me a Heavy Role Player is someone who primarily spend his time RPing. I would also say that heavy RPers are the kind of player who takes their character and spend the time developing it.

What are your expectations for your character after joining The Grim? What aspect of the game do you wish to focus on (raiding, mythic plus, organized PvP, achievements)?

I would like to join in the festivities! After this long break, I would love to do.... well everything. I love WoW. I've been playing it for a long time. And I feel an amazing group of people with a wide verity of fun things to do is the key. So Raiding, M+, PvP, Achievements, you name it. Unfortunately I have D&D on Mondays, so I'll probably miss out on M+ nights.

What days/times do you typically play this character?
After work (usually around 5pm server) and on the weekends. Save Mondays, I host D&D those nights. I do play a variety of other games on the side, but WoW is my main focus.

Do you have any questions or anything further to add?

I'm a long time raider. Hardcore back in the day, but I'm more casual now. If I can only pick on activity to do with you guys, I would love to raid.

As a side note, your forum post and the responses you guys had motivated me to move my character to WRA. While I'm not used to such a big guild, it might be a good change of pace for me.

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Re: Ríz

Unread post by Syreenna » Sat Feb 29, 2020 1:20 pm


Thank you for your interest in The Grim!

Missing M+ nights is no problem, even if you do want to run them. Although Monday is our "official" night for M+, I've had success pinging Discord over the weekend to form a Sunday night group when I wanted to.

We are actually not that big, so don't worry about that. :) We just have a lot of scheduled activities to try to accommodate all interests in the game. Our raid group usually ranges from 10 - 14 people.

Unfortunately, as stated in the "Grim Rules" section of the post that had the application you copied, we do not accept character names with alt-codes in them. Many of us detest the idea of having to memorize or look up special codes just to type a guildmate's name.

You do have a few options if you want to play with us though. You can change your name. You can join on an alt. Or you can be a Grim "Friend". Friends are welcome in Discord with us, and can join the raid team and are invited to some other Grim events. Let me know your decision, and I'll respond to your Letter of Intent post according to that.

Thank you!
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Re: Ríz

Unread post by Riz » Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:24 pm

The name has an alt code mainly because I use the same name for all of my characters. I'm actually looking to be a part of a group, not to be an addon. So if that's really the case, then thanks for your time. Good luck and hope you guys do well in the future.

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