These are the biographies of The Grim members.
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Full Name: Zalanjo
Age: 55
Race: Jungle Troll (Shatterspear)
Gender: Male
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Brown
Height: 7'9'
Weight: roughly 190 lbs
Notable Physical Features: Lanky and lean.

Place of residence: The Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar
Place of Birth: Shatterspear Village, Darkshore
Known Relatives: Passed away during the Cataclysm and battle for Darkshore

Religion/Philosophy: Loa worship. Specifically Hir'eek

Occupation: Pick pocket and self proclaimed "professional" at causing distractions
Guild Rank: Executioner
Known Associates: Bolin Ironcask of Pandaria (monk alt)
Known Nemesis: Bradley Owens (rogue alt)

Special Skills: Causing "distractions" and sneakery
Positive Personality Traits: Loyal to those he believes deserve it and share his views
Negative Personality Traits: Occasionally distracted by money and food.

History Before The Grim:
Before the events of the Cataclysm, Zalanjo use to craft jewelry and trinkets for the Shatterspear tribe with his apprentice Theeja. When the sky took on a hew of orange and red drenched in fire he attempted to help lead members of his tribe out of the village to Orgrimmar. Hiking the hills and mountains into Felwood the trolls made their way to Bloodvenom post. A dwarf crossed their path and began sporadically firing musket shots in their direction as they grew closer to one another. Zalanjo was knocked unconscious by a couple elves while seeking cover causing him to lose track of the group he had been with. When Zalanjo came to, he returned to the site of where he last was with his tribe and found bodies of trolls on the ground and people missing from the group. Following a blood trail nearby he finds his apprentice in a bloodied pool with a limp dwarf stabbed underneath. He pulled the knife from the corpse, buries his friend and continued his trek to Ogrimmar.

Over time Zalanjo falls into a group of rogues who take him under their wing. He's taken on odd scouting and mercenary work and spent years on Pandaria when the island revealed itself to Azeroth.

History In The Grim: None before joining. Still new and beginning his chapter.
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